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  1. It's also just an uncommon Germanic given name with a few alternate spellings (Wort, Wert, Wyrt, etc.; anybody remember Wirt from Over the Garden Wall?)
  2. Yes, and they also wouldn't eat the pigskin of all the pigs they'd murder for you if you built a merm farm and pig farm side-by-side near your base.
  3. Renewable merm houses would be A+ content addition imho. Easier mass production of Fish Cordon Bleu and Moqueca for Warly, plus powerful automated farms for everybody.
  4. Fully-domesticated Beefalo are periodically going into heat, when previously they have gained immunity from heat upon reaching full domestication. This bugged heat does not cause them to become aggressive to nearby players or mobs or give birth to Baby Beefalo, but it does reduce the timer before they buck their rider--fully-domesticated Beefalo normally tolerate a rider for 800 seconds, and this is reduced to 160 seconds in this bugged "pseudo-heat". This state also causes them to cease their normal follower behavior toward nearby players while unmounted, and wander aimlessly. They do not seem to be automatically forced into heat during spring, as wild Beefalo are. Fully-domesticated Beefalo appear to cycle through 20 days of normalcy, then 3 days of heat, on an indefinite loop, with no regard for the current season. (Wild Beefalo on default worldgen settings will cycle through 19 days of heat in spring, then 20 days of normalcy, then 3 days of heat in autumn, then 20 more days of normalcy, then 3 days of heat in winter, then 8 days of normalcy for a full 70-day year).
  5. The Idiot Usurper Challenge

    Ahh, of course, how silly of me to forget. So she could only be fought in a world with a thermal stone boon, and even then, only once.
  6. The Idiot Usurper Challenge

    Antlion doesn't need to be exempt from this list, it's quite easy to kill her even without crafting Desert Goggles. Toadstool is a much bigger challenge to beat without crafting any science items IMHO. Fuelweaver is going to be a mandatory pick for one of the 3 cheese bosses if not playing as Wortox, since Klei patched the edge exploit to cancel his snare.
  7. [Game Update] - 371739

    Wendy isn't scared of anything, and even welcomes the sweet embrace of death itself. Clearly she is only affecting the appearance of fear so that her best friend won't feel as bad about his unwarranted and inexcusable cowardice.

    It is still possible to get Beefalo onto boats by Telepoofing with a Lazy Explorer while mounted. (Wortox cannot do this with Souls, it has to be a Lazy Explorer) edit oh, several people have pointed this out already, my mistake!
  9. Wendy Rework

    Bernie is inferior to Abigail in most respects (as he should be--Willow's downsides are not as severe as Wendy's, so Wendy's pet ought to be stronger). Willow having Bernie now is not an adequate justification for Wendy buffs IMHO. 1: Damage. Bernie usually has worse DPS than Abigail. His attacks are single-target and very slow (50 damage, attack period 2, for 25 DPS). Abigail's attacks are AOE and pretty fast for a mob (10-40 damage, attack period 1, for 10-40 DPS). Abigail will always have better DPS than Bernie at night and in the caves, and she will usually have better DPS than Bernie on the surface during morning and dusk due to her AOE (e.g. she does at least 30 DPS in the morning, at her weakest, when fighting at least 3 enemies, to Bernie's 25; and she does at least 40 DPS during dusk when fighting at least 2 enemies). Additionally, since Willow must be insane to use Bernie, he will lose further DPS against his intended targets because he will get distracted by nightmares. 2: Survivability. Bernie cannot self-heal, and the HP that he has, he will lose much faster than Abigail (because he draws attacks from nightmares and is unable to stunlock multiple attackers like Abigail can). This makes Abigail slightly tankier than Bernie in most situations, even though she has only 30% of his maximum HP. Additionally, if Abigail is banished, it costs nothing summon her back (you can cycle 2 flowers' cooldowns to keep her around near-permanently). When Bernie is slain, he costs you a sewing kit use; this isn't a huge deal after you've made an automated silk farm, but it's annoying and time-consuming before that point. 3: Mobility. Bernie's pathing can be confused or restricted by walls/rivers/structures/etc., Abigail's cannot. Bernie also isn't a "true" Follower mob like Abigail / Chester / Glommer / Maxwell's shadows / befriended Pigs. He won't stick with Willow when she hops through wormholes, Telelocates herself, or uses the Lazy Deserter. The fact that Bernie can fight nightmares at all is one advantage over Abigail, but he's a much less efficient nightmare fuel farmer than people think due to his low DPS and consumption of sewing kits. Conventional kiting and killing of nightmares is faster, and farming splumonkeys is faster still. He does provide a convenient way to lessen the risks of insanity for new players while they learn to kite, though.
  10. Showing off your outfits [2]

    I've become quite fond of cross-dressing Wormwood's cactus skin lately. He's prettiest in dresses when he's in full bloom in the spring, but also pretty cute the rest of the year TBH. ( still not completely sure why an asexual plant character was given a binary gender and "he/him" pronouns, but maybe that'll change someday; Webber and WX's pronouns have gone through a few binary and non-binary iterations in the past, after all : P )
  11. There is one situation where Abby will commonly be killed by mere black spiders, even at night, and that is in a Spider Quarry variant of the Rocky Biome. The quantity of spiders that can come at her there is so large and so dense that some of the spiders will push each other out of her AoE radius and be able to actually get off some hits against her consistently. But yes, it is uncommon. This will never happen with bees though, because their attack range is too short. Even an infinite number of bees would be helpless against Abigail. The best they could hope for would be to lag or crash the server with their numbers, delaying their inevitable end for another time.
  12. Potential Next Rework

    I like this because it's thematically cool, but so situational that it would not really be a buff or a nerf or even really change her playstyle at all. Just add flavor. That's exactly what I'd like. Abby already has enough HP and damage. She's basically invincible vs. trash mobs, even more so if you cycle two flowers. The only mobs that can keep her down are bosses, which is how it's supposed to be. Even against most bosses that spawn adds, Abby's AI already directs her to act pretty optimally. She usually prioritizes Grumble Bees over Bee Queen, Lavae over Dragonfly, Hounds over Vargs, and Spiders over Spider Queens. The only exception is Woven Shadows/Unseen Hands and Fuelweaver, because she doesn't recognize Woven Shadows/Unseen Hands as the threat that they are, since they are technically passive mobs. The only change I really want in the Wendy rework is for Abby to prioritize Woven Shadows over Fuelweaver so that she serves a purpose against him and isn't purely a nuisance.
  13. I've always favored the Abigail-died-in-San-Francisco-earthquake theory. It makes for very elegant conservation of detail story-ways, and adds more depth to the relationship between Wendy/Abigail/Maxwell. Maxwell's quote for a failed Abigail revive implies some feeling of guilt to me, if that means anything. The only other people he ever shows remorse for harming are Charlie and the Ancient Guardian. If Wendy doesn't recognize him as her Uncle Maxwell, I'd guess it's because they never actually met before his Final Act. We know Maxwell and Jack's mother hadn't "met the twins yet" as of Jack's letter, and their family'd been kind of scattered across two continents more than once; doesn't seem like they had proper reunions very often.
  14. I want Abigail to prioritize Woven Shadows over Fuelweaver; that's it. This is speaking from 1000+ hours on Wendy btw. Fuelweaver is the only fight where I consistently dislike Wendy's playstyle. She is otherwise perfect. Indirect buff to Wendy and Wes: allow tamed ornery beefalo in the caves.
  15. With the Weremoose's charge attack and a bundling wrap full of moose idols, Woodie has joined the ranks of the relatively few characters who can safely solo a Day 100+ hound wave on his own, far away from friendly mobs or traps (others were Wendy with Abigail, Webber with spider eggs, Wortox by soul hopping out of aggro and then returning to engage hounds 1v1, and Wormwood with a football helmet and bramble husk; might be possible to do it with Maxwell's minions, but it would require some complicated finagling with /dance to manipulate them in high-stress situations) That's the only thing that I'm stoked about though. Overall this rework seems like a net loss of content because all three of Woodie's were-forms are too situational to see frequent use, including the beaver. It's especially sad since it's clear that Klei put all their heart into this, with so many new animations and mechanics and Hoedown theme variations specific to each form. I hope that he can be re-tuned to Woodie mains' satisfaction. The Weregoose is a little odd lore-wise, though. Hatred of birds has always been one of Woodie's most consistent character traits. Is the poor man going to have an existential crisis?
  16. [Poll] Oh no, it's another poll

    I really, really hope Wendy isn't next. And if she is, I hope the changes are small--much smaller than Winona's, Willow's, or Warly's. The only thing I want from Wendy is for Abigail to prioritize Woven Shadows over the Ancient Fuelweaver (and maybe also target/destroy the Unseen Hands). I could tolerate some novelties like being neutral to / able to befriend Ghosts or a bonus to crafting resurrection items, but it's really really important that the core combat principle (having Abigail draw aggro while Wendy identifies and focuses the biggest threats to Abigail) be preserved. I don't even particularly want quality-of-life buffs to Abby's AI; having to master the quirks of Abby's self-destructive impulses is an important part of reaching Wendy's skill ceiling, and it is also an excellent thematic complement to a character whose aesthetic revolves around nihilism and suicidal ideation. I think most of the people looking for a Wendy rework are not actually Wendy mains, and are thus not really the demographic that would be best served by a Wendy rework. They are generally folks who have not put in a great deal of time on her, and are frustrated by Abigail's fragility and foolishness. The majority of my 3000+ hours have been spent on Wendy, and I think, in her current state, she's probably the closest to ideal balance of the whole cast. She has clear strengths and weaknesses, but her strengths are situational and her weaknesses are meaningfully broad, which encourages her to specialize and find a niche to survive. All survivor designs should be following her example, if the goal is truly an uncompromising wilderness survival experience. My vote is for Wes next. I want him to stay as a challenge character, but I also want him to have some reason to be played other than to flex. In his current state, I don't even think he's really the most challenging character; Maxwell is squishier, and Wormwood is probably effectively squishier due to his healing restrictions, which means they allow less room for error than Wes does and generally provide greater challenge.
  17. Bufaloo

    Agreed with Sinanco. A fully domesticated ornery beefalo is about as powerful an asset as Bone Armor, and they take similar effort and time to acquire. What I would like is the ability to feed beefalo with Warly's Spicy Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and also take them into the caves (or at least have mounts in the caves that can be domesticated using a similar mechanic and grant similar benefits)
  18. Ponds already freeze in winter. I assume that the ocean doesn't freeze because it is saltwater and would require much lower temperatures.
  19. This is not quite accurate. Wolfgang's hunger drain will always be higher than "average". It will usually be much higher than Warly's even if it is being managed by an advanced Wolfgang main. Here is a list of all characters arranged by their effective hunger drain. Warly is actually pretty close to the bottom. Mightygang: 3x-1.5x (it accelerates linearly as he approaches a full stomach) Wortox: 2x (caused indirectly by reduced nutrition from material food) Winona: 1.533x-1.0x (fluctuates based on how optimally she spreads out her speedcrafting sessions) Normalgang: 1.5x (this is stable--hunger drain does not fluctuate from this fixed value unless he transforms) Wimpygang: 1.5x-1.01x (it decelerates linearly as he approaches an empty stomach) Wes: 1.25x Warly: 1.2x "Normal"-draining character, e.g. Wilson: 1.0x Werebeaver: 0x (the Log meter is separate from the Hunger meter--Woodie's Hunger does not decrease at all in Werebeaver form) Any starving character: 0x (because hunger cannot drain to lower than 0) There is a common bit of misinformation floating around that Wimpygang's hunger drains slower than default (75/day), and that Normalgang's drain is default, but this is not the case. He will drain much faster than Warly until he falls to 40 out of his 300 hunger maximum, which is extremely far into his Wimpy form. At that point his HP pool would be down to about 56.67% of his Mighty form pool, he'd be suffering a 6% movespeed loss, and his damage output would be at 60% of standard value (Wendy and Wes hit for 75% of standard, for comparison). It is extremely rare for skilled Wolfgang players to become this Wimpy voluntarily. When they do, it's usually a trick to take advantage of the small Wimpy HP pool for more efficient healing, after which they will immediately return to Normal form and continue to drain much faster than Warly. I feel I also ought to note that late-game worlds typically have automated or semi-automated meat farms which produce much more meat than players can actually eat, without any significant ongoing time investment from the player, with the surplus being kept in bundling wraps. So what ultimately determines how much time you lose feeding yourself late-game isn't really your hunger drain on its own--it's a function of your hunger drain and the maximum size of your stomach, e.g. how long you can last in the wild getting things done before needing to retrieve and open your bundle wrap of effectively-limitless food, as Mooka alluded in the post above me. By this metric, Warly is the most efficient of all Survivors in DST, capable of living for 2.77 days on a full stomach before he begins to take starve damage; behind him is fully upgraded WX at 2.67 days, Webber and Wortox tied at 2.33 days, the "default" characters at 2 days, Wigfrid at 1.6 days, and poor maligned Wes at a measly 1.2 days. Wolfgang is an odd duck here because he's the only character who needs to eat all the time to stay at peak efficiency. The others can all ignore their hunger until it gets very low and suffer no consequences for it. Those first three that you listed, alone, are sufficient. Turkey Dinner's +20 counteracts Monster Tartare's -20, and together the three of them restore 200 hunger, which will last you until a while after Warly's food memory is wiped. The fact that there are so many more dishes beyond those three gives tons of additional flexibility. IMHO, "has helpful books" is a very generous way to refer to Wickerbottom's library if the ideal here is simplicity. She is a far, far bigger problem for the game than Warly in terms of complexity/depth ratio. (I definitely agree with your principle that simplicity is preferable, though) Similarly, your summary of Warly seems hyperbolically detailed. You didn't include "constantly starves" to Wolfgang's description even though Wolfgang's starvation rate is much faster than Warly's. "gets different health and sanity values from food for some reason" is just a subset of "needs food variety" which is straightforward enough. "needs to keep his pack filled with an assortment of ingredients and crockpot instead of useful tools" is a subjective extrapolation which doesn't hold up in practice--he can make all 3 of Turkey Dinner, Meatballs, and Monster Tartare with just monster meat, drumsticks, and berries. All characters carry 2-3 stacks of food items in their pack in the early game so Warly doesn't stand out in that regard. Neither does he stand out by losing one inventory slot to a useful character-specific item like the Codex Umbra, Abigail's Flower, or Lucy.
  20. Couple points here: 1) There's a very simple way to avoid a need for food spreadsheets as Warly. His food memory lasts 2 days. In two days, his stomach loses 180 Hunger points. He has 250 Hunger points in total. So if you prepare a few unique dishes whenever he falls below 70 Hunger and give him a proper feast to fill up on, he'll always have forgotten them and reset to normal the next time you have to do it again. No need to keep track of anything. It only becomes complicated and spreadsheet-y if you're feeding him in little increments all the time, instead of in one big meal every ~2.5 days or so. There's tons and tons of great options to prepare a cheap feast of 180 or more total Hunger points with just two or three dishes; meaty stew + kebabs, moqueca + turkey dinner, bone bouillon + fancy spiralled tubers, bacon&eggs + honey ham + fistful of jam. If you know how to cook 2-3 of the really hunger-efficient recipes (meatballs, meaty stew, bacon&eggs) you're set. 2) yes, it's this
  21. I like this idea a lot. The Ancient Guardian's lore has so much depth and tragedy, but his visual design and gameplay mechanics make him so silly in his current state. A redesign of this scale would really help to flesh out his place in the world, particularly the complicated history he had with Maxwell. I always loved that someone so normally grouchy and emotionally withdrawn as Maxwell could be so sentimental about this monster losing its mind. Maxwell on the Guardian Horn: "I'm sorry I had to do that, old friend." / "A regrettable end, my old friend." (single-player / DST) and on the Large Ornate Chest: "It's almost like he's still alive."
  22. This is a cool idea. There was a bug to instantly grow lureplant with a well-timed punch as they were planted in single player once, it was fun.
  23. NGL, I find the Pepper Poppers inconsistent for similar reasons. Hot Dragon Chili Salad *restores* 10 sanity but is presumably much spicier than the Pepper Poppers since its warming effect is so much more potent. But it's easier for me to overlook the inconsistency with Pepper Poppers because they're not as prominent of a dish. I expect the player base will cook at least 10x more Fish Cordon Bleu than Pepper Poppers. Again, if the issue is the "swampish"-ness, then why do cooked frog legs and the froggle bunwich not drain sanity? As for defying science, all of Warly's other "magical effect" dishes restore 10 sanity except for the Grim Galette (which restores 5 and then applies its sanity/HP swap). When I was playing the Warly beta I thought that Fish Cordon Bleu was probably intended to give +10 sanity too and that the drain was a typo in the code. But it's been weeks now and the value's stayed, so I guess it was intentional; just seems like an odd intention to me : P
  24. This isn't exactly a deep mechanical oversight, but it's just so odd to me lore-wise. Fish Cordon Bleu drains 10 sanity on consumption, but most characters' examination quotes suggest that they enjoyed it (Wendy: "It's actually... really good..." Wickerbottom: "I'll happily volunteer to taste-test." Wigfrid: "My ally is a god among men." Winona: "Mmm! Love Warly's dishes." Wormwood: "Yum yums!") You could ascribe it to the foreignness of a frog leg dish for some characters' cultural backgrounds, I suppose, but no one takes any sanity penalties from cooked frog legs or the Froggle Bunwich, which is a much stranger meal. What gives?