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  1. Yo, it's me again. I want to show my first base tour! Enjoy! ps.: i am not a proffesional base builder...
  2. I see ... Crabking have other wife... Kraken ... new boss?
  3. Hi it's me again, i wanna show my chinese new year (lunar calendar) design. I also wanna say it's not done, to be hones i need wait 7 more years to be done but i will updating/ refreshing in while i get some free time, i hope someone get inspired by that ;>
  4. Crab king is the only one who shows how low hp he have, so this is why he got + in artistic design
  5. Well, now we know Klaus is impostor so vote red. ( I Know you can do better but i am simple gut with paint ;> )
  6. This my Honey farm and the old farms... i should build more decorations, but i am not good at buildings so i am still learning
  7. At least good news for today... Thx Klei for updating and reworking ;>
  8. I feel like this is scam, or i am fool (i mean the twitch drop)