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  1. It's mostly the "you don't add my suggestion / suggestion i like to have in the game = you don't listen to community at all" mentality rearing it's ugly head with threads like these.
  2. Nerfing the character swap itself (either with cooldown , removing it or whatever) Is a really poorly thought and horrible idea aswell as a HUGE slap in the face for solo players.
  3. Blooming Wormwood is so cute i just want to hug him. Tho that's probably a bad idea since he is almost always covered with poo and rotten food. And especially a bad idea if its the cactus skin variant .. ouch.
  4. They do listen to feedback. Beta branches are not just for bug tracking. They just don't add every single idea someone posts on forums cause that would take them eternity and a half. Also picking best ideas among ocean of community suggestions would take just as long. We got workshop mods for that.
  5. And your point is? What part of "it's FASTER and easier" you don't understand? Archives are not dangerous when deactivated neither is finding them any epic feat and they have more than enough thulecite for Wanda to use. By the time you get the portal set up you would have explored the entirety of the caves like 3 times over. You make it sound like you need endgame gear to even set foot in the ruins lol when all it takes is a lantern some food and usual basics that one would carry on surface. For Wanda ruins are especially easy to traverse.
  6. Not for people who get lag when playing with caves. Why should Wanda be severely gimped for them? And you are still ignoring the fact that even with caves its still easier and faster to rush archives for more than enough time pieces than Wanda will ever need since her crafts are recyclable..
  7. Its faster and easier to rush archives for thulecite fragments yourself than wait up to 1 ingame year to get the portal set up. Also think about people who play without caves. How they gonna get more time pieces huh?
  8. And you can have infinite Bernies as Willow. Spider nests as Webber etc etc. Nothing really changed since Wanda was introduced. That's how it always was with the portal and you want it nerfed now? Why? It's not really op or quick way to get. By the time you have the portal set up you usually have more than you need for your essential crafts if you were decently active in the world.
  9. Wormwood is lightweight cause he is a plant and when bloomed his petals or leaves depending on stage of bloom can act like sort of "sails" or "wings" There. A headcanon why he can run fast when blooming. ^^
  10. Wormwood is the king of "my cup runneth over" With little effort i can produce so much food that i can feed entire server for rest of the game (unless its all Wigfrids but then again free filler for meatballs and pierOPs)
  11. Little increase in firerate on his slingshot would come a long way.
  12. Fighting bosses solo with Walter is as pleasant as pulling teeth. (Unless you perfected kiting to Master Ninja levels) His slingshot would greatly benefit from some firerate upgrade at least. Since meleeing bosses usually ends up with fighting 2 Terrorbeaks along side it unless you have crate full of cactus or taffy on standby.
  13. Boat skin would be nice. Like actually for the boat circle itself not just for it's addons.