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  1. But... he does show up animated shorts. Also, wurt finally appeared in one that isn't her own trailer, very shocked to see!
  2. Huh, never knew it could alter values for stats and things, and I never notice it did. Neat.
  3. Heh, crash when you quit, that's a funny bug Edit: Also yay, hosting into crash fixed, been getting that!
  4. So, the Aporkalypse then? Cool, though having them classified as two seperate seasons is a bit overkill, I don't see why it can't be just one seasons with a speciel wheather build up, like how winter doesn't start out with snow till a few days in, and summer not having wildfires till a few days in too, you could have the rotting effect build up over the season so you can ease the players into the harsher season, rather then an instant x2/3 hunger rate right off the bat. It will also allow for a proper transistion, cos I don't understand how failing to kill this moon boss causes the complete opposite to happen.
  5. Yeah, want to redeem my points for spools too, got nothing to spend the klei points on :<
  6. It's really sad how bad durians are, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they had at least one exclusive, recipe tied to them, and also pomegranate. Atleast I'm a wurt main and can eat durian perfectly fine for 50 hunger, but even a wortox wouldn't bother eating pomegranates.
  7. The 3 colours are essentially 3 different plants, What I mean by the 3 colours have to be in a tile is so they can meet the auto fertilizer set up, removing the need to fertilize the plants. And... well the range tiles are actually outdated, the 'pink' tile is meant to be faded (Just in/outside of range), as the range when I made this guide was a little shakey where one plant would go giant, but another didn't, even though they were both in 'range'. This bug has been fixed as well as the range being increased since then, so the set up is a bit dated now, since you can just do the strip pattern with 100% giant growth, I think...
  8. Hmm, interesting, wonder what the difference is.
  9. For anyone that cares, I made a little google sheet using that farm diagram, PLUS some extra tid bits attached to it, like general rules and a blank tempelate. Also it doubles up as a puzzle, wonder if 100% happiness is possible with a 4x4 farm tiling...
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees, no more awkward "Holding a fishing rod? NO CHEST FOR YOU" shenanigans!