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  1. I was aware of this, but I assumed it was intentional to curb the otherwise-rampant bonus DPS of the tentacles. Even one pair of tentacle swipes per 5 strikes raises effective damage per hit of the club from 59.5 to 73.1, higher than the morning star on wet targets. Three pairs of swipes would raise them above blow darts. Walter's Cursed Rounds summon tentacles every other hit, instead of every 5 hits, raising their effective damage per hit from 51 to 85. Multiple pairs of swipes would raise this damage much faster than it would raise the thulecite club's, since they summon tentacles much more frequently; a single extra pair of swipes would raise it to 119.
  2. Scouting started in the 1910s. This is also how Willow is able to have been a Girl Scout.
  3. Very excited for and appreciative of this new free character, though I share the concern that his list of perks and drawbacks is a bit overloaded. I feel confident that will be addressed with tweaks after his release though. I think his "theme" is intended to be "ranged support", damage and debuff enemies at a distance. I don't think he will be a "cannon", though he might be glass. Woby sounds useful for megabasing, since she gives more slots to carry bundlewrapped rocky turf for big cobblestone projects, which presumably stacks with Shadow Chester/Hutch. Campfire storytelling doesn't sound very useful to me, but it does sound wholesome AF, and I will probably enjoy its roleplay value.
  4. I think it's different people making each argument. I didn't react in the forums much to Rework 1.0 because I was testing her in-game during my free hours the whole week, and had no time left to type up all of my thoughts here. I see the irony though : 3
  5. I don't consider low HP to be a big risk factor, especially since it was something players could opt into rather than something they were compelled to do by force. If you didn't like being at low HP, you could make do with 20 DPS Abigail. It was still reasonably friendly to new players. The issue with Rework 1.0, for me, was that Abigail was not actually "a Dark Sword ghost" at 1hp. She did 60 damage per second to single targets and 52 in an AOE. The dark sword does ~136 damage to single targets, because player attack period is twice as fast as Abigail's and it does 68 damage per hit. Those were the numbers I was expecting when Klei announced their planned changes a couple weeks ago, but the damage we got was much lower. I was imagining that a 1hp Wendy would yield something like a 100dps Abigail, and I was prepared to hover around 16-21hp for a ~90dps Abigail while still keeping a little above the threshold where I could be one-shot. Even so, I thought the low-HP bonus had the most potential of the announced new mechanics, and I am very sad to see it gone in Rework 2.0 rather than simply increased. I do like the support mechanic of Abigail shredding enemy defenses for 1.1x bonus from all sources in Rework 2.0 though, I hope that is preserved. Wendy main of many years here. I really liked the low HP mechanic in principle, even though I felt the amount of damage gained was too small. My instinct would be to keep the low HP mechanic, the allied damage buff, and the day/night cycle buff, and have them be small individually but stack multiplicatively. Give people options while preserving risk/reward. In any case I'm happy that Klei listens to feedback and that the discussion is passionate. It was never going to be easy to please everyone but I hope my two cents are of some value as Wendy continues being tweaked.
  6. @emin61 This line seems unambiguous, Abi will be stronger when Wendy is low. Running around with 1hp is totally doable, though I'd probably do ~16hp to survive surprise hits from Terrorbeaks and Depths Worms in the dark.
  7. It seems unlikely. Perk descriptions allude to the flower staying in your inventory even while Abi is summoned (to issue stay/go commands). That suggests multiple flowers per Wendy will no longer be a thing, killing flower cycling and sanity stations.
  8. This is the most interesting change to me. High-risk/high-reward mechanics are cool and raise the skill ceiling, and this one is relatively simple, which is good for an ideal complexity:depth ratio. This would be the first instance of a scenario where low HP is actively desirable in the Don't Starve franchise. I'm a little antsy about these. Farming Mourning Glory sounds potentially tedious if it requires a visit to gravestones every time, and adding more character-specific crafting is bad for complexity:depth ratio. I'm guessing they will grant Abigail perks like damage reduction? "Pipspook" is an adorable name though, kudos for that.
  9. They didn’t listen to this Wendy main, I said to leave her be : P There was no stopping this, though. Gotta rip the band-aid off sometime. Maybe I’ll even like it. This is the first piece of RoT content that I’m really anxious about though, if they change her as extensively as they changed Woodie then I’m gonna be sad. Just make Abby prioritize the Woven Shadows over Fuelweaver, that’s all she needs <3
  10. There is no prompt to ignite Winona's GEMerator with a torch, even though it is flammable. The prompt appears with a Fire Staff equipped, and it appears for the torch on other flammable structures. The GEMerator can still smolder and ignite from nearby fires. Only the specific GEMerator/torch combo is barred. Winona's nitre generator is unaffected, and can be ignited with a torch normally.
  11. This issue seems to have resolved, I can't reproduce it anymore and the Elite Pigs now attack at my direction fine. Don't know what the issue was before.
  12. I might be missing something here, but the Elite Pigs summoned with Clout Snouts are completely ignoring my targets and then disappearing after a few seconds.