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  1. thank you :3 oh nah the character just really looked like derpson (the derpy wilson if you dont remember) and i thought i'd post it here lol
  2. i am very sure that the devs are as caring about this issue as you are but for now they have got to finish up some things to start other projects i remember during late 2018/early 2019 alot of forum members here would have loved to see a new update even remember that one thread which had alot of discussion about future updates? the one with around 30-40 pages? i am sure that the devs are working hard on these and they cant light the candle on both ends i think these updates are real great for new avid fans that are just beggining and are getting into the game we older fans have experienced most of the content the game has to offer thats why i think you're getting tired of the new lore updates if you were a new dont starve fan im pretty sure you'd be head over heels right now when you say 1.5 hours of gameplay each update that means you have played long enough on a world to be able to defeat such a boss and im pretty sure most people dont get that far :0 im sure that after these updates they'll do something about replay too and i think the game already has a fine amount of replay value of itself honestly just wait a bit klei doesnt disappoint most of the time or atleast in my opinion that is
  3. I wonder if these character skins have concept art? what I mean is that I would like to know if the bottom half of the characters in portraits are drawn or not, because a full body could really help with artistic reference (hence why I am asking for possible concept art, since I think the bottom half of characters are never drawn in portraits) though I guess there's nothing wrong with imagining them (my sorry to anyone who's having a hard time figuring out what I mean, my English Isn't very good)
  4. my chemical unicorn idea came to my find when the refresh got announced because she can sing now or something
  5. oh boy redraw time man, it's been a while, i miss those days tbh and sometimes i miss you guys too, thanks for all the support you guys had, my art skills wouldnt be in its current state if it werent for you guys and this derpy baby
  6. my gut is telling me this thing has one eye in the middle i have no idea why but i feel like i've seen something similar to this in a dream
  7. Can we have clean versions of the gorge wilson and walter, Please?

  8. willow canonically owned a demon

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      i think they didnt have a thumbnail so they just chose the one youtube randomly selected