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Terra M Welch    1,598

A continuation of my previous Island Adventures screenies. A few screenshots I took going through the rest of the ingame year.

Accidently docked onto an island full of killer bees and spiders, Abigail had a field day.

An epic battle between a crocodog and a swordfish! Spoiler: The swordfish won, then I killed the swordfish and made a cutlass out of it.

Man I didn't think Wendy's dialog for a simple can of pop would be so dark...

Day 71, after exploring just about the whole world, I finally found the 2nd doydoy not far from the first one, so I basically wasted a ton of time, although I did find some more useful islands, like the magma island with the tallbirds.
Heres the doydoys in their enclosure, and ofc I'm insane here cause I used the electric isoceles too much.

Also the wet walking cane and glass cutter here is a bug in Island Adventures, for some reason swapping items in my inventory while on my boat makes them become wet after a while.

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Terra M Welch    1,598

Wednesday's daily. I unravel it for spools.

*Comes back the next day after important real life buisness.*
Game: Excuse me did you drop this?

game pls.

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SR17740    150

Decided for no particular reason to spawn in 200 mandrakes
for science-
the noise is--

bonus points if you can spot Chester in either picture

Screenshot (171).png

Screenshot (169).png

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Canis    5,437
Posted (edited)
On 7/18/2019 at 5:45 PM, reverentsatyr said:


What do I get?

Edit: I wish this clip went on for longer, RIP.

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