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  1. He finally utilised his magical flight powers that we all overlooked...
  2. Should Steam achievements be added to DST? Personally, I think yes, because it would give people who've done everything in the game something else to do. If you're a completionist, it would give you something to do to show off your not starving skills. The achievements could be like Terraria's achievements: Easy to grasp, fun to do, and not too hard or easy. (Just no achievements like the fishing quest ones pls) Most of them could be based around killing a boss, or, there could be achievements for performing feats as every character (To encourage players to experience the other characters and not just their 'main.') Also of course the 'Survive x amount of days,' and Survive 2x amount of days,' achievements. You're probably thinking: "But won't people just use the console to cheat the achievements through godmode and the likes?" And yes, this is a valid argument but you can see what time and date people earned the achievements on Steam, so you'd be able to tell if it was cheated, to an extent. Klei could also implement a system like The Binding of Isaac, where doing certain things (using the console, doing challenges, using seeds etc) would result in this () appearing on the player's screen to let them know they can't complete achievements and unlock new items. And yes, I'm aware that Klei has allegedly stated that they 'hate achievements' (?) but a number of their games on Steam... have achievements. (Games like Mark of the Ninja, Invisible, Inc., Shank, etc.) So what are your thoughts on the matter? Achievements? No achievements? If so, why? also apologies about the kinda wall of text
  3. Help! Saving progress

    Yes. It's called a roguelike. You can make things such as Life Giving Amulets, Meat Effigies, or find Touch Stones to resurrect you upon death, however. If you're playing with friends they can sacrifice 40 health to make a Telltale Heart which will revive you also.
  4. Wes Memes: The Saga

    inb4 "Wesnona" ships
  5. And Webber's beard... Maybe GoH beards would be tied with a bow, the Survivor beards would be tatted and messy, and the Triumphant beards would have same white streaks that Wilson's Triumphant head skin has... Also, forming a cult as Gladiator Maxwell with a bunch of hooded Shadow Minions would be the greatest thing ever.
  6. What is a Nox?

    i meant a depiction... a painting? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. What is a Nox?

    Dictionary definition of Nox: "the Roman goddess of the night Greek counterpart Nyx" The Greek goddess of night... guess what other Greek names have been floating around recently... Metheus. Or more specifically, Prometheus. The giver of fire to the humans. Coincidence? Possibly... Also, maybe the horns on the Nox helm are modelled after the horns of the Greek god? I'm no expert in Greek mythology and I have no idea if the god had horns or not, as I couldn't find any images online.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Because wendy is kawaii desune, and  かわいいですね! 日本 おもしろい です!
  9. No. Forge servers are always hosted by Klei, which means that there are no admins (ie people who can use console commands) except for the dedicated host.
  10. guys it's now canon that every single anime character in existence resides in the don't starve universe also some russian guy canonically lives inside the icebox
  11. Welcome to the forums! The shipwrecked update isn't officially released yet. It's still a beta update, with a few things that require ironing out/even changing. Once it is released it will likely come out on mobile, but I do believe that it's costly to update games on mobile and console platforms (correct me if I'm wrong.) So that means that if Klei is going to release more updates to SW they will all likely be released in one big update on mobile/console, as they did with ANR. (I'm not sure if that happened with mobile though.)
  12. In DS, 'Sandbox Mode' was just the normal game mode, where you either worldhopped, survived as long as possible, or entered Adventure Mode via Maxwell's Door. A mode titled the same doesn't exist in DST, but Sandbox was basically just the standard survival mode for DS, as is Survival mode for DST. So technically, yes there is, but there are a few minor differences between Sandbox and Survival; the main one being no permadeath if you're with other players.
  13. Britain isn't the only country that uses 'mum.' Australia, New Zealand, and African countries (when they speak English) use 'Mum.' However some European countries use 'mom' when speaking English, likely because they pick it up from America. So, Wicker and Webber could be from anywhere except America, really. Then again, the pronunciation of 'mum' and 'mom' is fundamentally the same, it only appears different due to accents. So it probably doesn't mean much. Webber's grandfather is Scottish however, so it could be intentional, idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. i'm honestly just confused about your profile picture

    1. JohnWatson


      clickity click job done

  15. I never realised how much I actually need this in my life.