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  1. by monsters they may mean non-humans anyone know how long Hallowed Nights goes? i actually move the day of th e24th and it'll probably be a week before i have my PC set up again to play >.< so hopefully longer than that
  2. Hot Lava shirts?

    that'd be a lot of fun!
  3. does anyone know how to actually get the reward stickers? I have 4 but no idea what i did to get them
  4. You can get this achievement by putting a basketball in the hoop during a gym class course, not just in the playground. It's actually easier because you can stand right on the hoop and just drop the ball in
  5. Anyone know how to get some of these? I've unlocked two, though I have no idea what I did to unlock those two and didn't realize they were unlocked rewards when i got them at the end of a match I think one is for completing the Immortallixer card set, since I did complete that yesterday and it IS in the title, but not sure on the Skip sticker anyone else know unlockable stickers and how to get them?
  6. Goggles, Wrist mounted computer thing, backpack
  7. Love our beta item! so cool!
  8. I like the skins, primarily because if i'm building a dozen storage chests in my base, it's nice to have them look a little different. Same with fridges, or fire pits, etc. Just nice to have variety when you get farther in the game and have a lot of stuff. I like having the opportunity to mix up my base's look through the differently skinned items Now for character skins, i'm a bit less interested in. Some of them are really nice, like Webber's Roseate skin does a lot to change his look since he gets a softer black with no harsh white lines in it, and I rather find that soothing to look at. Heads are nice simply because, like the item skins, it does let you change up what you're looking at now and then now the one type i am very rather disinterested in are clothes skins. I unravel those usually
  9. while i already own them all, i will do them anyways! Facebook and twitter done, will do the others if something pops up that i dont' have yet as a owner of bottomless pit, i wouldn't mind, as long as it was a different rarity to differentiate it
  10. Similar with me, I built 2 and i got the achievement after the 2nd one I also got the 'automate something' achievement by researching Automation, not actually doing anything with it i did report both of these in the bug section
  11. So i've had a couple of achievements that triggered too early: Some Reservations: Designate 4 areas as Nature Preserves - This one triggered after just 2 nature reserves Red Light, Green Light: Automate a building using sensors or switches - This one triggered after RESEARCHING automation, not for actually doing anything
  12. oooof so sad....poor Warly, i really hope he can return home before she dies alone without anyone there to take care of her
  13. i'd love for the Gorge style cooking to be in the game. Name of the game is dont' starve, and i'd love more recipes to not starve with! Gorge was easily my favorite event the developers have done