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  1. I guess you could interpret it that way. The Corruption is an evil biome in Terraria, it slowly takes over the planet and you can stop it's advances with the help of some tools. It gives cool items to help you, such as weapons, crafting items, and accessories, and it has a boss fight which drops the material for a pickaxe that allows you to mine Hellstone. So you have 2 options, you vanquish this world-dominating evil and stop it from ruining your world. Or you use it to your advantage by looting it's monsters and mining the modified ore it creates. From the information I got from the Otherworld trailers and stuff, I'd say it's more like an HD remake with some new mechanics and tweaks than a sequel.
  2. I absolutely love the fix for the skin color issues, and honestly, human hands Wormwood works surprisingly well. (The current color also works really good for Triumphant Wormwood). I'm already plenty satisfied but if you guys could do some more work on it, I'd be so happy if each head skin had it's skin color on non-Humans while wearing these hand skins/chest skins. Specially for the hand skins where Wormwood has leaf hands. P.S.: Daisy Bracelets is my new favorite hand skin.
  3. Otherworld isn't a crossover tho, that was a remake. Terraria's crossovers are good, I've played through OOA and it's a decent event. Heck, the SDMG is a crossover weapon and everyone loves it.
  4. I would absolutely love if they fixed that. There are so many skin combinations I could do but then the hand skins break it all by making my poor plant's hands white.
  5. The first line for Wanda's quote for the Moon Rock Wall has 69 characters. The first line for Wanda's quote for the Broken Clockworks has 78 characters. Both are repairable and the second line is the same. In conclusion: Why, Klei?
  6. Not even close to OP. Have you seen how easy it is to mass produce rot thanks to crops and their really low spoilage time?
  7. It's not. I main Wormwood and I consistently spawn Lord of the Fruit Flies after almost every harvest is ready independent of whether I use a hoe or not.
  8. I prefer beating up Cursed Skeletons from a long forgotten Dungeon. But that's just my opinion.
  9. To be fair, Tail o' Three Cats has tiny damage and Bull Kelp breaks in 50 uses so it was not worth it. With Wanda who deals great damage with her clock and even being refuelable, it matters most.
  10. That's weird, for me the laugh and the carol have sound but the rest not really.
  11. Most likely a bug, you could do the same while mounting a beefalo by pressing Space but that was fixed.
  12. Hm yes let's make this already pretty challenging to play as character so challenging that only 10% of the playerbase can use it in 10% of the world gens. if you want these limitations, then why don't you just play with those limitations yourself? You have freedom of how you play this game.
  13. As a Wormwood main, I really don't care if Domesticated Beefalos stop pooping altogether. I normally make a decorative area where I keep a bunch of pens of Beefalos and Koalefants and they all make me as much poop as I want. My steed is just the extra.