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  1. Eeeeeee, I love how stylized your art is! It so cute and colourful!!
  2. Petting Dupes now cures depression, but may lead to heart attacks...
  3. Omygosh man! Your art is absolutely beautiful! The shading is so well done and backgrounds are spot on with the perspective!! eeee goodest job!
  4. image.png.a8ea4b82c2a0dc701ba65dd20f1d5da5.png
    Hhhh, I am proud- TvT

    1. minespatch



  5. Mage said that the colour I chose for Whiskers was really light, so now he the face of the sun-
  6. Flix needs to ask better questions, like why was Steven universe future bad? Whiskers and Victor belong to @DragonMage156
  7. Between you and me, I think this is a question that still needs to be answered- Whiskers and Victor belong to Dragonmage156 on the forums
  8. Sorry folks, only Christian content! Well at least, not on the forums
  9. Started as Ren and Liam doodles turned into a weird suggestive-ish comic- Ren's a tease
  10. This is what happens when you take eggs from Australia-
  11. Have a lil comic about Flix's eye~ Featuring Ria! @DragonMage156's Dupsona TW: Scar, Missing eye Here's a colured and cleaner version of what the scar looks like :P