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  1. i forgot to quote Well-met in my original response and i wanted him to get a notification. I also thought it would merge with my original response, and thereby be understood as a forgotten quote.
  2. A world seed is a string of random characters based on which the generator generates the world. I've neve used it in DST, but i remember seeing a post about it. And after a bit of research, this mod [API] Gem Core(Now with World Seeds!) lets you insert this string before you generate a new world. I'm testing it if it works (might not work across versions or platforms). Nevertheless, it's possible to see what your world seed is with this command: print(TheWorld.meta.seed) and it shows here: ... So, I tested it and for some reason it didn't add the seed on my first try (dunno why), but it did work on my second try and i got the exact same worldgen. So it seems to work across versions (at least across versions that don't add new biomes).
  3. that sounds like a great world, would you be kind enough to post a seed?
  4. I'm sure i did. Not DST themed per say, but some DST mechanics got inside my dreams for sure. Maybe it was the 2.5D camera or maybe it was the DST level of grind for cooking or crafting stuff or maybe something else. I don't remember anything specific, but i'm aware of some mornings where i woke up and realised that part of my dream was influenced by DST.
  5. It doesn't offer more damage reduction, but the durability damage is distributed between the armor pieces.
  6. i amsplit between maybe and no. I would like iteriors on 1 condition: you wouldn'T be able to put items inside - only structures.
  7. I've played a long time under the misconception that armor defenses stack and I've told countless new players on twitch to wear log suit and football helmet, because it provides 96% damage reduction. I feel embarrassed.
  8. To summarize my opinion: Look, It is a good suggestion, to improve this thing. I just don't want to put too much pressure on the developers for making the ideal product. Making games is a competetive field, so if your UI/UX isn't good enough, it might be one of the deciding factors for people to write negative reviews or to not reccomend the game to their friends. And while giving developers feedback on what you don't like is great for them and us alike, they are not responsible for every single thing the user does. OP had all the tools and informations on his screen and had 2 minutes to make a choice. Users should not feel entitled for perfect product and creators should not be required to deliver it. That's the free market's job to decide what's worth it and what's not. And while i don't @ you @BezKa, i do feel like OP was behaving entitled in the title and a little bit in the following post as well. TL;DR: I agree with OP, I just don't like the tone he communicated it with. I did not feel any aggresiveness from your side. (might be because i imagined that i was debating with a pony, but i don't know).
  9. It makes sense for roguelike games. (At least singleplayer DS was roguelike. Not sure, if you can still put DST into that category.) I'm a programmer myself and have a little bit of background on UI/UX too. And I don't think this is bad design. It's... well... good enough IMO. Bad design would be, if the button was bright and was begging to be clicked; or the text on it would be confusing; or if there was no context as to what the button does. Still, from UI/UX perspective the confirmation popup would improve it tremendously. Not hyperfocused. Focused is enough. And not every waking hour, only when a decision is to be made. I was trying to be optimistic. Like: "Yes, your world got deleted... BUT you will now be more careful with reading popup actions. And when more important decision than deleting a DST world (like deleting some important photos or files) comes before you, you might not make the mistake again." Yeah, i guess you're right with this one. I am a bit too preachy. Sorry. I agree. Though i don't think that it requires a harsh response like "Move the F#### reset button". I understand there were emotions after it happened and that OP wanted attention, so he made the title that he made and it worked. But I would appreciate less offense. (To be fair, OP's responses were much more collected afterwards, so the title is the only thing i have a problem with.)
  10. Yes it's worth talking about. Yes it's OP's fault. Yes more people have problem with it. No, OP wasn't surprised, he was frustrated. No, it's not about luck. It's about reading buttons before you click them. So yes, the lesson is to read those buttons. Let it be a lesson for you OP. The lesson kinda ascends this game and can be applied IRL. I don't want to slope this argument too much, but... Do we want to live in a world where people just blindly click on stuff on their screens, or do we want to read and think about stuff, before making rushed decisions? Eh, not really. From what I've read on the internet, that's pretty much inherently a living being thing. Robot would think before doing stuff.
  11. +1 to that. I'm usually the kind of player who accepts a mechanic and tries to adapt to it. I would support this suggestion though. Yes, building 4 firepits next to the 4 touchstones is pretty cheap, but who does this on pubs? Veterans just pass, cause they don't need a touchstone and newbies don't have the resources for spare. So people reviving there have to either wait out the night, or it can deem a cave touchstone unusable, because you can't pick a torch or a lamp lying there next to it when it's completely dark.
  12. So you haven't read what's written on the button? I don't get it.
  13. Tam o' shanter. Rain hat is second for me. The post could've been a poll.
  14. You like the water resistance argument, rigth?