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  1. Eeeeeee, I love how stylized your art is! It so cute and colourful!!
  2. image.png.a8ea4b82c2a0dc701ba65dd20f1d5da5.png
    Hhhh, I am proud- TvT

    1. minespatch



  3. Mage said that the colour I chose for Whiskers was really light, so now he the face of the sun-
  4. Flix needs to ask better questions, like why was Steven universe future bad? Whiskers and Victor belong to @DragonMage156
  5. Sorry folks, only Christian content! Well at least, not on the forums
  6. This is what happens when you take eggs from Australia-
  7. Have my Dupe oc flix with gentle having hair~
  8. I drew @MF99K oc Eya to get out of a art block, Protecc at all costs~