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  1. People: "Smallbirds are the cutest things!" Me: After a shameful float back to the base, I grab a torch and 40 gunpowder for my revenge against this mistake of a Maxwell.
  2. Ugh, this Guardian loot is probably the worst loot I have ever seen. I have 999+ Nightmare fuel, and Pick/Axe and Club are useless for me, I never use both of them
  3. Oh, I forgot about this farm, I will use it later to support my cripple Moon Dial addiction :). Thanks.
  4. 6050 moon rocks??? How many poor puppies/pigs did you turn into stones?
  5. If there's an award for the most elusive creature in the Constant, it will go to Malbatross lol.
  6. You can feed Moleworms with Stone Fruits. 100% useless but it's fun that you can do it.
  7. They are just competing to see who is the Employee of the Year wood chopper.
  8. The Terrorbeak is just using advanced tactic to get a sneak attack.
  9. so you are telling me meteor can destroy the most durable things like thulecite suits or bone armor and yet it can't destroy a backpack made from 4 grass and 4 twigs? Nice.
  10. Yeah they did. Not sure at which update but now you can't use lureplants to push/block AF at spikes anymore
  11. It seems with the recent updates the hitbox for Lureplants was changed so you can't plant it as close to the spikes as you used to in James Bucket's cheese method, which makes this cheese not doable anymore. I think the Lureplant+Houndius still works, but is there other cheese?