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  1. Lol i see my vid is more popular Then i thought, now i am meme boi
  2. Wigfrid rework with facebook videos be like:
  3. Well at the beginning i was confused what to do, so this ghost makes you annoying all night. So you can leave sea base at night but this little detal is still cool
  4. 'New cooking recipes for Leafy Meat." Woah now starts farming leafy meat for the ezz meatballs!
  5. oh right, i just thought you nerf the baby tusk one
  6. MacTusk and Wee MacTusk deal damage again with their blow darts so wee MacTusk(small MacTusk) now can attack us?
  7. Klei plz add Potato & butter(or salt) fusion/mix for more buffs and delicious look for wolfgang ( and my ) favourite food
  8. Hype in RoT be like: (and crab rave in main music)