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  1. This is what 500 days in hamlet looks like

    Amazing endurance to keep going with your mega base in Hamlet.
  2. As I was watching my friend's Don't Starve: Hamlet broadcast. I noticed a few graphical placement issues with the left side of some interiors like the palance entrance and the Hat store. 1. 2.
  3. When you place the egg inside of any shops, it will weirdly enlarge.
  4. When fire was burning down houses. You can rebuild them by just using a hammer, even though their burnt. I get that the carpenters pig can fix the structures but how can we the players fix them?
  5. A glitch while I was watching friend's game-play. When you enter your house the crock pot is always in its idle cooking animation. But after you use the crock pot with the idle animation it returns to its normal idle state.
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Oh classic Wendy... Mumsy fighting Sealnado with Tornadoes?
  7. Screenshot showcase

    Got this one when I had a weird trigger for making flour.....
  8. Screenshot showcase

    My my Mumsy, you've been busy.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    My Mumsy Army. (Also Found out if you push Mumsy she glides)
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Gonna start a WX meme revolution starting from this one.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    WheRE Are mY CrAbS YOu iDIoT SanDwhICheS!!
  12. Screenshot showcase

    Does this appease GEORGE?
  13. Apparently when you freez e a Clay Hound its freeze aura doesn't appear for it.
  14. Winona Triumphant and Guest of Honor switched?

    Ok I have made it clear now.
  15. Apparently Winona's Triumphant skin is after the Guest of Honour skin.