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  1. Maybe you would like to take a look at the Godot Engine as well. It's a great FOSS alternative to Unity.
  2. When recapturing(dropping it close to a trap) small animals(rabbits, birds), their stale component will reset.
  3. One of the characteristics of the shadow creatures is that they can go through anything, even walls when totally blocked. Then why they still go around them?
  4. “Each time I use it I die and am reborn” ~ Wendy
  5. I'm quite sure the pathfinder is only aware of the floor and walls.
  6. I really don't think it is a good idea to different items share the exactly the same skins. Could lead to a lot of confusion.
  7. Actually, this was reported a long time ago...
  8. Stick in lake

    I have experienced this too, weird that seems to only happen in the caves.
  9. ...Is that a Youtube video of a Youtube video?
  10. Those are from the Lazy Explorer skin.
  11. For some odd reason, while attacking something unarmed, you cannot highlight anything. This doesn't happen while having a weapon.
  12. While being frozen by one of Klaus' deers, if something is catching fire close to you, you will be stuck until refrozen.
  13. Gather the SAME partner, and check for info here:
  14. O tópico já está bastante abarrotado estando só na linguagem americana. Se forem falar em português, acho melhor usarem PM's.
  15. Thanks for the help, @BigBluFrog! And good luck for the rest of you!