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Return of Them Beta: She Sells Sea Shells

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You are invited to the beta branch to check out the newest content update Return of Them: She Sells Sea Shells.

An Island fragment of the moon has left a lonely creature stranded. Is it friendly? Time will tell..

New Features

  • Messages in bottles.
  • Moon fragment Island.
  • The Crabby Hermit.
  • The Crab King.
  • New Seasonal Fish.
  • Wobster and Wobster Den
  • New Winch Boat structure.
  • Sunken Treasures.
  • Singing shells. 

For directions to join the beta branch check out the directions here.


Update #404747 Patch Notes:

  • The Crabby Hermit and Crab King are retrofitted into existing world.
  • The player can now board boats while mounted.
  • The player can now board boats while lifting a heavy object.
  • The distance you can jump to embark and disembark has been adjusted and is now based on how fast your character is moving.
  • Irreplaceable inventory items no longer slip out of your inventory when drowning in the ocean
  • Creatures that follow you onto a boat will now wash ashore (instead of die) when the boats sinks
  • Changed the ingredients required to craft the Tackle Receptacle.
  • Boat Patch also repairs boat damage
  • New texture streaming system, loads game textures as needed, reducing memory usage. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s attacks would sometimes miss giants as they moved toward the player.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles (eg Blow Darts) would sometimes not deal damage.
  • Insulation will now protect the player from the cooling effects of Deerclops attacks and fans. 
  • Pipspooks no longer block placement of structures
  • Fixed the coastal ocean rendering on the minimap in caves 
  • Fixed the mast’s animation after being hit by a hammer.


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Okay, only problem now is getting to it.



Klei this is adorable.

Double edit


After the first day the crab...thing came out and started fishing. Then is started say Wilson's quote for fishing and a few others I didn't recognize. Only other thing that seemed new was the "Get off my beach!" Quote that kept coming.



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