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  1. why I don't mind taking a broken snowglobe and smashing it even more with a hammer I personally don't want the change just out of I don't want to step on shards (this is an analogy for Kiel's "balancing")
  2. must make Wes-senpai Notice ME!!!
  3. Oh yes I want my canon character Office Building, Hostiptal, and his sidekick Soft Stool the next batch of characters will be Cyrus, Charlie v2 and MaxSon Wilson and Maxwell gay adopted son
  4. Hello Squid girl can I have some miso noodles


    1. ImDaMisterL


      I'm too busy trying to take over the world right now, geso!

  5. another for my collection
  6. thicc metal thighs for saving of human lives
  7. still dead
  8. I have been satisfied
  9. A don't starve piece of cheese
  10. A piece of cheese i'm not doing well on this leave the forums thing :thinking:
  11. I think Williow should be replaced by a tree they both have the same impact on gameplay, (I’m still dead)
  12. Goodbye 


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      Wait what?

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      Donke's take a leave from the forums.

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      Oh noes.

  13. New NImra is cute :p 

    1. Nimra


      Awww thanks Noxu did the art, now all he has to do is think of an upgraded look for himself/the oc he uses on here. Hahaha.

      I want to do some more doodles of her and Wek, but life is stopping me at the moment. *sigh*

  14. Don't get caught up on what topics you make get a lot of attention or not the best I can say is look to see if your topic has already been discussed recently before. Helps cut down on bloat and there are a lot of topics that get asked constantly here. So Members tend to get annoyed seeing the same topics again and again. On the Topic at hand I would go for the first two suggestions if I could choose everything besides those is overly complicated and Don't starve isn't really a game for complex things it wasn't designed with that in mind. And Klei hasn't shown they can do this successfully with a character as of yet (Warly) being a big example.
  15. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    The art style doesn't make this look threatening it honestly looks like an ordinary spotlight I'm waiting for the dance number