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  1. In DS, 'Sandbox Mode' was just the normal game mode, where you either worldhopped, survived as long as possible, or entered Adventure Mode via Maxwell's Door. A mode titled the same doesn't exist in DST, but Sandbox was basically just the standard survival mode for DS, as is Survival mode for DST. So technically, yes there is, but there are a few minor differences between Sandbox and Survival; the main one being no permadeath if you're with other players.
  2. Britain isn't the only country that uses 'mum.' Australia, New Zealand, and African countries (when they speak English) use 'Mum.' However some European countries use 'mom' when speaking English, likely because they pick it up from America. So, Wicker and Webber could be from anywhere except America, really. Then again, the pronunciation of 'mum' and 'mom' is fundamentally the same, it only appears different due to accents. So it probably doesn't mean much. Webber's grandfather is Scottish however, so it could be intentional, idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. i'm honestly just confused about your profile picture

    1. JohnWatson


      clickity click job done

  4. I never realised how much I actually need this in my life.
  5. Guides on Steam/YouTube

    Kind of offtopic, but anyway... Someone looking for copyright free music? Never fear, Kevin MacLeod is here! This guy is a blessing for content creators, he makes excellent music that you can use in your videos, and even monetize, all with just an Attribution 3.0 Licence. Basically, find the song you want to use from and put this in your video's description or credits section: And you're good to go. (However, be sure to double check if the track is Attribution or not. Some of it requires a paid licence to use commercially, I believe.) Happy video-making!
  6. I've been digging around in the files and in-game and I can't find any mention of this anywhere. It must be unimplemented or something. I was hoping that it would be a kind of Crock Pot that you could use on the ocean (Because, y'know, a galley is the kitchen on a ship) Sucks they didn't add it.
  7. I kind of have to agree with this. Things like the magic inventory slot, Maxwell's puppets not being awful, even gates and fences, would be most welcome in singleplayer DS. And it's not like they'd mess up the lore or anything But just because DS doesn't have those kind of things doesn't mean that it's not 'worth playing.' Hamlet also looks like it'll be rather different to a regular DS game, and perhaps those kind of things won't really matter. (Just speculation though)
  8. Klei has to make money somehow. Apart from the new skins, you can't really expect for them to add everything as a free DLC to DST or RoG (Because Klei did say that they didn't want to divide players by adding paid DLC to DST.) And singleplayer may be outdated, but that doesn't mean that Klei has to just forget about it and leave it to rot. Plus, perhaps some of the new mechanics etc added in Hamlet wouldn't work well with multiple players.
  9. Meet Winona!

    Win PvP. As in WINona. Geddit?
  10. Meet Winona!

    sadly, no-one win-OWNS any of her skins it also looks like she'll WIN a lot of pvp
  11. Meet Winona!

    Well... it kinda looks like she's examining the glove she's wearing... but that's certainly a strange way to look at a glove.
  12. Klaus's gender?

    assuming genders wow triggered reeee
  13. I have to kind of disagree with you there; Rick does provide some good information. There's no need to direct new players away from him, but yeah, he definitely has a strange view about the game, strongly encouraging everyone to rush the ruins as Wolfgang or whatever without getting a grip on things at their own pace. Also, don't comment on his videos. Just don't. And we are kinda derailing this topic here by ranting about edgy rick, probably should get back on topic or whatever
  14. winonan theory (with proof)

    That'd be cool and all, but I'm still disappointed that Webber doesn't have 5 handslots from his spider arms.