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  1. Best Webber Skin? [POLL]

  2. [Game Update] - 377062

    Good, I felt like I was cheating constantly with this bug!
  3. [Game Update] - 359861

    The sleeper thread, ssssshhhh!
  4. Yay, /sleepy is king again. Also controllers
  5. Cannot eat in multiplayer mode

    Getting this bug too, but its effecting equiping too. 3 Things to note: I am using a controller, pressing Right d-pad (Default settings) I can plant seeds using the same button (It defaults to right d-pad for planting) but I can't eat the seeds either (It moves to left D-pad) I was playing as wormwood on a public server when I encountered this bug
  6. Oddly enough, they are neutral towards webber, they may be albe to be tamed too? Also sanity is backwards on the island, I suggest carrying a dark sword to fix that, and when you want to leave the island, hang out by a fissure.
  7. [Game Update] - 334676

    Okay, klei, my eyes need bleaching after seeing the horror hound and moonrock pengulls... Like, JESUS CHRIST
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Crosspost from wendy main thread
  9. Oh yeah! Released before the stream, take that waiters!
  10. Actually thats what not the sentence in bracket means... The brackets actually an incentive to have a big crafting session is one go, since crafting something sets the non-penalty timer back to 1 minute. Meaning you can actually only get penalised once if you chain craft every minute, but thats silly.
  11. Wowie, that was fast, wonder if they were working on it before feedback about the skins lacking staff versions...
  12. Rainbow... Sheep... Lollipop!
  13. Well, that was fast!
  14. It's named supernatural becuase of the refrences the skin has, all being ghostly and 'Supernatural' There really isn't a better name for a girl who has a ghost twin.