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  1. QOL update report

    Therapeutic diabetes FTW
  2. QOL update report

    Thanks, team. Keep up the great work!
  3. Similar to the security contract, but can be used on farmers and/or miners. These pigs will follow the player and assist in chopping trees and harvesting grass/twigs/crops. (They woukd begin picking any nearby plants only when the player does so and run over to drop those items into your inventory) True to form, they would panic at the first sign of danger. I think this would make a great addition. Anyone else?
  4. I second Hampires. Best pun 2018
  5. Found some blue mushtrees in the Roc cave. I assume they are still one and done, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  6. Building a new slanty shanty

    You do not need the deed. Enjoy your new home
  7. That's the whole point of the game! Don't Starve IS Darwinism
  8. New character

    Fingers crossed for at least one additional character. Both current DLC exclusive characters are super underwhelming.
  9. Yea, world gen is pretty porked up atm. Hope it's addressed prior to full release
  10. You have two years to find the clock. You'll be ok
  11. I agree that he is too large. I miss Chester.
  12. Ok, but... why? It's an equipment item that serves a purpose. Much like every other equipment item in the game.
  13. Having put a couple hours into the Aporkalypse, I've noticed a lot more world-gen messiness. I'm talking grass growing in lakes, pig houses spawning in the abyss, biomes overlapping in unexpected and visually disturbing ways... I know this is a minor complaint at this point, but I hope Klei addresses it before calling this a complete DLC. That's all. Have fun exploring the Aporkalypse, everyone.
  14. Full Moon

    You only really need to visit the palace once to trade the scepter/crown for the key to the city. Then you can build your house wherever you like