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[Poll] Hambat Hustle

Which of the ham bat skins is  

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My favorite skin so far for it is the Fishy Bat, BUT the name of that skin makes me quite sad, because I want a Joker Fish (from the 1990 Batman Animated TV Series) as a Weapon, I mean.. Basically it’s just a frozen fish with a clown smile painted on its face.. But if ANY skin should’ve been named Fishy Bat it should’ve been that! (I know it’s just a dream that will never come true but still..)

The Fishy Bat looks like it’s made from a Pufferfish- A currently Non-Existent mob that would help fill out the empty-ish ocean waters, and unfortunately there actually IS a Scrapped Mob concept for Pufferfish- It doesn’t look like the Fishy Bat skin though… and That’s where it probably should?? 

Of course… If Klei wants to give me a giant Rib (Aka the Flintstones) or a Gigantic Comically large Malket (Aka Harley Quinn) then my opinion on what the best Hambat skin is might be changed I’m a sucker for nostolagia … and would love some skins that come as close as possible to the things I grew up watching on TV without Klei getting sued..

In fact I’m rewatching the Harry Potter franchise right now- and there are ALOT of references in that franchise that was straight up copy and pasted into DST-

I would say it’s safe to Assume that the developers behind DS/DST were HUGE Harry Potter fans, as well as a few other movie franchises such as Halloweentown and Starsky & Hutch..

(there are slight nods to these franchises scattered through out the game so much so that I am SURPRISED no character in the game has gotten the inspection Quote for a Clean Sweeper yet that says something like “I wish this was a Nimbus.. I could Fly right out of this place!”)

For NOW the fishy bat is my absolute favorite no contest due to its colorations and how menacing looking it looks (I would hate to be hit with it!)

But in the future… If Klei wants to do more movie/cartoon references- Who knows ;) 

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I don't care about weapon or tool skins you can barely see them in game and it's the last thing i'm looking at while fighting or working.

20 minutes ago, LowlySkeleton said:

I don't care about weapon or tool skins you can barely see them in game and it's the last thing i'm looking at while fighting or working.

In fact the only skins that matter are for base decoration, stuff you can actually see like walls and structures. Character skins weapon skins tools etc they all look amazing in the menu yea but then you load up your world and realize that everything is so small that it looks like **** and offers very little in terms of cosmetics. Like why do we have 3 diff hambat skins but not a single skin for wood/carpet/marble/scale flooring something people have been wanting for ages and have to use mods for instead. One clothing item i wouldn't mind a skin for is the enlightenment crown, that thing is ugly but big enough of an item to see/ stand out like the eyebrella.

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I actually kind of dislike the ''meat'' looking nature of the Ham Bat, so my favorite is Pugnas Hambat because it adds spikes to it and looks more like a big mace than a piece of meat.


The Fish Bat is really good as well, it has that spiky look to it making it look more ''weaponized'' than just slapping someone with a piece of fish.


I always felt the original one and the Victorian one were the least interesting. I get it's funny and all but I'd rather have a ''cool'' looking weapon and have a joke type weapon not be one of the most useful weapons in the game.

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