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  1. Introducing a sparking new character is cool and all, but I have one critical question that addresses a very much overlooked problem. What do until then?
  2. Concerning Wes's viability in a multiplayer context, I do wonder just how obligated we to play as a team. For instance, should playing independently in a public server be frowned upon because you deny the team your perks?
  3. I do beg your pardon, but I am mystified when people find fault in playing as harmlessly underpowered characters (like in the case of using the FN F2000 in MW2) just because they're below the viability curve or considered non-meta.
  4. There was no way the random number god was going to bless me with an elegant, I said. I was cursed with obtaining only pleated shirts from the daily gift, I said. To be fair, I actually haven't touched Wes outside of the Forge for over a year. Didn't really find his gameplay engaging or the memes redeeming. Would feel rotten to the core to unravel this into spools, however.
  5. [Game Update] - 315751

    I like the direction they are going with Winona. The hunger penalty is still a factor, but there is a huge incentive to craft as much as humanly possible in a single minute of speedy crafting.
  6. If the meta characters can't be touched because any hint of a downside would tamper with their playstyles, why not consider a third option, and give them fun downsides? What should sound like an oxymoron shouldn't be, if we, with careful judgement, give them just enough challenge to prevent players from becoming complacent, yet not so much as to cripple them with upsides that hardly matter. If still no, then, I don't think I have anything more to say at all.
  7. I have no evidence to back this up, but for me, it seems that hitting them from a slight distance is more likely to keep them in a stunlock rather than up close. Edit: Got ninja'd! Great minds think alike, it seems.
  8. If that's so, perhaps it would be worth the mentioning to completely scrub them of any downsides at all. No, really. Sincerely. For an example, Wicker's insomnia, while normally not a factor in play, is mechanically broken in Winter's Feast. That, and it's weird for her to craft sleep rolls on the spot if she can't be using them.
  9. While we're on the subject of Wilson, I suppose it wouldn't be too outlandish if, suppose, he would be able to craft a random (normal) blueprint with beard hair and papyrus. Don't think about it too hard.
  10. All Released Skins (as of now)

    If this isn't one of those Funko Pop skins, what other soon-to-be merchandise could this be from?
  11. Naturally, I'm all in for a total reconstruction of Willow's playstyle, but honestly, a grab bag of a dozen fire-relevant perks of questionable worth is not going to save the character. Having to light something on fire every five minutes is annoying unless you really like them healing salves, for instance.
  12. Which Skins are the Best?

    If I had to choose, I would lean strongly in favor of the entire Victorian collection. The associated character skins are crisp and rife with historical connections, if not a little drab. The blissfully delicate Tureen finish for the crock pot also bears a worthy mention, and there's just something about it that makes me want to sit and admire it all day if only I didn't have better things to do. Oh, Willow skins are nice, too. Big sucker for them. I would absolutely squee in utter delight and empty my wallet on the spot without a second thought if Klei were to release her respective character chest featuring skins for her lighter and bear.
  13. Do you consider DST as DS2?

    Functionally and in practical terms, I consider it to be a standalone DLC.
  14. Do We Get Verdant Chests this year?

    Clearly says here that we should be getting chest drops. Most curious.
  15. Do We Get Verdant Chests this year?

    This has to be an oversight. Doesn't seem right for there to be a total drought of event-themed chests first week after the update.