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  1. Omg, your art is absolutely fantastic! Each piece has so much personality and charm! That crystal skin set is really lovely as well, each character is really well designed! ;u; Would you be willing to draw Wheeler, from the hamlet dlc?
  2. Doctor: You only have 39 seconds to live.
  3. @LunarCat Please stop reposting other people's art without credit, you have been told numerous times so far.
  4. ftw you hound a mod creator, who has added in these characters for fun, to add in a removed character when there are other mods out there with said character and you're just angry that they said no rn
  5. Does anyone happen to have the sprites of a terrorbeak walking, taunting, and attacking? I can't seem to really find any good ones. I do apologize if this isn't the right place to ask. but given the last comment xP
  6. Thanks for adding me, love ya. ;; i hope this quote works i dont know what im doing kjdhlgsd
  7. Aw, thanks for adding me even though I've only ever posted one meme. This entire image is just,, so wholesome. ;-;