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  1. @LunarCat Probably a good idea to credit the artists who made those works. I don't think they'd mind you posting them but it's always good practise to give credit where credit is due.
  2. To add onto this you can shovel up the Spiky Bushes which will yield any twigs they have grown, and will not damage you, and then replant them immediately after.
  3. An alternative to the smaller inventory size is to make any item Wheeler carries have a reduced maximum stack size. You would still have the ability to carry tools and equipment without issues but reducing stack sizes could make carrying large amounts of resources more difficult. It could also be a bit tedious when transferring items from chests to inventory, although hopefully not annoying. Additionally, Wheeler is the first character to have a higher base speed. Which just feels weird, speed is the most overpowered stat in the game, every other character who has an improved running ability needs to do something in order to attain it.
  4. This is in the wrong subforum, it should be in 'Mods and Tools.'
  5. Can someone who possesses the fence skin please clarify how skin stacking works? If skinned fences are stacked with non-skinned fences, what happens? Do they all become skinned? Do they not stack at all? Do they all become non-skinned? Also, what about if we receive multiple skins for the same stackable item? Which skin will take the higher 'priority' when stacking items of the same type with differing skins (if they can even be stacked at all?)
  6. Wolfgang's new skin set and related items, in all forms, equipped, and on the ground. Loving this skin set btw.
  7. Why do i feel like i'm the only one who realises the sasuke meme is literally all over again?
  8. Was rushing the quacken, and then I saw this ... ? No idea if this is a bug or not, but it's interesting regardless.
  9. A marble forest, blown over by the sands of time...
  10. I guess poor ol' Warbucks couldn't handle being compared to the likes of the president?
  11. How so? It opens up many possibilities for different strategies mid to late game at a reasonable cost, I don't see how it 'destroys' the game.
  12. You realise that joke becomes obsolete when you can inspect the page's html and see what's inside faster than opening all the spoilers manually?
  13. Because wendy is kawaii desune, and  かわいいですね! 日本 おもしろい です!
  14. Welcome to the forums! The shipwrecked update isn't officially released yet. It's still a beta update, with a few things that require ironing out/even changing. Once it is released it will likely come out on mobile, but I do believe that it's costly to update games on mobile and console platforms (correct me if I'm wrong.) So that means that if Klei is going to release more updates to SW they will all likely be released in one big update on mobile/console, as they did with ANR. (I'm not sure if that happened with mobile though.)
  15. i'm honestly just confused about your profile picture

    1. JohnWatson


      clickity click job done

  16. I've been digging around in the files and in-game and I can't find any mention of this anywhere. It must be unimplemented or something. I was hoping that it would be a kind of Crock Pot that you could use on the ocean (Because, y'know, a galley is the kitchen on a ship) Sucks they didn't add it.