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  1. Wait Rot heals him a lot now? The only thing that really interested me is being able to trigger his bloom manually which is something I really think he should have been able to do from the start. Manure was only worth like 2hp, even if I could heal like 2hp per rot it'd be hot garbage for me. What I do is just set up a bunnymen(or pig) empire, plant a spider den, and have like a billion spider glands and make 40 salves that I carry on me at all times, with a batbat on the side for topping off minor HP loss. I just wanted his blooming to be more active and not just on a single season, and they did that...I'm happy pretty much because of that. If they didn't revamp farms and literally only gave Wormwood a way to bloom on your own terms I'd have been happy. I just looked it up and it heals 4hp over 4 seconds, so I guess that's useful if you want to top off your HP over long periods which would remove the need to carry a batbat everywhere for me but they already buffed batbats by making them way more accessible and rot is one of my favorite sources of getting ashes when I am not using it for anything else. Probably won't use rot much even after learning this, honestly don't care if they remove it or not....just let me bloom on my own terms.
  2. What? No lol. This is kinda going off-topic but... Don't Starve has elements of satire on colonialism, an Immigrant from the UK is promised a sweet life in the US only to have crippling debt and a worse life than was promised. Suddenly he finds(or, possibly is allowed to find) a drug-like power to find relatively small success in the world from a mysterious foreign force. Said foreign force was really trying to force him into slavery and even more misery than he had before then. The same force that offered the same ''benefits'' to a civilization that uses tribe-like weaponry and building designs(the thulecite club is pretty much copy-pasted from the macuahuitl) With no other option, he is forced to reach out to other people and offer them the same things if they immigrate to his new special version of ''paradise''. Our main cast of characters. The characters, lacking something or missing something in their life take the offer, only to find that the world they reach in is not anything like advertised. They, to, are forced to deplete this new world of its resources and exploit the natives to chop trees, fight each other in manufactured civil wars to harvest their meat, and commit various other forms of cruelty on its inhabitants. It's important to note that every pig in the game has a name, they're not just some random npc mob, but the uncompromising world the players find themselves in somewhat forces them to desecrate them for their own survival. Cannibalism was very commonly practiced among natives of various tribes that have been conquered in the past, and various forms of propaganda were made by their conquerers mocking them as savages for the act of doing so, considering them to be ugly, inhuman, dumb, lesser beings which is what the pigs in Don't Starve are. They're easily tricked and bribed, even into attacking each other for the players gain. Many of the creatures that eat their own are sentient, Webber even hints that the spiders are sentient, this is an important distinction to make. So it's not a coincidence that they made the decision for players to also resort to cannibalism before they had to backtrack on that feature, and it's no coincidence that they made Warbucks as a character for Hamlet, again before they had to backtrack on that decision. It's no surprise that Wagstaff intends to exploit the constant and its resources for his own personal gain. People think it's bad character design that Webber can cause an entire group of spiders to kill each other to collect their meat so he can cannibalize it, but this is just part of the sad reality that Don't Starve has been showing the players from the start. I think the reason he starts with monster meat and spider eggs is because he was sent to the constant with the intention of ''colonizing'' it, and then could bribe the resulting colony with the meat to exploit them further even if he personally does not want this. What makes Don't Starve Together unique from Singleplayer is that it's building up a possible solution to this cycle. Unlike the original game, which had no ''win'' conditions(only the sad revelation that the one responsible for the suffering was a middle-management slave), they actually introduce game modes like the Forge and the Gorge that do have win conditions that involve the players working together to fight aggressive tyrants, or help natives of another land fend off an existential threat. The recent update Return of Them has also introduced a new element to the issue of creating stable civilizations from the brutal exploitation of others, the Hubris of Nature. Even the shadow creatures(the ones exploiting and conquering worlds) are not immune to this cataclysmic event, their current middle-management slave is completely unstable and highly likely to be self-destructive for them as well, which is going to force their hand in being more active in future content. DST is certainly more optimistic than SP was. I can't cover everything, but the themes of colonialism is everywhere in Don't Starve, even if you look at how Nightmare Fuel skins effect the characters. Natives of the constant change physically, losing their intelligence and sense of self in their triumphant skins, Wormwood, being a thing of nature, is rotted and sapped of all life, while the human players triumphant skins gain prestige, power, and fancy outfits.
  3. There is a special meaning to it in Don't Starve, especially since most of the creatures have sentience like the pigs, and if Webbers examination quote is to be believed, even spiders.
  4. I see a lot of people saying ''It wouldn't even stop pick&switch, they'd still switch'' but I think they are missing the point. Completely removing pick&switch isn't really what the main goal is, the main goal would be to make someone playing the character feel like they have a real reason to keep playing that character. Self-imposed challenges are cool to make bragging videos on youtube for, but it's really demoralizing for the average player to know that they are intentionally using sub-optimal playstyles, buffing Warly to make him have something that can make a player feel less like they're intentionally weakening themselves by continuing to play as him after he does his job would just feel better for the average player. I think a higher duration of food buffs is a good solution myself, maybe not literally double the duration but selectively making each individual dish slightly longer on him would be a nice change for the average person playing him.
  5. As I said, nearly every creature in the constant is cannibalistic. Even if Webber was a spider pre-constant and he died in the constant as a spider, another spider would have eaten him and then would have accidentally also eaten the human bones off of Webber and probably wouldn't have been able to digest entire bones. This would explain him being a spider before being eaten in the constant, he wasn't eaten alive, he died in the constant and was eaten by a spider that thought he was another spider and was revived.
  6. I would certainly use the bear vest if it had half the slots of a normal backpack, not all the time but I wouldn't just make it as a trophy and leave it to rot in a chest. I doubt I'd use any of the other outfits even if they had pockets though.
  7. The Spider and Webber are definitely different entities and the spider is still alive. Webber has a unique quote that I don't think can be seen legitimately when examining one of Wickerbottoms Shipwrecked books. ''I'm not very good at reading, but he is!'', either Webber is referring to the spider, or the spider is talking and referring to Webber. Also, if Webber is saying the spider is good at reading it would hint that they are more intelligent than we may have initially believed. It's highly likely that Webber was a spider before he entered the constant. When examining the NPC Maxwell, he says ''That's the guy who said he could help us''. Maxwell offered to help Webber the same way he ''helped'' the other survivors, likely promising to separate them or something. Why would Webber say ''us'' otherwise? I think Webber must have been a sick kid, and was donated to science. It's possible he was gravely ill and Wagstaff is clearly dead set on using the materials in the constant to improve civilization back on Earth, he could have obtained a spider from the constant through some lore shenanigans. His family was likely too poor to be able to treat him(or no method to treat him existed) and they had nothing to lose on the chance that Wagstaff could restore him to proper order, only to have the experiment go horribly wrong (or horribly right?) and cause them to merge together, if Wagstaff wanted to simply combine the two together while keeping the boy alive as a sort of ''superhuman'' experiment, he would have went to great lengths to make sure the boy didn't die and basically did save him by fusing him with the spider. As for the bit of him being ''eaten'' by the spider, it might be that his spider DNA is attempting to eat away at his human parts as a side-effect of the fusion, and isn't working for some reason. We could even go darker and guess that Wagstaff was grooming Webber to be a soldier to enter the constant, under the guise of a spider so the natural monsters wouldn't try to kill him on sight, and use him to gather information and materials like he clearly did for WX-78, also consider that Webber enters the constant with Monster Meat and a Spider Sack, he was sent to the constant prepared to colonize it from the start. If Wagstaff could get Webber in, breed an entire army of spiders that are at his bidding, with Wagstaff commanding Webber, he'd effectively conquer the constant(so he thinks) before even needing to enter it himself. This also fits in with one of the bigger themes of Don't Starve as well. He is even given a disguise to infiltrate the civilizations in Hamlet, possibly provided by Wagstaff to have him unwittingly sabatogue them for Wagstaffs personal gain, but due to Wagstaffs limited knowledge of the constant could not prepare him for every threat like the Bunnymen who don't go to the surface but are otherwise ''civilized'' monsters. Webber was probably seen as a complete freak by society, and in his solitude Maxwell would have come up to him and told him he'd make him better, if only he would just come to his little fantasy land. As for the bit of finding his skull in DS, I never really took that for canon and figured it was just a fun way to unlock a new character, maybe I'm wrong and there is some deep meaning to him being unlocked this way but I think people should at least consider the possibility that this was simply a fun easter egg and isn't actually a part of the story. Otherwise, what is the lore reason Wilbur magically becomes non-exhausted simply from giving him a headpiece, if Webber being revived that way is canon, what's Wilburs excuse? Did the crown have some magical power in it, and one of his monkeys stole it from him and giving it back to him re-energizes him? I think it's likely there was no real lore reasons behind these myself. An important note for Don't Starve is that nearly every creature in the game is a cannibal, spiders will eat their own dead, this has been a huge theme of Don't Starve and it was even intended for players to be able to cannibalize themselves which they only took out because it was too brutal for normal audiences. Even if he is eaten by a spider in the constant and that bit is canon, it means nothing on when he actually became a spider. He could have died as a spider, and one of his spider buddies ate his dead body like they do every other dead spider and was unable to entirely digest him because the spider wasn't expecting human bones being a part of its meal and reviving him just reverts him to his default spider state and he gets the title of ''the indigestable'' and we're confusing that for him becoming a spider at that point.
  8. Another huge benefit is that Abigail takes almost no maintenence and is self-sufficient. She has more HP than any other survivor in the game by doing absolutely nothing for 3 days. You can make a few tonics to make Abigail better but even at base stats she performs at a level that isn't ''the best'' but ''way better than average'', even the most overpowered characters need to be set up to do their job, Wolf needs way more food which is an inventory space consideration. WX has to find his gears, and find a surplus of them to guarantee immortality and needs to find ways to get hit by lightning without Wicker etc. Wendy? Just throw Abigail out and she plays 70% of the game for you, and does it at an above average level and she heals herself. And her petals now make her extremely useful party member for bossing which was the only area she was lacking in. She has everything bundled into one character, at an above average level of the standard cast. Anyone that can kind of outperform her has to do a lot more work to get there. It's baffling to see people act like Wendy needs this much power.
  9. I think Wendy is a bit too powerful in general and her petal system shouldn't be on any character as it's just too powerful. Warly already supplies other characters with a damage buff, no one else should really have this power over Warly. Abigail practically plays 90% of the game for Wendy already, so having the petal system is just overkill. It's really crazy how much easier the entire game gets when you play as Wendy.
  10. Vegetables for Warly recipies so I can switch to him, make a batch, and switch out. This includes glowberries for his glowberry musse or whatever. Pierogi and other healing dishes, in preperation for boss fights. An entire stack of meatballs that I carry on me at all times so I can unwrap it, eat one, then re-wrap it.
  11. Honestly I think you pay for what you get. I bought nearly all the Roseate skins including the Rose Spear back when they were well over 20$ a pop and now most of them are available as an elegant skin, and the rose spear itself dropped in price significantly when they changed how skin-drops work. I think I paid 57$ for it in its prime if I remember correctly. I don't really regret my purchases though, I bought them knowing that I was being impatient. It's also quite easy to ''predict'' Klei would start doing this. After they started reworking characters, their skins have been being sold in Kleis own store rather than being given out as drops. You can see a trend starting to develop even way back when they started their first Forge event(before you could buy the belongings in a particular event and had to weave them). They probably noticed that many players were buying the outfit sets multiple times simply to unravel them and make the belongings(I'm guilty of this). Which probably led them to realizing people actually like them having the skins up on the market and that their profits can go up if they just sold them through their own store rather than rely on very rare drops to keep player retention. I wasn't sure what they would add for Hallowed Nights, but I was absolutely sure it would devalue a lot of skins because Klei has transitioned into selling their skins or locking them behind streaming exclusives and merchandise exclusives for a long time now and I can only really say you should have seen this coming years ago.
  12. This is probably too much content to expect, but what if you can grow a Beanstalk or something that extends like a giant ladder that lets you climb up to the moon for a totally new biome? Or even better a Hamlet-like island in the sky?
  13. To me it would make sense that the ruins are canonically deeper than the caves. In the caves, light from the surface can reach down which doesn't sound like something a bug-like species that lives in a dark underground area would enjoy. This isn't really an issue in the DS ruins because light cannot reach. We also have the fissures, which were intended to give imagry of the ruins being so powerful that it was opening up cracks on the caves level and the shadow creatures were leaking out, in DST their inclusion doesn't make as much sense since the ruins is supposedly on the same level.
  14. Is there a guide on building the absolutely beautiful walls and fences you guys are posting? I tried to and I just can't ever get them to connect in a way that feels natural...I notice you guys tend to use stone walls for fences on the corners and such, any tips you could share to get on the level you guys are on? Also, is there a good turf guide? I see a lot of nuanced turf in the builds you all are posting, they're insanely good and all I can really do is just smash a single turf all throughout a generic area of my base and seeing these awesome builds is inspiring me to give actual decoration a try.
  15. I agree they way over-reacted and are mostly in the wrong here but one thing I think I should say is thst there is a culture surrounding art related things where someone with critisism of something will ask the creator if they accept constructive criticism over it, and if they say no then you just kind of move on.