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  1. I drew @MF99K oc Eya to get out of a art block, Protecc at all costs~
  2. It's been a while since I drew them <3
  3. oh no, here comes Horsey with her gay dupe art-
  4. I made it a bit more fluid now, I had a lot of trouble with the lizard TwT
  5. Have an animatic of Liam running from a goofy lizard which is in an asteroid for some reason- Also Meep and Bubbles are there
  6. Just a animatic rn but I've never made a chase scene but this will be fun-
  7. Yeahhhhh, I think that was my fault xD
  9. Gore in the spoiler TW: Blood and wounds Yeaaah, I think I'm losing it-
  10. Basically Liam saw a big cuddly kitty and went up to it, what could pawsibbly go wrong?! gore in the spoiler, TW: wounds and blood
  11. She wasn't supposed to look like she was enjoying, I just suck at faces- xD Here's what I was aiming for before I got lazy- >w> That or she's a masochistic-
  12. I kinda got bored and hurt a buncha dupes :P TW: Blood, guts, amputee, and a salty otto
  13. Pain and injuries for our poor lil space beans in the spoiler~ TW: Blood, guts, amputee, and a salty otto