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Who is the most polite Survivor?

Who is the most polite Survivor?  

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  1. 1. Most polite Survivor? (DST cast)

    • Wilson
    • Willow
    • Wolfgang
    • Wendy
    • WX-78
    • Wickerbottom
    • Woodie
    • Wes
    • Maxwell
    • Wigfrid
    • Webber
    • Winona
    • Warly
    • Wortox
    • Wormwood
    • Wurt

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I went with Winona. She just seems nice? Webber was a close second but I imagine childish jokes that could be rude. Wicker would be stereotypically polite but she'd have no qualms being rude if you annoyed her. Woodie is the sort of Canadian that I could see on an oil rig, and those guys are known for being the sort into dirty humor & just all around gruff. Maybe Wes but that's just 'cause he doesn't say anything.

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5 minutes ago, Voidbarker said:


wx-78 is canonically referred to w/ they/them pronouns.

also i reckon wickerbottom would be the most polite, followed by both wendy and webber, then maxwell.

Ah sorryyy
I'm just so used to defaulting to he

Is no one taking Wolfgang into consideration here?

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Opinions on my favorite characters (kind of headcanon-ish)

•I literally can't picture Wilson doing anything mean.... to people.

Animals however...he sure loves using animals for his experiments

•I can't vote for wicker. She strikes me as slightly superficial. Webber could learn how to teach a spider a new trick and she would go "yes that's nice dear, now let me get back to my reading.

•Maxwells kind of an a..jerk, and most likely only acts once when it suits him. He does have his moments tho, he's still human(?) after all

•Wolfgang is the stereotypical tough guy with a big heart so yeah he's pretty polite. 

•Wes is well Wes and although is very weak and can't talk, he'll always listen if you need someone to talk and likes when everyone's happy

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Wilson has to be the most polite, because he greets everybody politely with "Greetings" or "Good Day" except for Maxwell, whose guts he hates, and even then, it's only degraded to "Decent day." That's how Wilson talks to people he hates. He's a gentleman. He has excellent manners.

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