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  1. I voted wes just bc you put him on there but honestly wickerbottom's voice keeps me sane and I love wheeler's.
  2. [Poll] On Caveless Worlds

    Honestly I just don't like playing caves. :/ But also the thing about pc limitations.
  3. Hook, Line and Inker

    Oh my god thank you, why are so many people like this
  4. Aaaa this is really cute! Love the colors. Gives me a real 80s vibe
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I guess I can post this here since the text is from a meme? Anyway this is me whenever I look at a thread on here that isn't from the art subforum
  6. I felt like for a while I drew Wilson suffering too much so I tried to fix that
  7. As I said on the stream, I didn't feel like coloring this week but I still had fun with the prompt. Also did another merm guard, a koi and professor alpaca drawn while Jesse was giving us those sizzling tips, and an...angrily tap dancing WX I did during the Ragtime Part Of The Show
  8. I had a pet fish named Wilson when I was in high school and started playing don't starve. I called him "Smol Wilson" and proclaimed him king. (And yes I know Wurt doesn't use "I", my mistake)
  9. I did doodle pages upon doodle pages of Wurt. Absolutely superb you funky little fish girl
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm kind of scared of you guys but I made a thing
  11. What About Movie?

    I don't think a feature film would be practical. Klei is first and foremost a game developer, games and movies work totally differently, and I'm fine enough with the shorts. Heck, I think they're a better way to tell the story. Personal bias coming in here, but i also like a little mystery and am not really fond of people trying to turn don't starve into some kind of sweeping epic. Not everything has to be on a grand scale. :/
  12. And then after that Wilson I wanted to draw Willow
  13. Playing around with marker techniques with good old Wilson!
  14. Blind drawing from the stream and a couple more character doodles. Think I'm gonna clean up and color Wendy, I really like how she came out.