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  1. Remember













    He is watching.



    1. minespatch
    2. HorseyTheYes


      @minespatch He's a random background character from a real bootleg spongebob movie called 'Spongebob in Tehran', here's another scene from itimage.thumb.png.32529a264a145023cca31ccecc752514.png

    3. minespatch


      Oh man, I forgot. I saw two reviews of the same movie that day.

  2. Idk I thought she looked cool in it-
  3. One of these Slurps aren't like the other- @watermelen671 That's a really good idea! I'm sad I didn't think of that lol, So there's 2 versions now~
  4. She definitely won't hesitate-
  5. The Carrats sing a catchy tune and then go out to steal the mayian treasure but unfortunately get caught by the catcoon police
  6. You mean the kings who just sit their why literal kids and people do all the work for them xD
  7. Why there are no Merms in Hamlet

    Perhaps that could be it, or maybe the swamp there was destroyed or even dried up, and who knows, maybe the merms use to take refuge at the lily pond or something.
  8. Why there are no Merms in Hamlet

    Oh man, Maybe that's why Merms hate pigs so much hh- Oh man, Just because your not in the real world anymore doesn't your mean your not in a "real" world
  9. I have just noticed that their are no merms in Hamlet and why is that? I have a few theories- They are extinct there or at least Wiped out by the pigs on the islands: I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case honestly, but to my guess it was ages ago as no really mentions it my knowledge, and none of them talk about it. Also Wilba doesn't seem to know what a merm even is as she calls them mermaids That or it's just what pigs call them lol The Merms have been exiled: like the first one but a little lighter I guess, Perhaps the merms knew they couldn't win and decided to surrender and were forced to leave the islands, and perhaps are the ones in shipwrecked. Which could the reason why they sometimes run away from you cause they think your like the pigs. they were thanosed out of extence like warbucks lol: yeah- So yeah that's my theroies, especially the last one, feel free to prove me wrong share your theories
  10. Yeah I can see that, and players can pick sides and it'll be like a battle royale~
  11. Horsey's ONI Fanmart thread

    Maybe, That's just how I interpret it haha
  12. Horsey's ONI Fanmart thread

    I made art of all the 'X' Dupes lining up~
  13. Horsey's ONI Fanmart thread

    Tired lil space beans
  14. Horsey's fanfart thread '<'

    FiNiSHed- I also want to have a go at making them older, I got Wilba figured out, but I have no idea for wurt... Anyone got any ideas? '<'