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  1. Comparing it to erasing entire world is not fair. I said that i don't agree with gradually making it less punishing, not "i want to make it as punishing as possible". See the difference? Fighting Fuel Weaver is definitely harder. You need more tools, need to know his mechanics and adapt. Fighting twins is very hard, they deal insane amount of damage and are difficult to dodge, but the mechanics are much simple all you really need is walking cane, decent weapon and armor in case you get hit (of course, pan flute helps tremendously). The rewards are not only shield, but also gears and gems. I agree, the drop from twins could be more useful taking into account their difficulty, but i choose to view it more as a trophy. And while it is not as useful as an eyebrella, the use case is pretty unique and actually good. The shield basically doesn't have a competition in what it offers. Also, easy to dissapear is subjective, I'm not using the shield usually, but I can wear the mask almost indefinitely.
  2. I disagree with the lean towards gradually making the game less punishing. If you didn't protect it enough, you don't deserve the item. Next time learn from your mistake and take better care of it.
  3. I love the word play. Like how the Dragonfly is an actual cross breed between a dragon and a fly. Or a pet chest is named Chester. Or that butterflies sometimes drop butter. Or that you need a mole to make Guacamole. I love how it makes the Constant original and I love how well realised the design of everything in it is.
  4. In high school from friends. There were no DLCs yet afair (maybe RoG, but definitely not SW).
  5. Just search for dont starve together and look for !DROPS in the title.
  6. I haven't been playing for a while, did they add this recently or is it a mod?
  7. Quality over quantity. If they keep the frequency and quality as is, i'm happy.
  8. Don't forget the T in DST. It's a supposed to be played mainly as a multiplayer game and someone else can teach you how to fish. You don't magically figure out how to fish in real world either. I've played recently on pub where a Wurt player tought that to some Wilson. It was quite wholesome following their chat. But you're right, the ocean fishing mechanics are very complex. Based on the Wilson's chat, he felt very overwhelmed with all those mechanics. I don't think he liked it very much, iirc he was losing his spoons quite often and I think he was complaining about the actual catching process. That said, I definitely wouldn't mind a book tutorial of what lure you should use for each fish or something like that being sold by Pearl. Maybe keeping your record catches in such a book.
  9. I like thermal stone durability, but I agree with all your other points. Ocean wormholes is great suggestion. Isn't really QoL though.
  10. 3 moose/geese on the same picture, along with their eggs. During halloween I just had to take the oppurtunity to breed saladmanders. Unfortunately noone joined the server, so the base isn't developed very much. But i managed to make pretty diverse animal enclosure. I have koalephant, grass gator, saladmanders, rabbits, carrats and wobsters. For cuteness overload, see the nighttime picture.
  11. I'm pretty sure you can drop items in the dark, whether by SHIFT + RMB, or by LMB on the ground. Otherwise it makes sense, you can't pick up items that you can't see.
  12. Have you tested it? I've only read wiki and it says it's ~1.2 multiplier for wendy Obviously I'm not sure how correct the wiki is.
  13. Don't know how known this is but: 1) You can haunt the dwarf star to put it out. 2) If mosquito explodes near you, it will kill the rabbits in your backpack. Wierdly it doesn't kill bees in your inventory, so I don't know how precisely this works.
  14. I wouldn't consider 2nd decidious as different biome. And I didn't actually know that killer bee biome can be missing lol. What is spider quarry? a lot of spider dens on the rocky biome?