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  1. Did you alt tab out and tab back in? Sometimes the alt key can still be registered as pressed (Even though it's not) when you come back into the game, which even happens in the base game.
  2. Hmm, interesting, wonder what the difference is.
  3. Hound attack waves and cave worm attack waves kinda do this, scaling up in numbers the longer you've survived, so I'd imagine they could add another thing or two that also scales in days. I wouldn't really know what they could add though.
  4. I just put them in the chest and if I need them, i'll use them, if not, free rot. Also I don't use the seed pack for one reason, I need a broken shell... Which means I have to go find pearl via sailing, and I'm just too busy farming to do that.
  5. No, Wendy does need this, wigfrid doesn't need this. Thinking about this just makes my head hurt, that's how wrong the reasoning is here...
  6. Holy moly, rotten fish is coffee to wormwood? Did not know compost wrap and glommer goop also work like that too, quite an amazing update.
  7. Correct, you can even tend to them every growth cycle to guarantee one seed, quite useful when starting out with just random seeds.
  8. No, they have to be in a farm plot to be able to accept water and fertilzer.
  9. Yeah can't get player preference working for me, maybe the website is experiencing heavy traffic?
  10. I don't think any time soon, since the collection is still on going.
  11. For anyone that cares, I made a little google sheet using that farm diagram, PLUS some extra tid bits attached to it, like general rules and a blank tempelate. Also it doubles up as a puzzle, wonder if 100% happiness is possible with a 4x4 farm tiling...
  12. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees, no more awkward "Holding a fishing rod? NO CHEST FOR YOU" shenanigans!
  13. Good, I felt like I was cheating constantly with this bug!