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4 hours ago, Terra M Welch said:

I got a very special delivery today!

At last, my collection is complete!... For now...

Oh and of course I got the skins to go with them!

I didn't know Webber came with a Spider Warrior. Neat.

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3 hours ago, Yukanur said:

i'm thinking of webber is the part of the animal farm

Yep, the whole server was too cruel to the poor creature. To top it off it was Wilderness mode with PvP on so people would beat h'm up to submission. Since Warly disconnected for the night I had to cook him nutritious foods and feed him to ensure his survival. Willow was an abusive mom, Wolfgang a negligent dad and Wickerbottom the nagging grandma. As Uncle Woody I had a lot to deal with basically, including Webber's rebellions by setting his parents on fire.

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