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  1. I like the skins, primarily because if i'm building a dozen storage chests in my base, it's nice to have them look a little different. Same with fridges, or fire pits, etc. Just nice to have variety when you get farther in the game and have a lot of stuff. I like having the opportunity to mix up my base's look through the differently skinned items Now for character skins, i'm a bit less interested in. Some of them are really nice, like Webber's Roseate skin does a lot to change his look since he gets a softer black with no harsh white lines in it, and I rather find that soothing to look at. Heads are nice simply because, like the item skins, it does let you change up what you're looking at now and then now the one type i am very rather disinterested in are clothes skins. I unravel those usually
  2. while i already own them all, i will do them anyways! Facebook and twitter done, will do the others if something pops up that i dont' have yet as a owner of bottomless pit, i wouldn't mind, as long as it was a different rarity to differentiate it
  3. Similar with me, I built 2 and i got the achievement after the 2nd one I also got the 'automate something' achievement by researching Automation, not actually doing anything with it i did report both of these in the bug section
  4. So i've had a couple of achievements that triggered too early: Some Reservations: Designate 4 areas as Nature Preserves - This one triggered after just 2 nature reserves Red Light, Green Light: Automate a building using sensors or switches - This one triggered after RESEARCHING automation, not for actually doing anything
  5. oooof so sad....poor Warly, i really hope he can return home before she dies alone without anyone there to take care of her
  6. i'd love for the Gorge style cooking to be in the game. Name of the game is dont' starve, and i'd love more recipes to not starve with! Gorge was easily my favorite event the developers have done
  7. i like it! but i'm also worried they'll change it xD
  8. you have him wearing shoes, so probalby not =P
  9. love the mushroom!
  10. but it's still nice to see how kind Klei are!
  11. Make the Carrat a pet.

    yes please. I was just going to post the suggestion for it to be a pet when i searched and found this
  12. that looks nice! I prefer him to be a more woody brown color than the really vibrant green, i look forward to what skins he gets
  13. I hope Wormwood gets a skin that makes him look like his unused more neutral colored art
  14. amazing, can't wait to try it out!
  15. i actually really like the Roseate Willow with the new outfit (plus the black cat from Halloween really fits her theme now)
  16. the new Bernie and lighter are so cool! The lighter has a black smoke effect and purple flame
  17. I have gotten nothing but avatars for daily drops since the release of the update, but today changed that. It's themed for the current month's character too!
  18. here's a mod for him https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1648283164&searchtext=
  19. i always thought that represented the tail of the Pugalisk, sicne it led to the Pugalisk island and looks like its scales
  20. it'd be neat if it was a helmet he could craft in the Green Thumb tab, similar to his bramble armor then people could have both, and just craft the helm for the horned look