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  1. What a great thing. Great work and thanks for sharing! My subscribers will be able to use Mala Mi's skins once again! Working on an update right away.
  2. Mod characters don't use their oval portraits in the character menu screen nor in the character inspect screen during gameplay:
  3. PanAzej

    G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Could you post crash message/log file?
  4. PanAzej

    G10MM-3R [RoG/SW/HAM]

    Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  5. PanAzej

    [Game Update] - 307715

    Wormwood feels like a proper character with interesting perks, also I love the little animations he's gotten. I have a suggestion though: It would be great if you implemented a function which would return currently loaded world type, something like "CurrentWorldType" which would be accessible before all components, etc. are loaded and would return if it's a ROG, SW or HAM world. At the moment it's quite hard for modders to clearly tell which world the player currently is in, as SW and Hamlet both have RoG files basically implemented into themselves, and Hamlet has all SW files. IsDLCEnabled returns SW/HAM even in RoG worlds after the merge. A quick way to check current world type would be greatly appreciated.
  6. No problem! Another update: I've improved the order of layers, fixed the swap_object symbol and added an unpacked character insanity animation for people for looking into/testing purposes.
  7. Ohhh someone remembers this! ;u;
  8. Update: added SWAP_FACE symbol to the build.
  9. It's possible to infinitely respawn Pig Guards by hammering the towers.
  10. Deployables can be placed inside a wall in the shops. This cannot really be done because of the wall's collision, so the character is just indefinitely running into a wall.
  11. Game crashed while I attacked a pig builder which was repairing a tower
  12. @minespatch I've seen some sweet fanart of my stuff from you, I'm returning the favor!
  13. PanAzej

    Don't Starve Comics

    I've been summoned. For the shameless self-plug, I guess!
  14. To be fair, I wanted to implement my version of the giftwrap (because all assets are already done), but after having some troubles with implementing it I decided to not touch Festive Pack anymore. The Pack works now, and maybe its code is not perfect, but I also don't want to break anything at this point.
  15. I'm not that much into modding anymore, but as they say, "never say never".
  16. Yup, yup! Wendy as a goth lolita, aka Perona.
  17. Maxwell, the Revolutionary. How fitting.
  18. If it's a tanuki, then it's definitely missing something very important between its legs XD But yeah, it's Japan-esque, to fit with character's kimono skin. *Ahem* SUUUUPEEERR!
  19. It's quite fuzzy and cute in here, I gotta say.
  20. Yep! It's the same one I've posted some time ago here... This Wes/Wigfrid pic was just laying down as a sketch and never finished... until recently, that is. --- More non-mango pics: Nothing like taking an ol' good dump.
  21. Thank you!~ :3 Thank you! Hah, yeah, he's one of my favs! WX's would need some redesign, because he lacks "coolness" in his design (that's why I haven't drawn WX yet... He's kinda boring to draw, to be honest). That's all you gonna get from me: Top quality. Because I was bored in school :V
  22. PanAzej

    Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Yes, I am. As long as I'm not base-building. Because when I'm base-building, hounds kill everybody, base burns to the ground and children cry.
  23. Well, yeah. When the Telltale Heart's skin function was added, an update later we got a Telltale Heart skin. So we may get some new Lantern design next update. (Idk if this is new or old)
  24. Aww, yes! Finally. You're doing great, and you know my opinion on your drawings pretty well Sand-butt!