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  1. So many posts of a similar nature in these forums. All have the same answer. - Don't like it? Don't use it. Like it? Use it. - Wish it was harder? Find friends to play other characters so you don't have to swap to that character yourself. That's as hard as it could be.
  2. slasher 342 already made him meme video 100 days killed champion. thats the fastest right now
  3. I want to give wearable hats to baby tallbirds so that when they grow up they are still wearing that tophat you gave them while they peck you to death.
  4. Yesterday I killed klaus as maxwell on day 27 in a new world. Felt so good. But when I opened the loot stash, it was empty. I was like what. What the duck.
  5. webber's gonna get 2 spiders than you can turn into warrior spiders by feeding 2-3 monster meat each. They are like maxwell's minions and dont attack anyone unless hostile to webber. they revert to regular spider with timer like woby. webber will be able to control spider queen. webber spider dens will look different.
  6. So....that's like the 5th lantern skin...Umm, okay. Okay. Other things with no skins can wait I guess... (Scaled chest, weather pane, moggles etc)
  7. You can still start and enjoy the new update. It's an endgame update so there is nothing for you to do about it when starting a new world you know. Unless you're a speedrunner on console or something.
  8. there is a prefab amount console command that tells you how much of an item exists in the world. so immediately upon spawning you can know how many walrus camps, anenemys, twiggy trees exist in your world
  9. I think the savanna biome is the best location to megabase in because it has the least number of intrusive mobs or objects. Only beefalo who can be moved with horns. Oasis biome has cactus you need to burn if you want to place something there. Dragonfly biome is same but worth it if you have wildfires off (or else tumbelweeds burn). Deciduous has moles , catcoons, klaus spawns. Places near florid postern, bee queen are great if they are centrally located. Honorable mention for moonstone forest with a mooncaller plugged in and scaled furnaces around for neither heat nor cold. Good luck clearing all the regrowth though.
  10. You know, this topic is more relevant if you knew how many people actually kill fuelweaver (and soon the celestial champion) in their worlds. Because otherwise, most people are not even exhausting the sheer amount of content this game already has to ask for more. Sure I get it, you re a pro, you fall in the category of killing fuelweaver every summer. But klei is already providing new content every month on top of the 100s of hours worth of stuff already here. I think its really unfair to ask for more stuff. I mean, there are mods for that. Only thing I want is the Forge back. That had incredible replayability and potential for more
  11. Yawn it would be so boring if there was no constant danger of getting killed. Without hounds and deerclops, you could just spend your days picking berries, catching fish and oooh look bee queen is back, I ll kill her at my lesiure
  12. Obviously its Wagstaff. He's smart enough to have evaded being trapped in the constant
  13. Megabasers switch to winona not for building catapults but producing cobblestone in heaps very very fast. So she's not wilson with catapults. Her trusty tape is incredible too. Another tip is to build her lamp 1 each in whatever catapult set up you do. It will activate on its own when you use gems for the catapult and unlike starcaller light, it wont burn the catapults. Also, use her nitre generator for farms. Because you have basically nothing to do except aggro the mob into statues/fossils, you might as well feed nitre into the generators. I use it for treeguards, bunnymen and merms.