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  1. I've had 0 luck out of the chest, but i tried my hand at crafting and ended up with something nice so i'm not bothered anymore with my chest luck
  2. if doing a summer theme, maybe we can build sandcastles like in Shipwrecked and get a Crabbit Mini pet! =D
  3. can we have the Varg loading screen to weave? =D that thing is so cool looking, it'd be a shame to not be able to own it
  4. that was my luck during hte winter event, and that's my luck now ;n; i hope i at least get a event chest this time ( i didn't get one winter chest during the winter event, only curio chests)
  5. is this going to be possible to weave? I'd love to actually have it!
  6. and we do play the game. We survive, we build a camp, we try not to starve. Not everyone goes boss hunting and ruins diving, some of us enjoy the simple mechanics of Dont' STarve rather than the RPG elements that were thrown into DST to make it more exciting for groups. Not everyone likes to run around trying to kill bosses or go spelunking haha. We did sleep under the tree a few times, but that's not exactly something that keeps being fun after several game cycles and once the event is over, guess what will stay game after game after game, no matter what server or how long it's been? That's right,t the skins! It's fun to play dress up. It's even more fun to see what awesome goodies you get out of your random RNG CHest i didn't realize it was such a unreasonable suggestion to have profile icons be Trade Inn-able so that they're not so bloody useless xD
  7. i play single player or with a friend. We cannot fight deerclops as powerful as he was, so we turned him off. We did decorate a tree, and that was fun for a few day cycles but ultimately i just was kind'v 'meh' on the whole event i know skins are not everything, but when the only changes to the game are skins and boss re-skins that we dont' experience since we're a small server, then skins are all i can give feedback on, especially when the experience with those was frustrating =P maybe those of you who are lucky and actually got good stuff had fun, but those of us with bad luck who got nothing but ornament skins didn't get to experience any of the joy or excitement that came with a good RNG of gifts
  8. feedback so far from this thread is to make profile icons usable in the trade inn so that they're at least useful for something since they're waht we got 95% of the time and couldn't use them for anything, or unravel them for a measly 5 spools considering the number of them you get, and 5 spools a icon, it's STILL not enough to weave any of the clothing items. Having them in the trade inn would at least make them less of a disappointment to get over and over again but i guess just skimming the thread, those points would be easily missed
  9. i'm glad it was christmas for someone =P for me it didn't feel anything like christmas beyond the tree i had. Would open gifts and get the same thing over and over, something that i couldnt' even Trade Inn or unravel to craft things i wanted. Yay holiday cheer lol XP
  10. maybe they can make profile icons used in the trade in at least...then it won't be such a huge disappointment when you open 5 chests and get nothing but those, and they won't be as useless because you can at least turn them into something i don't count unraveling them as useful because you get 5 spools. Even a handful of icons will still net you barely enough to weave anything
  11. indeed, seems that way, though maybe in the future there can be less profile icons and more common items so that we at least can trade inn the drops...as it is profile icon drops are bloody useless becuase you get so many, can't trade them inn, and can unravel them for a pitiful amount of spools
  12. i opened my weekly 4 since it started so it started on the 18th, i already had my drops for that week, so i opened 8 chests for the 2 weeks that Winter's Feast went on for. 1 of those was a Winter's Feast chest, the other 7 curio chests. Nothing but common clothing or ornament portrait icons for me out of any of them. Mostly ornament portrait icons, i'm 1 common short of having been able to do a Trade Inn
  13. then i must be REALLY unlucky because i got nothing but common shirts and ornament profile icons =/ it felt like the curio chest had HORRIBLE odds of getting anything good out of them. IT was more frustrating opening those chests than fun, because i kept getting deja vu drops i cannot comment on Winter's Feast chest, because i only got one of those