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  1. This is best thing to wake up to Nice work Klei. :3 <3 Tho THE HOUNDS are now more HUNGRY FOR WES FLESH! 83
  2. Stars above you want to be treated like actual dirt pick Wes. I've seen it all: kicked before I can even harvest a twig, S.-Talked constantly even though I am well aware of what i'm doing, (More so then them but oh my i don't want to start stuff so I zip it.), building almost everything in the base and then told shortly after that I'm a waste of food. The list is endless. I just wish people would relax and stop being so rude. So, uh don't do that please? :'3 You hurting my feelings.
  3. Just finished this a little while ago. ://3
  4. I've had him for a good while but never did anything with them. But now I wanna try to dust 'em off and make a decent mod. :^)
  5. Thanks! Wes is my favorite character and it would be so cool if they could meet one day. :'^) Just more character studies. I haven't draw him in forever so I'm trying to regain some ground. Lol :'0
  6. I drew Wayte encountering a certain mime. Just a small sketch after working on that dang animation all day. :'3
  7. Sure can. I'm not very tech savvy. :'0 I haven't seen the new Marvel characters but if they believe in not punching bunnies in the face then yeah! And thanks! <3
  8. I'm reworking an old character and their mod. His name is Wayte Staccato and I want him to be exclusive to Don't Starve Together as he is a big support to others but can not bring himself to attack ANY enemies in the game. Therefore he would have to rely on others to do the fighting for him which forces players to cooperate. Or you know raise your charisma levels? I don't know. Here's my dumb oc lol! ALSO thank you so much you all are very kind! :^)
  9. My years old topic is kinda too old to use and a lot of the links are broken so I thought that I'd start a brand new one! I use to to be called Timmathy but now I'm trying to convert over to my stream name 2Kawaii2Die. (Same old weeb! New skin!) Anyway I got a few emotes that I was trying to add for my twitch beans. They are all of my favorite clown boi, Wes! I hope you all like 'em. <3
  10. So are you still making mods for Dts?

    and if so do you do characters?

  11. Can anyone tell me a code to make my character receive more damage from freezing? And maybe less insulated from cold?
  12. Oh I really want to. As you could probably tell I enjoy taking off on long hiatuses. I still do art and am planning to come back very soon. I'm usually on the DS amino.