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  1. Looking at this new character head, I initially thought it was a merm too, but I'm now leaning towards it being a dragon-like character. The horns really stick out to me, and I think the "fins" on the head are actually little wings. In the description Wurt is referred to as a "greenhorn", which is defined as "a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity." My guess is that he is a young, inexperienced, dragon-like creature that shouldn't be underestimated. ...or he's a merm, which would be far less interesting in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing him either way.
  2. it's nice to sea such great improvements to the edge! Water we going to see on the way to the beta after the release this week? I can only imagine, but I'm sure it will make a splash.
  3. It's a thulecite club, to go with the whopping FOUR thulecite suit skins.
  4. Willow is so happy in this set and I love it. Finally, something to celebrate her favorite thing in the world!
  5. Everything seems functional when returning to the default branch
  6. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I realized something while using Wolfgang's snowfallen skin: The bottom half of his face is a different color similar to the stubble on his warrior skin, but this discolored area is only visible on his regular form side view. Its little but I can't help but notice it whenever I play Wolfgang. Also, Santa Claus Wolfgang! EDIT: This has now been fixed! Thank you!
  7. Just wanted to say happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    1. ProfessorAlpaca


      Thank you so much! And so far its been a great birthday, I was lucky enough to get the hambat skin from my forge chests. :D

  9. Ahh the chicken dance, the most historically known dance performed only by the mightiest of warriors. If the chicken dance were to be a skin-exclusive emote I'd want it to be part of a chicken suit set.
  10. I like how that portal looks very similar to the jury-rigged portal