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  1. Maxwell can summon multiple shadow copies of himself, just saying.
  2. Yes, and I think it would be cool if it's in Caves. Caves has really limited event stuffs, so having one dedicated for Caves is awesome.
  3. Bunnymen are excellent for farming tentacles, once again proving they are the true monsters of the Constant.
  4. I find DST's RNG is good to keep the exploring entertaining enough. Have to admit the second deciduous, meteor biome make me angry as hell, they shouldn't even exist in the first place if you ask me.
  5. Yeah I have this bug too. Although it also happens on other seasons for me.
  6. Wicker only has 5 or 6 books which is really underwhelming. I like her, but she needs something more, hopefully her rework gives her what she needs and not a meter.
  7. damn, if only we have some Jelly Salad to give to Oscar...
  8. Allow the Twins to use the attacks they have back at Terraria. As of now separating them is the only way to deal with them without having to use massive amount of resources. Having two machine EoT with double health doesn't really sound like a good boss concept imo, reminds me of that horrible Lud and Zallen boss fight from ds2 ice DLC.
  9. If I have a nickel for every tree I have chopped, I will have enough money to buy off Klei and force them to finish the Ancient Gateway arc. But yeah, even in super late game I still find myself having a shortage of logs, so many recipes require logs, and a lot of them to boot.
  10. For a lot of people pets are basically as important as family members.