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  1. Being able to craft multiple items at once would be nice. A better AI and some kind of UI for the followers would be nice too. As a Wurt player, it would be nice to see how many merms are following me, how long they will follow, etc. Being able to give multiple items to npcs would be nice too. Feeding the Merm King all the time is so boring because I have to feed one item, wait, feed another, wait, etc. Giving him a bigger belly would be nice too. Also being able to give stacks of items to the Pig King would help a lot. As you said, closing the sinkholes would be very nice. Bats are annoying, and I know you can just put bunnies there, but I would rather just close the sinkhole. A better way to find stuff in chests without mods would be cool too.
  2. What happens when your pearl sinks in the ocean because your boat got hit by lightning and caught on fire and sank? Will the crab old lady give you another one? Asking for a friend
  3. With this patch, when it's night me and my friend are attacked by Charlie even while we are near light. I even tried deactivating all my server mods, but it's still happening, we can't escape Charlie no matter how much light we have. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Are the dedicated server files not updated or am I just doing something wrong? I even tried download them onto another folder, but it just downloads the normal version(458972) and not the beta one. My .bat for reference.
  5. Maybe they forgot to update the dedicated server files, because on windows it's also only downloading the normal version(458972) and not the beta one when I try to host, even if I try to download it again in another folder.
  6. They ain't called Killer Bees for nothing, I tell you what. *Old flashback plays when I was a newbie and got destroyed by an army of killer bees*
  7. I can say that, at least for my world created before update 453331, setting MacTusk Camps to more in World Generation did nothing: I still had only one MacTusk camp in my Huge World.
  8. I *think* I found the problem: it seems that if I have extrastartingitems = "0", -- "0", "5", "default", "15", "20", "none" in either worldgenoverride(caves one or forest one) it bugs. If I put it without the quotes, like extrastartingitems = 0, -- "0", "5", "default", "15", "20", "none" it works normally. I thought I needed the quotes, since it appears on the comment. Maybe change the comment so it's clear that it needs to be an int and not a string?
  9. After this update, I can't seem to be able to create a new dedicated world. It gets stuck in an infinite loop trying to create the forest, only the caves can be created. Posted it on the bug forum too...
  10. This started happening just after this last update(452902). Whenever I try to create a dedicated world, only the caves are created: the forest gets stuck in an infinite loop trying to create the world. I even tried removing all of the overrides to create a default world, but the problem persists. It basically get stuck doing this forever and ever, and never finishes.
  11. Setpieces. I would love to be able to force a setpiece to appear in my world without using mods or rerolling it, and would be great for the poor people on console who can't even use mods to do it.
  12. I think you could already do that by changing the "prefabswaps_start" option to classic. IIRC, this made it so your world would have normal berries and twigs.
  13. I'm getting this error when I try to browse a server. How it happened: 1 - First I went to browse games, in filters I put lan and entered my server normally 2 - Now everytime I go to browse games, this error appears and the game crashes If I delete the client_save folder, it stops crashing. That is, until I do the above steps again. I don't even need to enter my server, if I leave the screen with "Lan" selected, it will crash everytime I try to go back to browse games.
  14. I see, so is there no way to kinda "reload" the world options from a lua file without having to manually type in the command for each one?