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  1. I know thoose are some unused stuff from the game but i cant find them in files because idk what they are called anyone knows what this items called in the game files im pretty sure they have anim files
  2. It woul be so awsome if giant corn exploded into popcorn when burned
  3. Unlike most other ppls i really liked this update, but unfortunately im really sorry to say but in my opinion this hotfix ruined the whole update with stress mechanic and decreased tiling
  4. I watched 6 hours of stream but I only got the profile icon and still didnt get the actual skin
  5. is there gonna be a lunar variants of depthhs worms similar to horror hounds?
  6. she doesnt do her idle animation in the item collection menu like other characters
  7. yea i know how hard it is but just like beard skins maby only the clothes can change and use the same animations as the og ones in that way it would be a lot easier that remodeling and animating the whole thing
  8. any possibility for woodie transformation skins in a future qol update
  9. Pls all I want for the next qol update is from you to make wort be able to eat leafy meat and recipes made with it
  10. It really surprised me to see that his favorite food is not the jerky or small jerky I really like him his sprites mechanics voice its all good but ngl there could be more stuff about him beeing a scout its kind a like a wasted opportunity in my opinion but im prettu sure im still gonna play as him a lot
  11. are gonna add the other skins from the side show collection an maby some more ways to get points?