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  1. Occasionally when puffins are near land borders, their swimming behavior allows them to glitch into the land. The behavior can also be forced by putting seeds near the land edges. Rather than jumping out of water to use their land animation, they use the floating animation instead as if they were on water.
  2. Would that mean, in future additions Crab King will have a larger loot-table? Because now the only exclusive drop he has is the Celestial Tribute when given the pearl.
  3. Yeah this is intentional, why would you even be able to have the power to change somebody else's skin. Think About it: 1)Who's skin inventory will the sweeper choose from 2)If the skin's were dictated by your inventory, would that mean they wear a specific set you own or randomly select from your collection. The Sweeping option is shown on everything and it certainly is not unique for players, only structures and items can be changed, not mobs and players.
  4. When the Message in a Bottle is placed onto a boat, it's still displayed as though it's floating on the ocean. But on land the bottle stands upright like it should.
  5. From testing Wurt out Last Night, I noticed that when she does her idle animation while wearing clothes with sleeves on, her arms clip through them.
  6. On the Dev stream, they did say they took what they learnt from animating in the Forge and applied it to the Weremoose form, making his punches feel real and smoother. You can watch it on Twitch.
  7. Today I noticed an odd behavior with the hounds, for some apparent reason when a group of them are gathered around a player near the ocean they have a chance to glitch in between their animation of jumping out to land causing them to freeze mid air until something disturbs them. Also occasionally they drift off while being stuck in the air.
  8. Yeah it has bugged me for a long period of time, not sure why they haven't fixed it, hope this'll make em do it.
  9. During that week when you played DST have you already received the maximum 8 gifts? If so then no extra gifts would be dropped, they only refresh weekly.
  10. Oh damn didn't realize there was another seastack with missing textures, I only reported one well at least you helped cover it.
  11. While I was mining through the new seastack assets added in the previous update, I stumbled upon a seastack art asset error. When you mine this specific seastack type its second stage cannot be seen by the player, while the third stage would appear.
  12. Damn you beat me to the bug report, also on another note those are new animations for the anchor which is so cool.
  13. Um I hate to break it to you but all of Warly's exclusive dishes can ONLY be cooked in his personal portable crockpot as intended. - As an example if you want to make glowberry mousse in a normal crockpot the result would be fist full of jam.