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  1. Fair points. I'm still relatively new to the games' backstories and only have a patchwork understanding of how everything ties together.
  2. I'd love for the inventor to be Wagstaff but his backstory seems to have deeper ties to DST. AFAIK DST revolves around the "official" canon, which he's a major part of, while the DLC (and characters) for DS just seem to... kind of... exist in their own satellite universe(s). Unless he's being added to both games I doubt it's him. I'm really curious to see who the new explorer character is. An Amelia Earhart homage would be awesome. [choir-of-angels.jpg]
  3. When Wilba consumes monster meat she says the same quote she gives when eating harmful foods (like rotten eggs), even though monster meat is beneficial to her and doesn't negatively affect her character.
  4. I was mucking around with console commands and while exploring the full map I realized there was a tiny fifth "island" off in the corner. It looked like it was covered with cave assets, so, I spawned myself over with c_gonext("stalagmite") But when I arrived, there was nothing but pitch blackness (not night, since I could still see Maxwell) and a few pieces of rot. I exited and relaunched the world in the hopes that the island would respawn, but instead it disappeared entirely. Furthermore, the pitch black backdrop remained (though I was able to see sea asset animations) until I got within a short radius of the closest island, at which point the orange sea backdrop reappeared. Not sure if the island spawned as a result of my godmode-ing around or if this's a legitimate glitch. log.txt
  5. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but I was glancing through the wall art sprite sheet and... is this supposed to be anyone in particular? I don't think it's a pig based on ear placement. Kind of looks like a baby!Wolfgang.
  6. It happened again, but this time it knocked my character out of the maze entirely. After entering a door in-game, I came to a completely empty room (no doors, no nothing) and my character was nowhere on screen. There was no way to exit the room. Closing the game and reopening the world took me back to my most recent save point. log.txt
  7. It was my first time running across a wishing well, so I decided to test some items to see what they'd do. The well took both forms of oincs as expected but I noticed I was also prompted to "give" other, mundane items when I held them over the well (honeycomb, dry grass, pig skin) Not all items give this option: things like tools and weapons don't seem to trigger that prompt. But while the well will consume the oincs, it won't actually take the non-monetary stuff. It just remains in your cursor/hand. I'm not sure if the well is supposed to take "junk" items (and react accordingly) or if the wrong items are showing the give option, but either way something is off.
  8. Full disclosure: I'm using Kuloslav's Map Revealer mod. I noticed the last couple of times I've gone into a temple that when I hit TAB to view the map the key item icons don't sit on the correct locations. Case in point: The icons seem to be two "rooms" too high (and a touch further left than they should be). In-game I have access to everything in its proper place (the entrance is at the top of the upper right room, the wishing well is in the middle of the room south of that, etc.), it's just not aligning correctly on the overview map. I don't think it's an issue with the mod because I've been using it reliably for the past couple days in Hamlet, and the overview map of the "surface world" is correct. I also don't see this issue while exploring the cricket/ant/whatever nests. log.txt
  9. A Masked Pig spawned while I was wandering through town, so I tried to lead him to a Pig Guard to aggro them into chasing the MP away. When his appearance wasn't enough to warrant a reaction, I let MP swipe at my character while still in front of the PG. MP knocked all of my money out of my inventory, into the street, and started collecting it. As I raced against MP to gather coins the PG continued to act neutral. It wasn't until MP finished grabbing oincs and ran off that the PG became alert and gave chase. It doesn't make sense for a Pig Guard to ignore grand theft occurring right in front of him when my character gets run through town for picking the wrong flower. Edit: Realized I have a second screenshot that shows OTHER pigs reacting to the MP, as though a chase had been triggered: log.txt
  10. While playing a Hamlet-linked RoG world I had three mandrakes in my inventory. When I tried to consume one at low health (via right-clicking the mandrake slot), I was given the default "I can't do that" message by Wilson. When I left-clicked the mandrakes in an attempt to move them over to Wilson, the mandrakes vanished from my inventory without transferring to my "cursor", effectively disappearing into thin air. Wilson's health failed to change, indicating he never consumed them.
  11. Sorry, you're right! I personally consider them walls (of sorts), hence the mislabeling. I'll go back and fix that.
  12. I have a room of water enclosed with various permeable titles and ore/soil tiles in one of my games, with no access points for Dupes. When I opened the most recent save file I found two of my Dupes standing in the water. Further investigation revealed the Dupes had jumped through the "wall" upon world launch to reach a structure I had marked for deconstruction before my last save. Bug Catcher.sav