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  1. I was also having problems with this. I had 6 people on the server it was really, really laggy.
  2. When Wortox does his idle dancing animation, the Enlightenment Crown disappears if it's in full sanity floaty mode. It's fine if it's not floating.
  3. If you put a starcaller staff in the moonstone altar and it hits full moon during the moon altar event, the game crashes. We had it happen twice tonight (had to replicate it). I can pull clips from my stream if needed.
  4. Thank you for revamping the system! I'm really excited for the new drops system (and for the new drop!).
  5. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Oh, I'm so excited. I'm so tired of people abusing the drop system. I can't wait to see what happens now!
  6. If you pick up a bird trap with a bird in it while on a Beefalo, the bird disappears. You pick up the trap, it has lost no durability, and the bird goes nowhere. I've tested this with multiple different birds.
  7. YAAAAS I love the new skins and I'm so excited about the boat updates!! <3
  8. If Walter acquires a pet because a player got one as another character, Woby and the pet try to occupy the same space, and Woby will continually run trying to get to the spot where she wants to be, which pushes Walter slowly across the screen. This is SUPER ANNOYING when you're trying to place items. Thanks! ETA: I have a Puft skin Glomglom as a pet.
  9. It's so annoying to hang things up on the new skin! The hitbox is so narrow now. The old skin was really easy to mass hang things, but now with the new skin you have to make sure you're almost pixel perfect otherwise you just drop whatever you're holding on the ground. Usually several times in a row. It looks amazing, and I want to keep using it!
  10. I was switching between the cool down crown and the healing dealt crown and as I was switching near the edge, the healing dealt crown dropped out of bounds. Clip here:
  11. I also had this problem with Webber as the quest target.