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  1. They didn’t listen to this Wendy main, I said to leave her be : P There was no stopping this, though. Gotta rip the band-aid off sometime. Maybe I’ll even like it. This is the first piece of RoT content that I’m really anxious about though, if they change her as extensively as they changed Woodie then I’m gonna be sad. Just make Abby prioritize the Woven Shadows over Fuelweaver, that’s all she needs <3
  2. Wendy Rework?

    It takes precisely 1-3 in-game days. The math is in the abigail_flower.lua file, it's (1 + math.random() * 2) days, which is 8-24 minutes. (Thank you @Warlockadamm for clarifying this on my behalf) I'm making no assumptions about changes to Abby's AI. Personally I kind of like how dumb she is, because it emphasizes the mutuality of their relationship. Wendy's value as a caretaker is greater if Abby isn't super bright and needs saving sometimes; it gives them a Lennie/George Of Mice and Men vibe, and it raises uncomfortably spooky existential questions about the damage that death and ghostliness may do to one's consciousness. Either way, I stand by my original point. No matter how smart or dumb Abigail is, 8-24 minutes is too long of a cooldown. If a superior AI enables her to survive danger more frequently, that will just make the periods where she is banished stand out as that much more irritating. If Abby has a cooldown, it ought be possible for experienced Wendy mains to significantly reduce it somehow, if not through flower cycling then through some other method. The method doesn't have to be easy, but it has to be possible, and it has to be doable consistently with practice, otherwise there won't be any interesting reward for Wendy mastery.
  3. Wendy Rework?

    Ok sure, but how many abilities in Smite have cooldowns of 8-24 minutes? I don't mind Abigail having a cooldown, but the cooldown should not be so long as to arbitrarily lock her out of her key benefit for a chunk of time that could be a full half of a typical play session. Survivors' drawbacks should be challenging, but they shouldn't be impossible for a skilled player to overcome (e.g. Maxwell is squishy but he can still survive dangerous situations through kiting--he just has to be a little more consistent about his kiting than the rest of the gang). Imposing a long "no-Abigail" time frame where even experienced Wendy mains are completely denied access to her kit would just be brute-force lowering of her skill ceiling and depth.
  4. Wendy Rework?

    I was aware, but I am glad the discovery has brought you such joy : ) Basically everything that has a hit point will summon her, aside from a few special-cased structures like walls. Personally I just kill the first mob I come across (usually butterfly, spider, pigman, catcoon, or crawling horror). I wouldn't like to sacrifice an inventory slot to a single-use pumpkin lantern when any other mob works too. BERNIE! has more HP than Abigail, but he cannot self-heal or stunlock enemies, which makes Abigail effectively tankier in numerous situations. Abigail usually deals significantly more damage than BERNIE! because of her faster attack period and her AOE; Bernie deals 50 damage per hit to a single target every 2 seconds (25 DPS), while Abigail deals up to 40 damage per hit to multiple targets every 1 second (40 DPS per target). Abigail can win a fight unaided vs. ~14 hounds at night and ~8 at dusk, and she'll win it much faster than BERNIE! will win vs. the ~7ish hounds that are his upper limit (you can test this in console, you don't have to take my word for it). Both of them can win a fight unaided vs. a single depths worm and will lose unaided to 2 or more depths worms, but Abigail does it a lot faster and thus takes only ~525 damage over the course of the fight to BERNIE's ~975 (not counting whatever damage BERNIE! takes to Willow's nightmares). It is true the BERNIE! draws aggro from range, which is a useful perk. I wouldn't mind reworked Abigail being able to do that. BERNIE! is definitely superior to Abigail for boss fights, aside from Fuelweaver, where both of them are currently a huge nuisance. Abigail is better for trash mobs though. She never needs repair because her passive healing tops her off between fights. You don't need "a bunch" of flowers--Abigail shouldn't need any maintenance against trash mobs beyond cycling two flowers. Unlike BERNIE!, Abigail also stays active when you're sane, and doesn't get lost trying to follow you through wormholes / Telelocation / Lazy Desertion. You have a good point lorewise. I think there might be a solution to be found that keeps something like flower cycling available mechanically while straightening out the lore though, something along the lines of how Woodie can "summon" Lucy with a plain flint axe if he loses her. Yes, I am one of those people, and it is definitely true. : 3 Like I was saying to Mr. Despair, I disagree that weaker mobs are less significant. You'll spend a lot more time fighting trash mobs than bosses in a typical playthrough. BERNIE! would only be better than Abigail vs. trash mobs in a world with near-permanent summer or near-permanent day. And even in that world, Abby would still be better in the caves. Abigail can be dismissed voluntarily. If you're going into the swamp or harvesting honey, just give her a smack with Wendy's fist or any handheld item; she'll poof instantly. Do your business in solitude, summon her back with your second flower whenever you're ready.
  5. Wendy Rework?

    Not quite; the issue is that, for most characters, the time to gather the extra resources to craft clubs is much longer than the time saved by shorter fights. You can make 3 dark swords with the resources that it takes to make 1 club, and that's usually a much more efficient option. (making a hambat and keeping it fresh in a bundling wrap sheath is usually much more efficient than either the club or the sword for that matter, lol) It's a similar issue to why you don't often see anyone but Wicker crafting blow darts on a regular basis, even though blow darts are by far the highest direct-DPS weapon and would thus save significant time in combat. The fact of the matter is simply that combat is a relatively small fraction of the amount of time spent in any DST playthrough, and boss fights are a small fraction of that small fraction. Even in speedruns where a major boss fight is literally the only objective, boss fights will range from ~20% at most and ~3% at least of the total time in the run. The need to save time in combat is grossly overstated. The main reason to go out of one's way to shorten a boss fight is not to save time overall, but to reduce the window of opportunities for the player to make mistakes in a high-stress situation. I don't believe the numbers are wrong. I did the math quite carefully. Damaged clockworks have 900 HP (in DST). With a fresh hambat this takes a normal damage character 16 hits, and Wendy/Wes 21 hits. Player attack period is 0.5. This means Wendy and Wes take 2.5 extra seconds to kill a clockwork with a fresh hambat. (Note, again, that Wendy kills them a second or two faster than default damage characters if Abby is up) As I explained before, you don't have to kill "all the mobs and bosses" to set up automated or semi-automated boss-killing arenas. The only mobs you have to kill are clockworks, to get gears for fling-o cheese (and not even very many of those, since you get some gears just from hammering broken clockwork piles). The rest of the work is just hammering/building bunny hutches, planting lureplants, building statues, etc.--these are non-combat tasks in which damage modifiers are completely irrelevant. What you're describing is an initial legit (or semi-legit) boss rush, which many people perform as part of their preferred playstyle, but which is by no means a prerequisite for automation since none of the automation methods depend on access to boss loot. Even if Wendy chose to do one, the extra minutes on one initial semi-legit boss rush would quickly be regained through the time that she would save over the rest of the world's lifetime vs. hounds and depths worms (which come every 5.5 and 8.5 days on average, respectively, after the 100-days-survived mark). Well, you've got me here; "a very different and unique gameplay style" is subjective. The concept of a weapon that "crits" for a certain amount of bonus damage, that also bypasses character damage modifiers, is interesting to me, and certainly unique in DS/T. But I can see how its uniqueness might strike others as underwhelming. You're still just holding the attack key and kiting, and maybe breaking up the mob's attack pattern slightly due to the shadow tentacles messing with their aggro; all that's meaningfully different is some math about the damage, that happens to be disproportionately helpful to low-damage-modifier characters, and is rather abstracted from the micro gameplay experience that you seem to value for "uniqueness".
  6. Wendy Rework?

    It doesn't, it is not, and there are many reasons for other characters to not use it, the main one being the cost of its ingredients. For Wendy and Wes, a club represents about a 14.66% spike in their damage output compared to the dark sword (51 with the sword vs 58.225 with the club, i.e. roughly the difference between a tentacle spike and a fresh hambat for default characters). For default damage characters, the increase is much less noticeable (68 with the sword vs 73.1 with the club--a mere 7.5% increase, half that of Wes/Wendy). A default damage character is less likely to consider it worth paying 4 Thulecite and 2 additional living logs for such a small upgrade. With a damage modifier above 1.6x (through Wolfgang mightiness and/or Warly buffs) it actually becomes a net LOSS of damage to choose the club over the sword (68 dark sword damage * 1.6 = 108.8 = (59.5 base club damage * 1.6) + 13.6 average tentacle crit damage). Are we talking about the same kind of automation? The automated methods I know generally involve Bunnyman allies, lureplants, statues, fling-o cheese, houndius shootii, Wicker's tentacles, and/or Winona's catapults, none of which can be obtained significantly faster through use of a high damage modifier. It helps you kill clockworks a little faster if you're looking for fling-o gears in the Ruins, I guess? So like, 2-3 extra seconds per clockwork, assuming Abigail is down, while gaining 1-2 seconds when she's up? This does not strike me as noticeable slowness. I think the relevant perks for this task are going to be things like movespeed boosts or minion utility, not damage modifiers. The value of bonus movespeed doesn't fall off nearly as hard lategame as the value of bonus damage does. Not that I think a race to automated farming is any more sensible of a basis for tier lists than boss rushing; they're both things of highly subjective value to pursue, as they're both almost completely unrelated to survival, the game's only objective goal. In any case I'm less concerned with the small amount of time I lose doing an initial semi-legit boss rush as Wendy, and more concerned with how much time I save lategame by not needing to retreat from whatever project I'm working on when I'm away from base during a hound wave / how much time I save on depths worm waves by not having to spend as long getting them synced (due to a combination of less time syncing their attack animations and Abigail's permanent bonus damage in caves, Wendy clears 5-worm waves roughly as fast as a Wolfgang with maximum Mightiness). Post-rework Woodie's Weremoose form is also decent for that purpose now, but the micro gameplay experience of learning the Weremoose charge timing is different enough from combat with Abigail that it doesn't feel intrusive to me.
  7. Wendy Rework?

    Yes, Winona's effective hunger drain can be as small as 75/day or as high as 115/day depending on how poorly or how well the player manages her crafting sessions. [115/day, for context, is actually higher than Warly's drain (90/day), Wes' drain (93.75/day), and Normalgang's drain (112.5/day). Only Mightygang's is higher (and Wortox's, kinda; Wortox effectively loses 150/day since he only gains half value from normal food, but he can supplement this with souls).]
  8. Wendy Rework?

    Well, I haven't seen your older post, but the math is pretty straightforward. Wendy has a 0.75x damage modifier. The reciprocal of 0.75 is ~1.33. Wendy therefore takes ~1.33 times longer to kill things using direct weapon-inflicted damage. If there is some risk of Wendy taking damage in a fight, she will need 1.33 times as much armor and healing to recover from it as characters with normal damage modifiers, since she has 1.33 times as many opportunities to get hit (whether she takes hits deliberately while tanking, or accidentally while kiting). If she is using weapons with finite durability, she will need to bring 1.33 times as many of them. I agree the number is "notorious", but I don't think it deserves to be. Hambats usually make weapon durability a non-issue. Kiting makes armor and healing a small issue. Time spent in combat with raid bosses is a very small proportion of total DST playthrough time, so applying a 1.33x multiplier to it is also a small issue. Since Wendy generally comes out ahead of other characters in terms of time/resources spent in fights against trash mobs (since Abigail actually lives long enough to deal meaningful damage in those), I'd call it a pretty even tradeoff. Finding ways to deal with low damage is actually one of the more engaging challenges in the game for me, and I hope that aspect of Wendy (and Wes, in his eventual rework) is retained. It motivated me to experiment with obscure mechanics that I'd never have felt the need to try otherwise. I like how the Thulecite Club becomes more appealing the lower your damage modifier gets because of how the "shadow tentacle crit" effect always does 13.6 average bonus damage per swing, unaffected by Wigfrid's strength or Wolfgang's Mightiness; same with the Ornery Beefalo. (it's also worth noting that every raid boss' loot can be farmed through automated or semi-automated means in the lategame, making damage modifiers somewhat irrelevant at that point if you're not just fighting bosses for fun)
  9. Wendy Rework?

    Imo it's extremely inefficient to heal Abigail with salves/poultices. She regenerates from 1 to full HP over the course of 10 minutes without you needing to spend any resources at all. Also, since she has no damage reduction from armor or other sources, you'd always have to heal her the full amount of damage that she tanked, which could get to absurd values really fast (2 honey poultices needed to heal 3 hound bites, 5 honey poultices needed to heal a single Deerclops smash). In most situations that involve any real danger, the enemy mobs will be damaging Abigail a lot faster than you can heal her with items, since there's a hard minimum time on the heal animation. Flower cycling is very cheap by comparison. You don't have to heal Abby, just summon her back immediately after she poofs and she'll be topped off to her maximum 600 hp with no healing items required, just 50 of your sanity.
  10. Wendy Rework?

    Wendy has two components to her identity: ghosts, and cheap mobile AoE. Ghosts are what tie her lore/flavor to the Lydia Deetz-esque goth girl archetype and all that accompanies it (fascination with death, general morbidity, dry deadpan wit, suicidal ideation). Cheap mobile AoE is what distinguishes her in-game playstyle from every other Survivor's. Post-rework Winona has strong AoE with her catapults, but it is neither mobile nor cheap. Post-rework Woodie has some relatively cheap mobile AoE with his Moose form's Charge attack, but it can't be sustained indefinitely and is slightly more resource intensive (3 monster meat, 2 grass, 20hp, 24 sanity, and all of Woodie's current Hunger to become a moose for 4 minutes, vs. 50 sanity to summon and keep Abigail for an indefinitely long period of time). I am fond of the suggestions from AngryMan, SinancoTheBest, and Mike23Ua for grave and player-ghost interactions, as this would sharpen Wendy's "ghost" identity component without adding too much generic strength to her kit. I would be very cautious about a broad overhaul of Abigail's abilities though. Abigail is a very well-balanced pet already IMHO. Flower cycling allows you to keep her around indefinitely, except during raid boss fights, which are one of Wendy's intended gameplay weaknesses. If it were possible for Wendy to keep Abigail alive and dealing consistent damage throughout the entirety of a raid boss fight, then her DPS would be similar to Wigfrid's, but without the penalty of obligate carnivory. This would not be a desirable outcome if the goal is to have a character whose strengths and weaknesses feel unique. The only raid boss fights that Wendy should arguably do well in, are fights in which swarms of individually-weak minions/adds are the most important component of the boss' gimmick (e.g. Bee Queen, Fuelweaver). I would definitely like to see Abigail prioritize Woven Shadows (and possibly Unseen Hands) consistently in the Fuelweaver fight, which she currently fails to do, making her worse than useless for FW's second phase since she often pins him down in one spot when you're trying to lure him away from his Woven Shadows. A small buff to her damage radius in order to keep her alive longer vs. Grumble Bees could also be nice; she doesn't currently stunlock them as reliably as she stunlocks spiders and normal bees, and I believe this is due to a combination of their attack radius being a fair bit larger than Abby's and having superior hit recovery. (Players have no difficulty stunlocking individual Grumble Bees with their basic attacks, though)
  11. There is no prompt to ignite Winona's GEMerator with a torch, even though it is flammable. The prompt appears with a Fire Staff equipped, and it appears for the torch on other flammable structures. The GEMerator can still smolder and ignite from nearby fires. Only the specific GEMerator/torch combo is barred. Winona's nitre generator is unaffected, and can be ignited with a torch normally.
  12. Elite Pigs Don't Attack?

    This issue seems to have resolved, I can't reproduce it anymore and the Elite Pigs now attack at my direction fine. Don't know what the issue was before.
  13. Elite Pigs Don't Attack?

    I might be missing something here, but the Elite Pigs summoned with Clout Snouts are completely ignoring my targets and then disappearing after a few seconds.
  14. Can confirm, I cannot get the examination quotes with any Survivor.
  15. [Game Update] - 381550

    nevermind, it's fixed now