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  1. I'm willing to advocate for a change to the sanity mechanic just as much as the next guy, but I don't think it should be so needlessly complicated to the point where it clashes with the simplicity of the neighboring health and hunger gauges. Though, I think a reasonable proposal would be as you enter the insanity threshold, and stay insane for long enough, the nightmare creatures would increasingly grow more aggressive (i.e. not prone to predictable bouts of taunting), and swarm you with steadily growing numbers. Perhaps directly fighting the creatures would in addition also drive up the "heat" quicker, as to make nightmare fuel farming a bit riskier in nature and therefore making sanity management something to be respected and not taken for granted.
  2. Honestly, I think that the very idea of passive buffs tied to critters would just encourage players to only adopt the ones with the easily-obtainable ingredients. Not that this isn't already a thing with the game, given that some of the critters really are that troublesome to adopt, but the appeal in owning a critter just for its sake would naturally die away very quickly.
  3. Winters feast extended till the 24th!!

    Yes. Yes. YES!!! ...I however kinda regret unraveling all those Snowfallen skins from on this point, though. Chances are, the random number god will bestow me with Webber's Snowfallen elegant head the day after I turned his clothes into spools...
  4. Winters feast extended till the 24th!!

    It's wishful thinking, but given that Thursday tomorrow is the day when the drops reset, could we be getting even more chest drops, a week at least, when the final event end date will be announced? That is, of course, if it doesn't end tomorrow...
  5. Winters feast extended till the 24th!!

    So Klei takes this one winter break and leaves the game's event running, and already we're jumping to wild conclusions out of thin air. Can't we just give them the well-deserved benefit of the doubt, and get back on topic before things will turn ugly?
  6. Winters feast extended till the 24th!!

    I just unraveled a whole truckload of unwanted curios for enough spools to get an elegant item of my choice, so I'm more than happy to see the event go on if it means that I'll have more time to decide what to get in the end. That, and of course, more time to sleep under the feast trees, and more opportunities to spice up my storage containers with snazzy gingerbread chests. Wish that specific item skin dropped, all the willing to part with my hard-earned moolah for it!
  7. About the upcoming update

    Given the hypothetical status of our suggestions, I suppose it wouldn't hurt if we reason to Klei that if when they are ready to tackle this seemingly unstoppable issue of character balance, they would test the waters in the safety of the same beta branch used to test the Forge and Gorge. At least if then, we'd have concrete evidence of what works and what doesn't, without ever tampering with the main game. Hopefully they would have it all figured out in time for supper, provided that we sincerely are that willing to break out of our comfort zones in trying new things.
  8. Items less used in the game

    Considering durians count as monster food and they're not specially required for any dish, I think it would be a great opportunity to require them for this recipe in specific, with regards to how ridiculously easy it is to obtain mass quantities of monster meat via spider hunting.
  9. With this idea in mind, the underappreciated Belt of Hunger would have the same maximum-stat boost functionality as the high-end thulecite armors from the Forge, only accounting for hunger instead of health. I argue that although backpacks would still remain the prime choice for the chest slot, it would have the novel benefit of, for instance, allowing Wigfrid to fully take advantage of a meaty stew, allowing Wes to more easily compete with other characters in the stomach department, Give Wolfgang an even larger "Mighty" buffer, and just a general stat buff for everybody else. Of course, the passive hunger drain reduction would still come into full play. A necessary secondary power, if I were to say. While coming to think of it, I think the Hibearnation Vest should also have a milder version with 10 points of hunger. So, whadda you folks think? Interesting premise? Potential for balancing issues, or have a bone to pick with my arbitrary numbers? I'd like to hear it.
  10. Items less used in the game

    Admittedly I've never considered the Bat Bat's synergy with Wigfrid in that way. Very informative, very noteworthy observation! Will definitely keep in mind when I play as the Stage Actress for the long term next time.
  11. Memories thread

    For the first time meeting Chester, I wasn't yet entirely acquainted with the controls. I remember killing him in utter ignorance because I wanted to take out the items I put in him mere seconds ago. Naturally, I got better and we never talked of this ever again.
  12. Items less used in the game

    I would say the bat bat. Troublesome to craft, as its primary ingredient calls for a truly insane five bat wings from a mob who hardly seems to drop them, with a whole purple gem to boot, and its low durability and somewhat lax damage output relegate it to more of a "support" weapon, rather than one that dishes out damage more reliably like the ham bat or even the basic spear. Still plenty fun to use when its niche can be taken advantage of, and the skin I have for it is slick, but I certainly wish it was easier to replace!
  13. The subject in general is touchy and all, but I'll just leave it to you all that success is the best revenge.
  14. Screenshot showcase

    My minions doing all the dirty work for me while I remain at a safe distance, with quick access to my log suit in case one of the bishops opens fire on me during the chaos. Unfortunately, the bunnymen soon grew bored with chowing on clockworks all day, and then they noticed all the juicy bacon I had in my backpack... That, and I had neglected to wisely craft a life-giving amulet before I was so brutally murdered on a dead end corner by my own vegan turncoats. Didn't quite feel like hiking all the way back on the surface world to use a touchstone, so I shamelessly roll-backed a day and did it again. Felt kinda dirty doing it, but it also felt good having the bunnymen do all the dirty work all over again. I have no soul.
  15. Err, something doesn't read right here. In the title, you suggest a complaint regarding a troublesome balancing issue, yet the post sidetracks the idea right from the start with a minor gripe about a specific item skin's rarity value instead, and so far I fail to see any connection regarding the two subjects. With that aside, and also disregarding the weird stuff I skimmed at the end, looks like you've just had a bad run with lackluster ping, or something. Definitely not normal, might want to check your mods out.