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  1. The symbol exists in the animation itself, but when you decompile the animation with Krane, you need to supply the anim.bin file with a build.bin file which contains all of the symbols used by the animation to properly decompile the entire thing. So for example, to decompile the entire default player build with all symbols (as shown in my template here), I had to find all symbols in various character/item builds (some symbols are never used in character's build.bin/atlas files, so I also had to unpack swap_hat (used in headgear item's builds) and other symbols). Then, I had to combine all symbols I collected into a single SCML file and compile it (using Klei's autocompiler from Don't Starve Modding Tools package on Steam). Then, I used the compiled build.bin/atlas files (from my compiled ZIP file) to decompile an anim.bin file I was interested in. So, my guess is that the floating effect symbol must be located in a separate file. You would have to grab some item's anim.bin file, decompile it, then decompile that floating symbol, and combine their SCML symbol declarations (symbols are declared at the top of SCML file, before animations) both in a single SCML file (of course you need to copy folders with symbols to the location of merged SCML file too). Then, compile all that stuff to create a new build.bin + atlas, which you can use to decompile the anim.bin of a floating item, getting a properly unpacked animation without missing stuff in the process. EDIT: By the way, you can unpack any build.bin/atlas combination with any anim.bin file - the animations just won't be there. But, the symbol declarations should be intact. So regardless of anything, you can use those declarations + unpacked symbols to create and compile a new, more complete build.
  2. I know I'm replying super late to your post, but this issue happens most likely because the arm is at some point in the animation in the Z-order shown in the game. Look closely at the timeline in your animation. There must be a node (frame) where the Z-order of this symbol is in this specific order. Z-order of a symbol cannot be changed during an animation (as far as I'm aware). If you need to do that, then I recommend splitting the animation into 2 parts - 1st, where the arm is behind the torso/pelvis, and 2nd, where the arm is before torso/pelvis. And then playing them one after another in the stategraph -> first part of the animation triggered with inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("animation1_name", false), second part with inst.AnimState:PushAnimation("animation2_name", false)
  3. Pretty nice job! That's a lot of stuff. I could help you out with some of the art assets when I find some time.
  4. Hi! There are no good item templates that I know of, so I made a few for hat, armor and handslot item. You will need Don't Starve Mod Tools on Steam to compile your artwork and a text editor (preferably Notepad++) to edit the code. Basically all the stuff that you already know if you ever attempted to make a custom character. If you have any questions that my comments in the code do not cover, do let me know. Download below, or workshop link: Enjoy.
  5. Hi. Sorry that I'm replying just now, I wasn't present on the forums for quite a long time. All you need to do is open the compiled *.zip of your animation and delete all contents except anim.bin. That is all. EDIT: Nevermind, I've read your thread. You want to make a custom character BUILD with this template, not an animation? In this case just replace the character parts you don't want with blank textures. (There is a better way of doing this stuff, by removing symbols from the project, but that's a lot of manual work not worth anybody's time.)
  6. Hmm, well you do have to do a lot of super specific tasks which take a long time to complete. I would not call that literally "grinding" as in, doing repetitive tasks. I was not saying I'm agreeing or disagreeing with the guy, though. I said that what you mentioned totally needs to be addressed by the devs in future updates.
  7. Oh yeah, the picking animations add up. Would be nice to have an auto-picking construction. Nobody likes going through 60 grass tufts and hold space for 10 minutes. What modding taught me, is that people are never satisfied. You add a new character? Cool, but does it have 5 skins, and does it have 20 unique items that alter the gameplay in a big way? Does your content still carry the entire game with a "fresh" feel after playing for 100 days straight? And the most importantly, is this mod compatible with my Don't Starve dishwasher after 3 years while a thousand updates have been released?
  8. This is really cool, good job! Something like this should be added to the game, to be honest. I'll definitely take a peek at your code when I'll find a moment.
  9. 1. Jelliet's long hair basically uses two symbols: "swap_body" and "swap_body_tall". Symbol "swap_body" is used by backpacks and armors, while "swap_body_tall" is used by Slurtle Armor and One Man Band. Both of these symbols are actually a copy of one another and they are animated the same (in most animations). I still had to alter them in some animations to make them work as actual hair. 2. The entity is only one here, there are multiple animations though. What you should care about regarding creating a custom player build is the list of symbols which will be overriden in animations of player character, not the animations themselves. You can even delete all animations but one (since compiler checks which symbols have been used in animations, you gotta use each symbol at least once in one of the animations in the SCML, otherwise it's going to ignore unused symbols). I would recommend renaming the entity to BUILD_PLAYER, because otherwise the symbols may act quite wonky. I do not have access to entirety of AnimState code, so I cannot tell why exactly this name has to be used for the entity, but what I know is that it may cause problems. I tried shortly explaining in the modmain of my template how exactly the *zip is loaded by the game, but there is a lot of really specific stuff I would have to show off to explain how exactly the graphics and animations are constructed and understood by the game and compiler. 3. Regarding the tent anims. Even after ~6 years of modding this game I don't have full knowledge of how exactly all of it functions, sometimes I'm surprised myself when I see what happens. Some stuff gets broken while getting decompiled and that's just how it goes. I have successfully unpacked some animations, edited them and imported into the game just to find out that half of the specific objects is just invisible now. Some unpacked animations have incorrectly numbered frames in symbols and the build just doesn't work with animations present in the game. At this point I'm just rambling though. I guess I could write down all of this somewhere so that new modders can have all this stuff accessible. Animating for this game with mod tools we have is working hours on end via trial and error (while trying to not go insane) and that's why I'm making new player animations extremely rarely. Creating player builds is a piece of cake, though. If you have dumps of player animations to test if the builds will look fine in-game and you didn't come up with a build which requires tons of existing animation alterations, that is.
  10. Hi, The "nubs" are a symbol in character's build not used in actual animation. They are meant to be used to override an existing symbol in character's build (other body part which is actually used in animations) when a specific skin is equipped. You can take a look at my Custom Player Animation Template, which IronHunter linked in a post above mine. That template includes all symbols used in most player animations. "Wrist" symbol is actually called "arm_lower_cuff" in the build. For example my "Jelliet" character uses "hairfront", "swap_body" and "swap_body_tall" to represent her hair. Of course I had to alter a lot of animations to make it work as I intended, but the point is - you can use other symbols in your character build other than those shown in Extended Sample Character template.
  11. You can create a new animation using this template, and for the special idle animation you don't even have to create a new state, just simply load in the *.zip with anim.bin in your character's prefab and add the line below in your character's master_postinit: inst.customidleanim = "idle_animationname" Stategraph reads animation name from this variable and tries playing it during "funnyidle" state. If it doesn't find a variable with this anim or this variable is empty, it plays the default "funnyidle" animation. And if you're asking how to add a new symbol, then yes, that's possible too. You would need to add an "override build" with inst.AnimState:AddOverrideBuild("build_name") or simply just add new symbol to animation, and compile it. That would mean leaving files other than anim.bin (a ton of unneeded graphics), so I would recommend compiling and loading that symbol as a separate build. I may create some more extended tutorial about animations and stategraphs in DST at some point, but currently I'm leaving it as is.
  12. Hi everyone, I had a bit of free time today and I decided to dedicate it to updating Custom Animation Template. New changes include: - Added "hairfront" symbol. - Added "customanim_mount" - animation of player riding on beefalo. I will update the .zip in the main post shortly. You can download this template on the Steam Workshop: ...or you can just click on the attached file. Enjoy.
  13. Hi, I know the answer to this issue. So basically, you use Ktools - krane isn't very good at decompiling textures so that you get proper original sizes. What you see is a "broken" character build in Spriter, but the actual coordinates in SCML are *mostly* accurate. How to fix this? Well, just overwrite all decompiled symbols with the original symbols of the Esctemplate character. Simply copy-paste the folders and it should all be good.
  14. The camera behaviour doesn't reset if you despawn while standing on a boat. It stays in its fixed position until you jump on it again.
  15. What a great thing. Great work and thanks for sharing! My subscribers will be able to use Mala Mi's skins once again! Working on an update right away.
  16. Mod characters don't use their oval portraits in the character menu screen nor in the character inspect screen during gameplay:
  17. Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here:
  18. Wormwood feels like a proper character with interesting perks, also I love the little animations he's gotten. I have a suggestion though: It would be great if you implemented a function which would return currently loaded world type, something like "CurrentWorldType" which would be accessible before all components, etc. are loaded and would return if it's a ROG, SW or HAM world. At the moment it's quite hard for modders to clearly tell which world the player currently is in, as SW and Hamlet both have RoG files basically implemented into themselves, and Hamlet has all SW files. IsDLCEnabled returns SW/HAM even in RoG worlds after the merge. A quick way to check current world type would be greatly appreciated.
  19. You can't reposition parts of the body, unless you'll figure out a way to draw them on already existing layers in which they won't look bad during animations. Dragging symbols around in a sample animation won't change anything. You're replacing images in all Don't Starve's player animations. So you either need to re-design the character to make it fit them or figure out a way to implement your art through trial and error until you "get it right".
  20. No problem! Another update: I've improved the order of layers, fixed the swap_object symbol and added an unpacked character insanity animation for people for looking into/testing purposes.
  21. Update: added SWAP_FACE symbol to the build.
  22. It's possible to infinitely respawn Pig Guards by hammering the towers.
  23. Deployables can be placed inside a wall in the shops. This cannot really be done because of the wall's collision, so the character is just indefinitely running into a wall.