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  1. good god i haven't posted here in a while- uhhh have a comic i never posted Transcript: Wilson: You ever want to talk about your emotions, Webber? Webber: No Wendy: I do Wilson: I know, Wendy- Wendy: I'm sad Wilson: I know, Wendy-
  2. When I go to open Don't Starve Together on my laptop through steam, I get a popup saying "Error during initialization" and the game refuses to load more than a black box, I literally can't access the game (I censored my games cause I don't need y'all judging me) I just updated to the newest version.
  3. I've noticed that Wigfrid doesn't seem to play her new idle animation in the curio cabinet screen. Maybe she does but I've never seen it, considering how frequently the other characters use their idles, I haven't seen Wigfrid do hers once. Also didn't play it when you actually go into the clothing screen.
  4. So I noticed this going through my market listings, I don't know if you guys at Klei control what they come up as but it seems to be an issue affecting all "Higgsbury Red" items.
  5. Guess what! It's complete! Heres an album with some photos of it Almost a year in the works has finally come to an end
  6. It's here! It's done!Lil sneak peak I'm doing a proper photoshoot today, I'll make sure to share the photos!!
  7. Alternate design! Cause of time constraints (+covid) I've had to cut a few corners, mainly making the collar and cuffs less interesting, I've also separated the chest cover and collar as well, it's unfortunate but what can you do.
  8. Nope, it was the shadow rook and bishop from the chess pieces boss fight. I got rid of it anyways so ._.
  9. Thank you!! I'm wearing the due date for my project so the stress is starting to mount (and I'm looking more and more like my profile picture every day lmao) so it means so much to continually get compliments and that on this
  10. Another update! Coat tail frames! (Not shaped yet) Some embroidery on the side of my coat This was the design: (Points if you can guess what the design is based off!)
  11. Haven't updated you guys in a while so here's a huge update! ^This is the coat so far, pinned up and on form, (it doesn't have it's tails yet but don't worry) ^This is some of the symbols laid out on the tails You bet I do have my own machine, and most of it (like 95%, is done by me, the parts that aren't are the machine embroidery and that) and yes! There is a very expensive project so far :'D I'm coming up to <$250 at least so far, I do have a full price list as well but that's not including all the extra stuff that didn't get used
  12. \0^0/ HALLELUJAH IT IS COMPLETE (well the skirt anyways ._.) (Not the actual coat for this (similar pattern), just wanted to see what it looked like with a coat) I'm sorry for my messy room and bad lighting- I apologise- also I won't get in trouble for showing a topless mannequin right?-
  13. Decided to add a gold ribbon around the tail-skirt seam (currently not sewn on yet in photo) but what do you guys think?
  14. New update! Coat tail embroidery that I mentioned I was designing a while ago Done and finalized! Also skirt's 90% complete!