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bubben16    811
9 hours ago, minespatch said:

So... If this new set is called the Hallowed, what was the furry set called?

If you're talking about the Chester/Catcoon/Hutch/Glommer outfits, those are part of the Costume Collection.

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Tapirus    2065
19 hours ago, Instant-Noodles said:

Here are gifs of the 5 new Funko Pop Proof of Purchase skins that are coming out in November:

Tesla Coil Lantern


Fiery Witch's Hat




Mourning Veil





Tesla Coil Lantern looks great!

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YouKnowWho    8047
15 hours ago, Commissar Oscar said:

Golly, those Hallowed Nights items sure are snazzy! If only I didn't have to commit to buying the whole collection just to get the few specific skins I want. First world problems indeed.

I mean, you could just weave em, y’know? 

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