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  1. Latest update made the magnets follow the beacons TOO well... Carousels are broken now. EDIT: From latest hotfix post, blessed devs love em too!
  2. Holy moly, you could easily chauffeur people around with this!
  3. Tried making a Huge Donut carousel but damn, it's hard even with cheating. (Slowed simulation speed to 1/5th) Lost ONE connection, being the first and last, to even think of trying you'll probably need a full lobby of wortoxes to make a carousel this huge... And quite a few ruins regenerations to gather the required wires. Also, why in the world do beacons default to ON when built?! Bonus Edit: Aftermath of failed attempt, a lot of boats survived the failled attempt and very few are leaking, only 4-5 boats wrecked and another 5-6 with leaks, and ONLY 1 glitched on top another. (Both broke)
  4. This is such an awesome idea, it solves the "wHeRe QuAy" complaints and makes it interesting rather then just 'Here map, now you know' like pearl's bottles.
  5. These effects are kinda telling what's wagstaff true nature is, since the portal is 'unnatural' and looks forced, I imagine the fateful spider in Webber's backstory was also ripped out of the constant forcefully which caused that nasty effect to poor Webber. Wagstaff doesn't care about the human in his equations, which is also evident in WX flashbacks, they knew flesh to robot minds were causing mental issue, and they still went through with WX's experiment, which wagstaff then just threw them into the constant. Everything Wagstaff has done hasn't been good, nor is he.
  6. Ah, good point, what I mean by step one is that you can't do this near land else the boats will crash, and you need to place the boats in a circle, not a line, else the beacon magnet have a good chance of unpairing due to too far of a distance. I'll make a quick edit to the post. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Sorry for late reply, it still works offscreen. When unloading and reloading the world, they will have zero momentum, but start rebuilding it again thanks to the magnets. So you'll have to give some room in the middle area, if you plan on putting some tall trees or other stuff there.
  8. Bonus vid: Main to Lunar carousel. Don't Starve Together 2022.06.18 -
  9. I love magnet carousels! What you'll need to build: Atleast 3 boats, the more the merrier! A magnet and magnet beacon for each boat 1 Sail, oars are too weak for the first momentum Once you have all those: Place a boat and sail some distance away from land, then place the rest of the boats in a circle Place the magnets in the centre of each boat Pair each magnet beacon to a magnet Place a beacon on the next ship clockwise/counter clockwise, don't mix these up else it will fail Place a sail on one of the boats and let it go! Once far out with enough speed, drop the sail! ??? CAROUSEL!! Don't Starve Together 2022.06.18 -
  10. I agree. This shouldn't be too big of a problem since there aren't many on the island intially anyway.
  11. I would honestly like a new spring boss that's all about electric, no boss really does anything electricy.
  12. I would like to join on the lovely mermnanigans, also skill issue if you aren't fishing 24/7