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  1. I can’t go through steam, I play on Xbox, so am I not going to be able to get these points?
  2. Do other lanterns work alright? Cause it happened to me too.
  3. Yikes... no way. Keep the game going forever. Everyone wants to keep playing it not end it. Nah, nobody is forcing you to do any of this new stuff or use any of these new items. If you don’t like them don’t use them. They giving us updates often because that’s what a vast majority of the community wants, stuff to do and more reasons to keep playing. And yeah, big surprise, events are “temporary”. And they’re obviously trying harder to make the new year event more relevant, and give it more content. Just look at this year’s. And if you’re talking about any of the RoT stuff not be useful with those statements then that’s just your fault for not understanding those updates are ongoing and things aren’t finished yet.
  4. What do you mean? That’s exactly 12. But either way we’re already in February so you’re still right.
  5. Nah, you can already pay for plenty. These are supposed to be loyalty rewards for consistently getting on, and going out of your way to look at their games twitch content, forums, etc. If you didn’t want to spend that 70-90 for “just” in game content it’s not like you had to. Plus they always recirculate everything in one way or another, so as long as you play you should get it eventually. They said they plan to add more to the klei rewards multiple times now, it’s just not top priority. ^_^
  6. Also do know who “them” is? Cause I’ve been unsure. Did I not pick up on something, or is that yet to be revealed?
  7. Any chance we’re getting snowy winter skins for Wurt and Wormwood still this year?
  8. Having this issue myself right now, has anyone found any solutions yet?