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  1. Haven't updated you guys in a while so here's a huge update! ^This is the coat so far, pinned up and on form, (it doesn't have it's tails yet but don't worry) ^This is some of the symbols laid out on the tails You bet I do have my own machine, and most of it (like 95%, is done by me, the parts that aren't are the machine embroidery and that) and yes! There is a very expensive project so far :'D I'm coming up to <$250 at least so far, I do have a full price list as well but that's not including all the extra stuff that didn't get used
  2. \0^0/ HALLELUJAH IT IS COMPLETE (well the skirt anyways ._.) (Not the actual coat for this (similar pattern), just wanted to see what it looked like with a coat) I'm sorry for my messy room and bad lighting- I apologise- also I won't get in trouble for showing a topless mannequin right?-
  3. Decided to add a gold ribbon around the tail-skirt seam (currently not sewn on yet in photo) but what do you guys think?
  4. New update! Coat tail embroidery that I mentioned I was designing a while ago Done and finalized! Also skirt's 90% complete!
  5. REDESIGN AGAIN Here's the new tail for the skirt with it's new lace!
  6. I haven't updated here in a while oh boy- It's still happening don't worry, just not a lot of exciting things. But a somewhat major redesign?? I redesigned these panels, instead of this swirl pattern, I've decided to pull some inspiration from a cultural group that we've been studying, the Hmong people. They embellish their garments and textile art with intricate embroidery symbols. Recently, I finally completed the Metheus puzzles and the symbols used by the ancient civilization reminded me somewhat of the symbols the Hmong people use. So I'm replacing this swirl design with various symbols from the ancient civilization, I don't have the new design to show you yet but it's in the works so look out for it! In other news, almost completed the skirt! Yay!
  7. Final Design fully coloured! The lace around the skirt was moved up to form a "tube" around the body, (please ignore my phone's quality- and my sub-par modelling but kinda like this)
  8. Coat tails are done!!! Took 5 hours but they're done
  9. An art piece I drew for secret santa on the dst wiki discord! Zoom on Wendy so you can see the details
  10. UPDATE! A concept idea of what the insides of the coattails will be! These panels here are what I'm referring too! Also, speaking of coattails, I ran into a major issue regarding the curls, the steel spring boning I bought for this, (which cost around $100 (AUD), aka not bloody cheap! D':) is too flimsy to hold the shape! YAY! So it seems I'm going to have to make a frame out of metal rods welded together, which is going to be very heavy and cause a lot of stress and strain to the fabric so that's fun! I'll update you if I find a workaround. Also ran out of fabric for the skirt which was from Singapore so I can't just go and buy more! (Sewing is fun I swear), luckily I found a solution but I'm not thrilled about this. Hopefully, my next update won't be all bad news.
  11. So I have a bunch more wips to share, feel free to tell me if you'd like to see any of these actual completed at some point btw- Some more skins, I gave up drawing a new pose, just redrawing them in my style now. Currently trying to redraw the winter's feast vignette for Webber, I may have posted these two before, I can't remember, but some Webber quotes I adore Based on that video of Gordan Ramsey with kids vs adults, because I still find Warly being compared to Gordan Ramsey jokes funny because idk (Didn't know if I was allowed to post the uncensored version but I don't wanna risk it)
  12. Well including kindergarten, there's 13 years of schooling
  13. Just wanted to give y'all an update on this and the colours Here's a close-up of the sleeve flanges, this will all be hand-embroidered and beaded!