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  1. Winona Needs More Items to Make her Viable

    Once you build all the character-tied structures you will ever need, Winona would, in practical terms, revert back into being the very lackluster character she was before her overhaul.
  2. I like. Shame her lighter didn't seem to have gotten the revamp it deserved, but I like.
  3. I think you're right on the money! Imagine how way cool it is going to look when you freeze it solid cold for the summer.
  4. At long last!!!! Quite befitting for the new theme, given the soon-to-arrive Willow update tomorrow.
  5. Why, he's the protagonist, of course. And an avid punster to boot.
  6. In defense of Bernie

    Concept art? You mean that is genuine Klei artwork? Do pardon me for being out of the loop, but life just happens and I haven't the time to freely lounge on the internet like a cat as I had before.
  7. Perhaps it would be a worthy compromise just to give her the fire immunity for a day and see if it would be worth keeping.
  8. After giving this some considerable thought, I am not sure what was behind the reasoning for giving the stuffed bear extra functionality while neglecting the very much misunderstood lighter. The former was (and I argue still is) mechanically fine, while the latter really does need something to help set it apart from its light-casting peers. Perhaps the decision to delay the update was a prudent one indeed for reasons then-unrealized. Plenty of time to think this through and decide just what we want from our little pyromaniac friend, if anything at all.
  9. Make her lighter act like a lantern while on the ground and it's a deal!
  10. Canon takes a backseat to artist interpretation.
  11. I hope to see not so much emphasis on bosses alone.
  12. potential small tab improvements

    Perhaps as a quality-of-life option, there could be a feature where the items you craft most recently/frequently would appear at the top (or leftmost if you use a controller like me).
  13. On Ranged Weapons

    Boomerangs tend to be the most affordable ranged weapon I can ever muster early-game, but even so, it's only ever for birds and if I'm willing to lose a good chunk of my health in public servers due to bad ping. I certainly wish all forms of blow darts were to be more viable somehow! They just seem far too inconvenient to mass-produce considering how little damage overall they deal, even compared to even the humble spear. (20 blowdarts = 2,000 damage, 1 spear = 5,100)
  14. Maxwell Rework

    I think Maxy's minions should gradually consume nightmare fuel or something over time, so they're not that hyper-efficent at chopping trees and the like.
  15. In comparison, PvP just feels like an afterthought. The same could be said to critters, but it is clear they weren't ever meant to be useful outside of the rare occasion you feed them glow berries.