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  1. Looking at this new character head, I initially thought it was a merm too, but I'm now leaning towards it being a dragon-like character. The horns really stick out to me, and I think the "fins" on the head are actually little wings. In the description Wurt is referred to as a "greenhorn", which is defined as "a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity." My guess is that he is a young, inexperienced, dragon-like creature that shouldn't be underestimated. ...or he's a merm, which would be far less interesting in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing him either way.
  2. Wortox costume suggestion

    Personally I want Wortox to dress up as a Moosegoose & for Wormwood to dress up like Queen bee.
  3. I really enjoy using the piggyback until I finally get my krampus sack to drop, but its a shame there is no skin for it. I'd love a piggyback skin that's themed after a werepig.
  4. DLC Characters

    I think it'd be very exciting to see someone completely new as the next DLC. Someone away from the unimplemented characters list. As much as I wanted Waverly for so long, the role I wanted her to serve was pretty much exactly what Warly became so I'm satisfied there. I will say I hope its a human character this time, as much as I love Imp-man and Plant-Boi.
  5. [Game Update] - 359445

    it's nice to sea such great improvements to the edge! Water we going to see on the way to the beta after the release this week? I can only imagine, but I'm sure it will make a splash.
  6. These would definitely make Woodie more appealing to play, especially the right-click tail ability. (Really I think more characters should utilize some kind of ability similar to the Forge) A small addition that I think would be neat is to expand on the fact that Woodie seems very knowledgeable when it comes to woodwork. As a little decorative bonus Woodie could craft his own tables, chairs and even wooden sculptures, either in the structures tab or a new sawmill station.
  7. Chef Pouch and Insulated Pack

    I see the Krampus sack as a luxury item you get as a long term goal, while the insulated pack should still be a very powerful item that you get as a reward for both surviving a year and defeating the Bearger. That being said I'd say 8 or 10 slots, chilling ice and thermal stones, and not being flammable would make it go from a completely disregarded and forgotten item to one that is highly sought after. Its a boss item for crying out loud, every other seasonal giant has an item associated with it that virtually everyone uses in regular play.
  8. Bring me Chef Pouch in Warly DST

    I am 100% ok with not having the chefs pouch, but please make the insulated pack worth using. It'd be nice to look forward to fighting Bearger instead of his entire existence being to cut down our forests.
  9. On Examination Quotes

    Wortox has steadily become my favorite character, partly by his perks, but a big part is his quotes and personality. I'm a sucker for bad puns, so his nature of saying things in rhymes is very amusing to me. Gunpowder- "I'll spell your doom with a mighty BOOM!" After his initial announcement I had hopes that Wortox's voice would be a fiddle in reference to The Devil Went Down to Georgia. This turned out to be the case and gets even better with one of his quotes: Luxury Axe- "Now where's my golden fiddle?" "Hyuyu!"
  10. All Released Skins (as of now)

    It's a thulecite club, to go with the whopping FOUR thulecite suit skins.
  11. All Released Skins (as of now)

    Willow is so happy in this set and I love it. Finally, something to celebrate her favorite thing in the world!
  12. Mac can't connect to servers

    Everything seems functional when returning to the default branch
  13. I have this same issue
  14. The real struggle comes when it is out and waiting again for Mac support.