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Walter & Woby Arrive June 15th!

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Walter the Fearless is set to arrive in the Constant next week! Free for all DST players

Here are the details: (Some details may change before launch but this is what we are expecting.)


  • Has a slingshot 
  • Attacks from the slingshot will not draw aggro if the target is fighting something else
  • Special Slingshot ammo
    • Freeze (similar to the ice staff)
    • Slow-Down Rounds (reduces the target’s movement speed)
    • Poop Pellets (causes the target to stop attacking you)
    • Cursed Rounds (spawns shadow tentacles)
  • Is not afraid of anything, except getting hurt
    • Does not lose sanity from the dark, being near giants, etc
    • Will lose sanity every time he takes damage
    • Will continue to slowly lose sanity while health is below 100%
  • Has a new hat that will reduce the sanity loss when getting hit
  • Walter can craft a portable camping tent to take with him
  • Allergic to bees
    • Takes extra damage from bees, this damage is not reduced by armour
  • Fast cooking over a fire
  • Reduced hunger drain while sleeping in tents and bedrolls
  • Has a friend named Woby that will join him in the constant
  • Restores sanity when near enough trees
  • Walter can tell stories at the campfire that will cause other survivors to restore some sanity


  • Has 2 forms, small and big
  • Both forms give access to an inventory container (like chester)
  • Big Woby can be ridden by Walter (like a domesticated beefalo)
  • Woby only eats monster meat
  • Feeding small Woby enough monster meat will transform her into her big form
  • Woby will revert to her small form when starving
  • Woby is scared of everything and will not participate in combat
  • If the player is hit while riding Woby, Woby will buck the player off

Of course we also have some new skins, new streaming items and more. And click here to get 450 spool just for checking out this post. And just because I like all the speculation... here is an image from the next short. 

See you next week!  


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This sounds like a mod character... That doesn't mean that it's bad, it just sounds like it does too many pre-existing things at once without bringing something mechanically new to the table, except the slingshot.

I still look forward to playing as him, Im eager to see if the slingshot is any good.

A permanent, personal chester + beefalo combo is very interesting. Im assuming that you can't fight while riding Woby because of the "wont participate in combat" line, so I guess it's just movement speed.

Edit: Free for all players? Yall just gave away 1 Mil, are you sure yall don't want money?

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My guess is the shots that spawn shadow tentacles will be made out of either thulecite (thulecite fragments would make sense as right now their only use is making thulecite), living logs, or nightmare fuel.  If thulecite or nightmare fuel is the case, then he'll probably be a good ruins rush character as he would not only have an incentive to rush them but also would be able to rush them using his tent and not losing sanity from normal sources.  The idea of having a character with a built in companion similar to abi (IMO a chest dog sounds like it'll make for much more interesting gameplay than fighty ghost) is probably going to make him the new "explorer" character given all his perks relating to, well, exploration.  I'm a little disappointed in the lack of a large downside as bees are only really a problem in bq fight (assuming his allergy applies to bq and grumbles) and him losing sanity upon getting hit just means you either bring more sanity food to a fight or just be insane for that fight (or just dont get hit :)).  Though we also cant really assume how large or small a downside is just from this post, as there are a lot of things I am assuming about his downsides that may not actually be a part of him.  Hopefully his upsides will be fun enough to make a unique playstyle.

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