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  1. Oh, boy. Things are going to get heated in this thread, I can smell it already.
  2. New skins

    @StrawberryTshirt didn't even mention Rose skins lol, just 'New skins.' And tbh I wouldn't mind new skins, the Rose skins are nice and all but something fresh would be nice.
  3. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Something that I don't like is that 'highlighted' posts (posts that receive 5 likes, I think?) aren't very distinguishable from other posts. Sure, they have a tiny orange ribbon in the top right corner, and an extremely faint orange glow, but the orange outline needs to come back. Otherwise, I rather like it.
  4. Adding onto this, beeboxes only make 1 honey each day when in this state. It does work in Winter though, so you can abuse it with enough bees top get food in Winter.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Dead meme, I know, but shhh
  6. A few years ago when Don't Starve first came out (I think) one of my friends mentioned it. I didn't really think much of it at the time, as I had no interest in survival games at all. A year or two later, I saw Don't Starve on sale, and a little bell rang in the back of my head. 'Hey, apparently this is good, let's get it' And I was hooked. The artstyle, the music, the character's personalities, even lore (as I was soon to find out), all just captured my attention perfectly.
  7. screen shot show case

    TFW you find one of these stupid things: *wipes single tear from eye* I mean people have probably already posted screenshots like this a million times but it's just so annoying lol
  8. Maybe... Let's compare it to the common graffiti artist, also known as graffos or something. If there's some trashy tag on a railway bridge, it's going to get sprayed over sooner or later. But if there's one of those masterpieces that take up a whole wall of an abandoned wheat silo, that's so realistic and intricately detailed you can't even tell it's spraypaint, pretty much no-one will tag over that, except for the occasional nong or whatever. It's the same with bases IMO. If it's some random camp with a science machine, firepit, and a backpack on the ground, that will probably get griefed or destroyed for resources reasonably quickly. If a griefer comes across a gigantic Glermz-style base that takes up the whole map, the griefer might stop their nasty habits, stroll around for a bit and take in the beauty. Well, if the griefer comes across a base like that, they might destroy it because people put so much effort into it. That's how the mind of a griefer works, right? And I'm pretty sure that if you were building a megabase, you wouldn't do it in a public server, but whatever. Ladies and gentlemen, that's your analogy of the day!
  9. Kind of, except for the fact that 'Maxwell' is just a stage name and the true name of the character is 'William Carter.' So yeah, all character's names do start with W. Waxwell isn't an easter egg, it's just that so the Maxwell NPC and the Maxwell player character have different prefab names in the files. Also you are necroposting in this topic which is over a month old, so yeah.
  10. I got Invisible Inc, I've heard it's a good game but I haven't actually ever played it, so that's cool. Thanks for bringing this up, I completely forgot about it and almost missed out on a free game!
  11. There's actually a cool theory (not mine) on how the crows got into the DS world. In the 'Forbidden Knowledge Trailer,' this crow: might have gotten pulled into the Maxwell's Door that Wilson built and layed eggs in the DS universe, therefore commencing a race of incestuous crows living in Maxwell's World. (Not that that has anything to do with anything, but hey, I like it) And as a Maxwell main myself I often find his quotes quite interesting to read. I also love the idea of the more powerful characters in a video game being aware that they're a character in a game, i.e. Sans from Undertale. [lol I'm an uncultured swine and can't think of any more examples for that, I'm 100% sure that there's more.]
  12. Rose collection

    Reading the second spoiler literally sent a chill down my spine. Excellent theory, good sir/madam/tumblr gender And the whole deal with Maxwell's triumphant skin being the 'Untriumphant' totally fits in with him leaving the shadow throne, losing his persona, and thus becoming more innocent/carefree, as represented by the skin. (The skin might also symbolise him 'turning back' into William Carter, whom the skin resembles.)
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I didn't make this.
  14. Clockwork Rook tips

    You should probably prepare for fighting them in groups, because they pretty much always spawn in crowds. Attacking the bishops first is probably the best idea, since they have a massive ranged attack with decent damage (40). Since their attacks are extremely difficult to dodge, tanking them is probably the best idea. Be sure to bring a lot of armor, because if there aren't any other players around to kill the other clockworks, you will likely get attacked by more than just the bishop. After you've killed the bishops, lead the rooks away from the knights, because the knights are slow and will give up if you're far enough away from them. The best strategy to kill rooks is get them to charge at you. Once they've started charging, they cannot change direction resulting in an easy dodge. Hit them a few times, and as soon as they raise their foot and start pounding the ground, move far away from them so you can dodge their charge attack. Repeat. Then just kill the knights with the 2-hit kiting pattern. Or you can just cheese the lot of them and get the rooks to charge into the other clockworks. And, as @Donke60 said, you can just lead them to other hostile monsters.
  15. It's also worth noting that tumbleweeds have a instrumental voice. And I also believe that Ragtime might be people talking or screaming because the characters can actually hear it in the game, it's diegetic sound meaning that the characters in the game can hear it. The soundtrack (work/fight music etc) is non-diegetic, which means that only the viewer or player can hear it.