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  1. I don't want that milk I want to see minespatch draw in a traditonal pencil an paper style
  2. was with thee name change

    1. Donke60


      ooh double post nice

  3. was with the name change

    1. ButterStuffed


      I just liked ButterStuffed way more than Mikro. My friends also seemed to agree so I changed it.

  4. a skeleton is rather bland, when ever there is magic there is a living skeleton. an if these concepts were implemented. No insult to the OP, they would find him overly complex for such basic functions.
  5. I'd also like to point out for this concept, the wilton character would need entirely new animations for picking with one hand or no hands as well as each falling off regrowing etc. it would just be a headache to make an the only thing you get for it is a character that has a weird fight mechanic.
  6. Drawings and Drivel

    i just thought of it, but it would be great to have made a lorax refrence with the stump but all just great pieces no refrences means it ages better
  7. Drawings and Drivel

    WX an woodie should have a bird murder party
  8. Fans :Winiona gameplay is boring fix it
    Klei: We heard your cries we will make her interesting
    Fans : Oh man can't wait
    *change happens*
    Fans: Her gameplay was interesting before patch
    Kiel: ...

    1. DragonMage156


      Me: When did Klei change their name to Kiel?

      In all honestly, I actually like her more now (even though I don't play as her). Her own tab and craftables makes her more interesting imo. And the new dump of lore adds to that >u<

    2. Mobbstar


      It's cool, I just hate the two available generators in particular.

  9. *hugs the cutie*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Donke60


      your welcome
      *snugs the blob*
      I have no idea what the creature is that you use for your avatar

    3. ResettePlayer


      The Ro Bin from Hamlet! It puts a smile on my face every time I see it, such a great design.

    4. Donke60


      he is very cute so ugly an offputting its charming

  10. Drawings and Drivel

    THE WHOLE THING wouldn't be fun if it was just a segment heh
  11. Drawings and Drivel

    Love it, I want a shirt printed with that doodle right now. to the confusion for everybody
  12. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

  13. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    I know its late, but I would have cast by ballot to cast him as fred for he looks like he's been rather NAAAUGHTY how surreal an unsettling he looks good show :purple_heart:
  14. Drawings and Drivel

    This seems like fun I want to do one, so I'm gonna Imagine before you a pale man, who's skin stretches over his frame wrapping around every crevice,an space of bone in minuet detail. each small movment marked by the sound of cracking bone an popping muscle. his hands an feet forever carry winter's icy touch. Unseen scars bore into the creatures flesh many, many times till nothing fills its slender frame as clothes droop around around this man's forever looking malnourished body. his face forever home to the terrible curse of acne giving his cheeks the slightest hit of warm rosy color. Against his sun-starved skin. he looks on at a screen that forever cuts through the darkness of his room, with tired eyes bent low each key stroke delivered with heavy quick strike that always feels labored an slow. As the man smiles with his big cracked red lips, it forever printed on his face. A laugh always foretold by the popping unlocking of his jaw as he lets show his gnarled teeth. This is donkie the man behind the mirror Oh that was fun shame its not as long as yours:( kind of wrote myself out of being descriptive or else it would have felt clunky to go back an forth back an forth. you should focus on cultivating your own fans an your own brand as an artist rather then always in the shadow trying to appease an idol. these people are just people an do not know your hardships that went into every piece you labored over an its quite foolish to think they should imo. thats why you should stick to what you want to draw an focus on yourself. about as much drama as finding your aloof cat, sad to say
  15. what a frosted flower also its been 400 years an i'm still waiting for a complete dinnerware collection to go with my cheese an spoon