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Viktor234    5425
35 minutes ago, KingOhRats said:

when ur starving and the only food in ur inventory is honey so u gotta licc

Honey is all you need to survive DST!

A WX-78 with 14 stacks of honey + an Ice Box or Insulated Sack could be sated for a whole year without using Belt of Hunger or Funcaps, or eating any other food besides the 14 stacks of honey.


Every day your hunger drains by 75
Honey restores 9.375 = 75/8 hunger => You need to eat 8 honey daily to restore your hunger
Honey can be stacked up to 40 => 1 stack every 5 days
A whole year has 70 days => 14 stacks of honey needed

Honey will turn into rot after 40 days:
40 days perish time
after autumn if stored in Ice Box (p.t. -20*0.5) = 30 days perish time
after winter if stored in Ice Box (p.t. -15*0.5*0.75) = 24.375 days perish time
after spring if stored in Ice Box (p.t. -20*0.5) = 14.375 days perish time
after summer if stored in Ice Box (p.t. -15*0.5*1.25) = 5 days perish time
=> honey stored in a Ice Box or Insulated Sack won't turn into rot after a whole year


Sorry for making your brain hurt that hard, but some calculations will never hurt anybody, besides you.

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Xenologist    1565

I dare someone to kill a bearger with taffy and post a meme out of it without using the console or mods to spawn the taffy in

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Monster Meat Too easy
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Mack Swell    1733

ok so ive been out for a bit, just wanna say I look sexy as **** in a party hat.

Also, those mario galaxy bee memes. Never bring them back. They are a genuine curse upon this land that need eradicated.

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GetNerfedOn    7325
Just now, Mack Swell said:

Really? I thought Warbucks would be the suspended student.

Threw him there just for shts and giuggles but i'll admit that fits better so im changing stuff up


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