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  1. steam inventory bug i hope

    Not necessarily a bad thing, if it's not an error. Now you can brag about having 2 one-of-a-kind items. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. To add onto this you can shovel up the Spiky Bushes which will yield any twigs they have grown, and will not damage you, and then replant them immediately after.
  3. Really cool to see Wormwood make an appearance in DST. If there was one repurposed character ported over, for me Wormwood was my #1 pick. Hopefully there aren't too many more, it would still be nice to see some completely new characters. I can already forsee Wormwood being extremely powerful in DST. Sure there are no Mud Spas to heal from, but since this is a team-based setting, you can simply rely on other characters to essentially act as meat shields for you. And of course, free dark swords for everyone. No more waiting for treeguards to spawn! Really hyped for this new content. Looks amazing so far.
  4. Why is the first question single-answer but the second multiple-choice? Anyway for me it's Wormwood or Wagstaff for both. Wormwood's ability to grow living logs would be great in an mp environment. Although healing would be more difficult as there is no Mud Spa to buy items from. Wagstaff would be similar to Winona but still pretty unique. His thumpers would make solid competition for Max and Woodie as well.
  5. What? Why? Why should an item get removed from the game because it's 'annoying to carry?' Nitre has many uses, many of which are related to Summer, but also other applications in the crafting of some items added in ANR. Pig skin and Pig skin? stack because they serve the exact same purpose. In essence they are the same item. Pig skin? is another way to get pigskin without murdering inhabitants of the Hamlet, design-wise it is clear why they stack as one. Making moonrock and marble stack this way doesn't make much sense. Moon stone is highly symbolic and clearly has some form of otherworldly ability, as it is commonly used to channel the power of gems. Marble is just marble. It looks nice, but is probably not magical. Not every item in the game needs to have a large amount of applications. Sure, some items like stingers or bone shards have minimal or even trivial usage but this does not necessarily justify their removal.
  6. When a computer 'deletes' something, it simply marks the space occupied by the data on the hard drive as empty. Actually removing the files entirely would take too much time and resources. Assuming this space does not get overwritten by any other programs, the data can still exist, and is recoverable via certain software. So yes, it would be possible to recover the lost save file (since as far as I am aware DS does not back up deleted saves) but, depending on how much time has passed since the deletion, the data may have since been overwritten.
  7. IIRC Webber is displayed as 'they' or 'them' (plural) and Wilbur is likely just 'he' or 'him.
  8. [Game Update] - 328827

    An alternative to the smaller inventory size is to make any item Wheeler carries have a reduced maximum stack size. You would still have the ability to carry tools and equipment without issues but reducing stack sizes could make carrying large amounts of resources more difficult. It could also be a bit tedious when transferring items from chests to inventory, although hopefully not annoying. Additionally, Wheeler is the first character to have a higher base speed. Which just feels weird, speed is the most overpowered stat in the game, every other character who has an improved running ability needs to do something in order to attain it.
  9. I don't know if this is intentional behaviour but I hope it is kept in the game. It's funny, for one, and also hints at Hamlet's upper-class pigs being able to perceive Them during bouts of insanity (perhaps due to their increased intelligence?) But otherwise, yeah, ethereal beings interacting with non-ethereal objects certainly feels off.
  10. All pathfinding currently ignores Basalt Eruptions. Unsure if this is intentional due to the nature of the fight.
  11. What if OP wants to keep ads on in order to support creators and websites? Adblocking extensions are pretty common knowledge, I wouldn't put op's generosity past them.
  12. I agree, summer is an interesting season. It's just the fact that you can go into the caves and completely nullify the main challenge of the season that kinda ruins it for me. I still don't understand why this is a feature, it just seems weird that we can ignore most of what a season offers just by entering an area that is accessible from the beginning of the game.
  13. License plates and automobiles are not one and the same. License plates were only in use early 1900's (according to wikipedia) and automobiles were invented earlier than that - around the 1880's. These characters could easily know what a car is but still have not heard of plates as they weren't in use yet.
  14. Five Farm Ideas for DST

    Biome is entirely dictated by the current turf. What JB said in the video isn't 'misinformative', but perhaps a little misleading, rather.