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  1. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    I'm sad Winiona didn't give Walani the kick of life
  2. Land sharx

    first hound wave in SW guess it would be a crocwave only one croc spawns leaves Monster meat on ground while I check for more, inventory was full as you can see this was during a hurricane warning walk a few feet to base 3 sharx spawn out of no where fully on land 2 of them are captured in the photo EDIT you know how I said there were 3 sharks their was a total of 6 instead EDIT 2 I'm up to 8 sharks now they won't stop spawning I'm trying to pick up the meat as fast as possible
  3. Add the RoG and SW characters to the steam card packs for DS single player

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    2. minespatch



      As long as the pincushion man isn't around.

    3. Donke60


      He bad! pointy is BAD

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  5. Doro's art place thingy

    its obliviously fiber cereal ALL THAT MEAT DOESN'T GO DOWN EASY
  6. I wouldn't though I'm prepared if I'm giving up a backpack for a body slot item the way you're describing this backpack makes it redundant or makes it sound so
  7. If I have enough space to use a portable backpack then I probably wouldn't need on to begin with, I'll probably wearing a body slot item already.
  8. probably not since you said epic boss in that statement, if anything it would make it worse because it would be backpacks on backpacks Also why would I carry an empty backpack?
  9. In game it doesn't look as great the ROG and fang fire pit are better in my opinion
  10. Donke's Thread (continued)

    Ye and plot twist Webber wins because he knocks everyone out with monster lasagna i imagine this
  11. Its been a few years so its time for a Reboot Remake and this time I'm Hard-boiled and gritty, rated PG-13 with all the trends of Today Loot boxes micro-transactions political extremism flame wars and being a shallow idiot If you don't knnow what this is well its My thread a long list of status updates/thoughts/conversations all in one place because I'm not @Weirdobob and like things to have some order. So with that out of the way I welcome everyone to tell me obligatory things that have no consquence on the world at large but in this small page on this small website in the giant expanse of the Web in will hopefully give all respite. **** it @Youknowwho how do you right so foolishly teach me great toast cut from the Loaf of Life.
  12. Donke's Thread (continued)

    I wonder if Warly ever had a cooking rivalry would be an interesting tangent.
  13. Hmm that certainly would be interesting there are certainly enough creatures and items you could use as hazards and weapons
  14. Shipwreck beta two has just launched and for once I can actually say I'm excited when I game actually did that. However I'm going to call it the shipwrecked Renaissance for I feel it's more appropriate and it sounds cooler. This thread's purpose is to gather suggestions for generally about what you want to see you fixed or added to SW thus far we know the original shipwreck left quite a few loose ends. for me I wish they fixed two things if that's possible For me I wish they fixed two things if that's possible 1 if you can only do one thing for each character besides the obvious and make Warly good just please give him a recipe alternative when he's in RoG(my rage is so strong with this one especially in adventure mode! 2 fix the lagging or memory thing that happens when you have jumped to a shipwrecked world it's really annoying to only be able to play for 30 minutes before your computer starts trying to break itself. Okay now you guys go!
  15. Kinda just poppin' in because you mentioned it but me and some other member can't remember their name posted about it a lot. I just want characters
  16. oh

    Nice stuff
  17. Donke's Thread (continued)

    I have reason to believe that the rainbow jellies in SW are part of Skittles taste the rainbow ad campaign
  18. Rainbow jellyfish

    Rainbow jellies are supposed too be completely passive.they should not attack you
  19. The Shipwreck Renaissance

    Warly and walani still don't have strange new powers you might wanna fix that just please fix Warly's sanity issues in RoG caves please idk what to do for walnini make her part merm
  20. She hasn't been out for a year
  21. Now I mean health as in real world terms so I made a theory list of who would have the worst health to best health Woodlegs Wickerbottom Maxwell Warly Wigfrid Wes Woodie Williow Wilson Walnini Wendy Webber Wolfgang