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  1. How can WereGoose be improved

    Just keep food on ya, simple enough, downside averted!
  2. I voted maxwell, then remembered wendy is in need of a rework... whoops.How do I retract my vote?
  3. The sleeper thread, ssssshhhh!
  5. Aren't half of these points already a thing? Lunar island point here Zombie hounds on the lunar islands. (I don't know how slimes would fit into dst...) Tougher sanity? You mean them white gesalt things? Isn't this the lunar islands again? Although it would be nice to have some of the mobs eventually migrate to the main land... Yeah, I'd like new weather effects too, frog rain is the only wacky one and its quite awful. You can put hats on them... It would be nice if we could give spears though. The Ai is fine, though a speed buff would make them feel a lot harder... Winterfest deerclops? Misery Toadstool??
  6. I have mix feeling towards these ideas, so I'm going to bullet point each one: Giving pepper seasoning movespeed is more busted then the flat dmg mult it currently gives, the seasoning is fine as it is. Leafy meat really does need a recipe for it, atm its just useless. Wild garlic would be nice, but wild pepper is a fat no, maybe wild onions? those are a thing! Dunno bout this one, for one thing, crops aren't meant to grow in winter, on the other, scaled furnace don't do much... Overall, warly's gameplay is fine, even though its on the harder end of the scale.
  7. Yeeeeees, controller support for boats
  8. The fact that no one suggest, in structure form, a cabinet is actually quite appalling. Seriously! WE HAVE A WARDROBE, BUT NO CABINET?
  9. You guys are all glazing over the fact that bearger can hibernate, how about have him spawn in hibernating? Also give him his on set piece and make him spawn back in after a certain amount of days when defeated /s
  10. Doesn't this seem incredibley easy with some characters, like maxwell and wormwood? Actually, isn't it just easy? Also nice list, perhaps a 30 point achievement for defeating ancient fuelweaver?
  11. Just watched the short... I am big sad now ;_;
  12. Wormwood Buff Idea

    Wormwood is fine. Besides, the only change I would make is to compost wrap, which is the only thing that irks be about wormwood anyway.
  13. Too unskilled and lazy to make him into warly...