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  1. image.thumb.png.1955d20e84e40b4ef51517e8079b4f6e.png

    checking the forums only too see one face to many times is quite unsettling.

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    2. minespatch


      Two responses:


    3. DragonMage156


      I knew you were gonna post these! XD More the "Sees all" one though :p

    4. Donke60


      I just imagine Minespatch is this forums version of cortona or seri.

      Minespatch is a super computer hahahah

  2. Hamlet idea for Wes

    How do you think wes tells people to shut up?
  3. Skin mod: Illegal?

    guys come on there obviously talking about wilbur
  4. Skin mod: Illegal?

    these are perhaps the funniest posts i've read in awhile, hahahah those dang china-men trying to break down city walls. anyway we are just going to excuse the lack of copyright protection in china, its copycat nature, its horrendous work rights. or the fact that china due too cheapness has like the structural quality of a flimsy wooden shack. That being said, there are good parts about china such as it is true that people are insanely polite there, well more so confrontational. anyway I was also concerned about the skin debacle i heard about it when this mod was being made, but it kinda went out like a light so i assumeed it was stopped, then I saw people with it in screenshots so I was just kinda confused. I think DS should have a skin system maybe link it if you have DST.
  5. [Game Update] - 303804

    Base game players don't exist anymore, they are truly the ancient ones
  6. [Game Update] - 303804

    she stole it, your just giving it back
  7. this gives me boondock vibes, I think its how everything is proportioned, along with their expressions anyway good work.
  8. Spindlewick's Art

    her face looks very punch-able, oh i prolly shouldn't say that to a kid....I'm not taking it back also whats with all the band-aids you have something to tell me?
  9. I mean all you have to get to the end of adventure mode, notice the motif of enemies being called chess pieces and get to Maxwell's epilogue text its not a hard sell.
  10. Leash you say ^u^ so thats where my trains, kazoo, train, hair dyer, and orange soda went. call a doctor immediately Ouch and uh....I don't want that meat these critters need vets dear lord they have a whole storage unit in their stomach
  11. Unpig Academy

    Q1 Yiff Ranger is the name censoring myself is my game Q2 food, or a nice scratcher for those itches you can't reach Q3 Meat and balls oh wait wrong meatball one meat 3 filer and dragonfruit, egg, mandrake,tallbird egg, Q4 when i can't find the blasted flint, or 15 percent. usually in the 20 -30s
  12. Carpeted Flooring Red

    just ask Kiel to add it as a feature. then its not a bug anymore.
  13. glory to Kevin where ever he may be