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  1. SR17740's Art Thread

    So I have a bunch more wips to share, feel free to tell me if you'd like to see any of these actual completed at some point btw- Some more skins, I gave up drawing a new pose, just redrawing them in my style now. Currently trying to redraw the winter's feast vignette for Webber, I may have posted these two before, I can't remember, but some Webber quotes I adore Based on that video of Gordan Ramsey with kids vs adults, because I still find Warly being compared to Gordan Ramsey jokes funny because idk (Didn't know if I was allowed to post the uncensored version but I don't wanna risk it)
  2. Charlie Inspired costume

    Well including kindergarten, there's 13 years of schooling
  3. Charlie Inspired costume

    Just wanted to give y'all an update on this and the colours Here's a close-up of the sleeve flanges, this will all be hand-embroidered and beaded!
  4. Charlie Inspired costume

    Here's updated lineart for the costume! Colours remain roughly the same though, just haven't coloured it yet Heres some from the last 2 years! Sorry for the weird alignment, Not 100% sure how to change that. Also yes I used the same skirt ok- I was lazy-
  5. Charlie Inspired costume

    Thanks!! I can share some of my previous projects if you'd like to see them? I'd love to see yours! If it fits me, lmao
  6. Charlie Inspired costume

    Ah yes, it does! But! I've thought of this, I'm actually in the process of creating custom frames for them! Heres a prototype The final one will be metal so will hold its shape.
  7. Charlie Inspired costume

    Final year of schooling in Australia, so senior year for Americans (i think-)
  8. So, I'm in year 12 and I have to create a major work for my textiles subject, because of how much DST I've been playing, I was heavily inspired by Charlie when making the design. Heres the design! It's very messily coloured right now but when I complete my full design I'll post it here. I'm going to be using this thread to document my progress, so yeah- hope you guys like it!
  9. Lighting bug

    Glitch then? I'm not sure
  10. Lighting bug

    was messing around with stuff on my test world when I noticed this weird lighting effect on totally normal trees and mad scientist station
  11. SR17740's Art Thread

    Trying to be more active here again, so uh- have some sketches All the non-human dst characters in, what I personally think, their cutest skins, (except wormwood, I think the oasis is cuter but I wasn't about to stick a cactus between Webber and Wortox so) Some test Wurt sketches before her animation came out Found Wormwood's quote for applied horticulture to be way too cute not to draw Based on the flavour text for maxwells Halloween costume There's a bunch more I have in various files across my computer but here are some of my favourites
  12. SR17740's Art Thread

    Didn't post it in time for the Klei stream but here's a little Matilda Wurt
  13. I drew a little Wurt as Matilda! When Monster Marsh came out, my school was doing a production of Matilda and I couldn't help myself drawing the little bookworm as another little bookworm.