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  1. Wig Wilson, the gentlemen scientist: He does science Willow, the firestarter: she's a pyromaniac Wolfgang, the strongman: he stronk Wendy, the bereaved: bereaved means that you've been deprived of a close friend/family member because they died, wendy lost her sister Wx-78, the soulless automoton: Wx doesn't have an empathy module (or at least it wasnt active), a synonym for unempathetic is soulless Wickerbottom, the librarian: she make book Woodie, the lumberjack: he chop Wes, the silent: mime, no talk Maxwell, the puppet master: Used to be the king of the constant, pulling the strings much like a puppeteer would. He also summons shadows to do things for him, like how a puppeteer makes their puppets perform shows for their audiences. Wigfrid, the perfomance artist: Wigfrid isn't actually her name, it's the name of the valkyrie she's performing as. Back in the real world, she just performed in plays or something idk lol Webber, the indegestible: a spider tried to eat him but failed, and the two became one Warly, the culinarian: he cook Wormwood, the lonesome: not to sure about this one, but im pretty sure its because nothing wanted to be his friend Wurt, the half-pint: a definition for half-pint is "a small or insignificant person or animal", i wouldnt call wurt insignifcant, but small does make sense Walter, the fearless: He plays off the trope of the fearless and overly fearful, a perfect example of this is scooby and scrappy doo Wanda, the time keeper: A timekeeper is an instrument or person that measures the passage of time, and considering wanda is always trying to outrun time, it makes sense that she would keep heavy watch on the passage of time only dst characters cause frankly idc about the singleplayer characters lol
  2. damn that sucks, how will i survive summer in the caves now?
  3. the fact the turf doesnt do this removes pretty much any practical use the turf has, since you wont be fighting hounds near your base during summer/autumn
  4. Make winona catapult farms for everything, bosses, hounds, monkeys you name it its probably possible
  5. RoT in general feels kinda under developed. Sailing has only recently started getting better, the ocean is still mostly empty, the lunar tab doesn't have much practical recipes, the whole mutant enemies idea was basically dropped after ToT (aside from the birds during moonstorm). When you compare enlightenment to insanity, it really shows how underdeveloped the stat is. Insanity causes shadow hands to extinguish fires, mr skitz, shadow watchers, wavy jones, and shadow creatures start to appear, obelisks open/close, ancient fuelweaver hands cant be attacked while sane, and he stuns you when insane. Enlightenment is literally just screen effects (which insanity also does), and summon gestalts. Klei totally could have had greater gestalts spawn when high on enlightenment, have them be killable, and then you could use a resource they drop to make new lunar tab items. While I do appreciate the free content, I believe Klei should've kept expanding the main land, specifically the caves, instead of adding a new area to be mostly empty.