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  1. Not hud sounds but, the critter/manure/insanity sounds, ugh
  2. Poor souls that bought ds thinking that ds and dst were the same thing
  3. You said that terraria is: You basically played 3 games, one of them was terraria and called it best game known to mankind, sure its just your opinion, but "just my opinion" isnt the accent you had in your first reply Now The core of dont starve consist on luring the player into this constant fail and repeat cycle where you die in order to learn that darkness kills you, or that the seasons have their danger, you might think this mechanic is **** but there is a great amount of people that love how uncompromising it is, so you cant just claim that "for a new player this is not fun" I almost feel like you are a troll and im the clown that is replying If you are being serious, bosses have numerous mechanics such as minion spawning, aoe fire attacks from df, minion control from bq, sporecaps that buff toadstool, shadow shield, healing and mind control by fw, gestalt cast by cc, geiser cast by ck, deer spells by klaus, and a whole earthquake cooldown on antlion that is measured by how many trinkets it receives But maybe you just fought a treeguard in your 600 hours and said "yeah i just have to move when it attacks, not deep" There are numerous strategies to each boss, each one of them requirring different gear, like weather pains for toadstool, explorer for fuelweaver, bhelmet for cc And about the trivially easy part, maybe you just creates a new world and killed the bosses for the 600th time with spawned items You basically gave up on your argument here because you assume that if a game like minecraft (that has nothing to do with this) is objectively superior to terraria you automarically hate it.
  4. Once you get a pc download uncomp mode and lets see how much you enjoy it About OP, just play the game blindly, maybe at some point you get tired of dying or you simply need a hint for progresing in something like sp or altars, but the game is more fun when you just learn by yourself instead of doing what a guide says
  5. I am aware beefalos are already able to do this, but only with a player riding them, here is the thing: Some months ago chester wasnt able to "pathfind" between boats (there isnt really boat pathfind because its just go from A to B) but basically chester was able to jump to a boat that was close to his location, and the same for land. But for beefalo, if you desmount one in a boat and then run to land with the bell, the beefalo tries to get to you but he cant, even when he clearly can jump the water gap, so you have to mount it in the boat and move it to land Maybe buff its AI so he works like chester?
  6. "Charlie boss fight" is a generic take that everyone expects, is like "maxwell boss fight" in og ds It would be just too predictable
  7. Maybe you just got better at the game, you know, think about the new players too, for them, any downside will end their playthrough
  8. I dont get this idea Do you mean ot makes the terraria newbies focus on getting the skins? Or the items that get the skin? These items are very endgame-ish, like ecrown or barmor, how will a new player focus on getting them?
  9. Do you really think a new player is gonna care about that