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Are you tired of some DST sounds ?

Are you tired of some DST sounds ?  

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  1. 1. How would you note DST HUD sounds ?

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  2. 2. Would you want a dedicated audio pannel with more options ?

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Odd question but I'm personally on the brink of insanity (slightly exaggerated), considered to make this topic a few times in the past and I wanted to know if I'm the only one who now find the menu and HUD sounds completely disgusting.

In case you can't "picture" how it sounds like again, here's a little audio footage of me making a new world with only a few world configs changed and mods enabled :

In all objectivity, after thousands of hours playing DST, getting to hear these sounds for every possible clickable space hovered and clicked in nearly any screens of the game really doesn't sounds okay anymore. I really wish for an update that would refine those sounds for something new, less invasive and spammy.

While I'm on it, yes I'm aware of the Sound FX Volume option to mute them, however it works for WAY TOO MANY sounds, from players actions, movements, including other creatures and dozens of others that are more or less related to this option imo that should own their own sound options. It should be about time some audio panel get added, it has been suggested plenty times in the past by myself and other players but today I just wished to make a little update on the topic because I'm getting tired of those sounds in general as well and wanted to have a look at the community feedback on it. But given how many mods there are out there to mute a specific sound (from poop flies, to critters, WX bzz bzz and others) I can already kinda imagine.


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Clicking sounds don't bother me, but the "ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding" when you pick up a lot of items (like logs after walking a Bearger through a forest or manure after feeding a werepig several stacks of food) can drive me a bit insane.

Yeah, more audio settings would be nice. Like, the insanity noises being separate from world ambience for example.

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The audio that bugs me is the pickup noise, that is so harsh that I would use an expletive to describe it if this weren't the Klei forums. If I'm playing with a minor headache that audio will amp that headache up immediately. I've somewhat forgotten what it sounds like because I've had a mod to replace it with the Minecraft pickup sound for so long.

Other than that, though, audio is good for the most part. The "Ding!" when you approach a prototyping station is also pretty harsh, but it's a lot more rare. WX's Overcharge and the flies on manure are a bit too repetitive if I'm getting into things I don't like about the audio, but it really is just mostly the pickup sound. I know there's mods to get rid of the ding, overcharge, and flies, but I don't think I have them installed. 


45 minutes ago, SonicDen220 said:

Like, the insanity noises being separate from world ambience for example.

I have had a mod to disable insanity noises for so long I completely forgot they even existed until I read this comment. So that and the pickup noise are my two big ones.

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I dont mind the hud or pick up noises but i can see why some would. 

The poop fly noises are definitely waaaaay too loud though, like disproportionately. Its like it plays on its own channel above all other sounds in the game its crazy. 

I also use a mod to lessen the insanity sounds too, gets to be way too much after a while. And a mod to make critters hungry less often but i dont disable it entirely, i really like the cute gobble gobble noise the giblet makes lol 

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For me more bothering is music, especially in caves, or random farming music after planting one single random seed, or just digging one single weed... Also why only autumn music is reworked?
But yeah, music can be tirned off and barely affect gameplay, but turning off sounds fx removes many warning in game.

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I like the sounds of walking on wood and marble turf, when I make a base with carpets and wood and marble flooring I wanna hear that click-clack on the ground. It's a very satisfied and ''civilized'' feeling to me.


Then winter hits, and every footstep is wading through snow which completely ruins it. But whatever it's only one season right? Then spring hits and rain sploshes everywhere, and then every footstep sound is that annoying squelch sound. 


To my knowledge there's no mod that removes rain and snow footstep sounds, and I hate hearing them over my natural turfs sounds for 50% of the year.

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I love HUD noises actually. I even find the picking, harvesting, watering and healing noises relaxing.

As some have already noted, i find the insane state sound too loud, to the point where i can’t focus on anything else.

Also, HATE the current state of manure’s flies. Too loud, too annoying and since the beefalo riding update this has been even worse since theres poop everywhere

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Pick-up noises. Manure flies. Jolly-happy farming music while I dig up my dead plants. Fight music, whenever you get hit by a Gestalt that doesn't even do damage, let alone start a fight.

And I actually always think, the ingame music is way louder than the menu music, just me?

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HUD sounds are very satisfying.

The real problem imo is Farming Music, Manure Flies, Critter (EVERY critter, no exceptions), Insanity, and bird traps.

Farming Music shouldn't have as much priority to play as it has now (I'd rather have it so when I was doing work before getting to farming and the work music hasn't stopped, have the work music continue like how Fight music is handled).

Fight music when getting hit by a Gestalt is also annoying.

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Hud sounds are somewhat nostalgic for me. I wouldn't want them to be changed forcefully.

I play DST without music (unless i feel nostalgic for it), so that i can listen to my own music.

I don't mind insanity sounds.
I don't mind critters crying for food (because I feed them and you all should too).

I hate the sound of flies on manure and trapped birds.

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1 hour ago, Falkenpelz said:

I agree with most of the stuff here, however, I think the insanity ambience is supposed to make you uncomfortable and shut out everything else - you're insane, after all.

playing hours with low sanity is like having a bad trip of mushrooms, totally inmersive dst experience

a game with sanity bar that doesnt affect your irl sanity isnt a true lovecraft inspired game

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If I could change one thing on this topic...
It would be specifically making the  [[ HOVER OVER BUTTON DETECTED ]]  sound not play if DST isn't the window in focus.
I don't need the game notifying me that I'm technically over an option...that's behind the window I'm actually using.
And I don't need it ticking the noise every second because it lost track of the cursor position at the edge of the server list.


i feel this pain



...while we're here, I'd also appreciate if the game would pick up when headphones are connected/selected as the primary output on Windows 10. Other games do detect it.
I realize that the solution is to just have them plugged in the whole time, but I'm a spaz that occasionally knocks the cord loose and...uh...I realistically don't see that changing.

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