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  1. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    The Victorian.
  2. image.png.207d9bb719782d43887fd49b57ecdf05.png
    he looking fresh doe :o

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    2. minespatch


      The fish in the meme.

    3. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      wait thats a plushie? thought it was a dead fish or something

    4. minespatch
  3. me : sleeps
    forums :

  4. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    I tried a new style, really digging it! some problems here and there but hey, first time, so uh spare me?
  5. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    so i decided doodling n stuff and apparently this turned out to be really good imo
  6. @watermelen671 maxwells shadow minions from the forge please, thanks.
  7. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Looks like i forgot to post, and this place has caught some dust... heres a nutcracker wx that i did last decade,hehe. (a month ago) le funny wx sketches i guess thats all folks
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    has this been made yet?
  9. i think i should do more non sense drawings more, im kind of getting burnt out of doing serious art n stuff.
    heres a wip im working on (background is placeholder, oh and im trying a new shading thingy style, i had a dream of shading like this so i incorporated it into my new art to see if it turns out well, i think this type of shading probably exists already though (you can see the new style behind his neck, the feather looking thing))

    1. minespatch


      You've really improved, buddy.:wilson_goodjob:

  10. image.thumb.png.9ead0c2a14820352c070def64cef5feb.png
    any parts yall think i should change?

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    2. minespatch


      Maybe lower the crotch?

    3. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      the long legs is intentional but i will note what you said in the future :D (changing the legs would need me to change his body and hands too) 
      and i lowered the crotch a bit (i think? lol)

    4. Footman Crouch

      Footman Crouch

      It look great, no change needed!

  11. Where is my lore?

    keep in mind this was a post from when i wasnt in the best mood xd (post is from 3 months ago!), and i mean, they have done so much, they even have the budget for an animation team, yet it doesnt seems they are willing to change up some quotes? atleast give us some hints smh (for one they did the charlie laughter one at the end of the RoT part 2 trailer. but yeah i guess thats not the best way to ask someone a favor...
  12. Art Place Thingy/Dump of doodles (For real this time)

    Pyrope from Steven Universe, Unleash The light. in my defense i must say that i haven't drawn traditionally in 4-5 months so pardon the obvious issues with the piece
  13. Hello, as you may have MAYBE noticed, i have been offline for quite a while and i might be so for some time. as of the recent protests against the increase of fuel prices, the officials have decided to nearly shutdown the internet, only the government and some other special people/places can use it, i am here not because im either of those, its because im using a fortunately fast proxy and the government has not yet found this proxy to block it. just a quick status update thing i guess.

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    2. galaxybread


      i oonder stond u

    3. minespatch
    4. galaxybread


      i oonder stond u = I understand you [I mean by that, I get what is happening]

  14. image.png.474fd98df5c817e20c7d307eb0a3e5a6.png

    banana baby:wilson_love:

    1. galaxybread


      tOo aDorAbLeEEEEEEE

    2. minespatch


      Peanut butter-

    3. galaxybread


      *Smacks minespatch* n o