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  1. Wildfires are part of summer. I like so many use the time to explore the cave and the ruins. I would like the wildfire to not burn boats. Seems that sailing on water should lower the temp. The boats are one Wildfires should not happen.
  2. Looks like some joker spawned it in. I don't think it is a bug.
  3. Back to the tips for New Players. 1. Don't expect anyone to help you. If you can't survive a season don't join. 2. If it is a long running server while in the que I ask if I can join. If ppl say no I leave. 3. While in the que look at the player. Pick a player that will help the team. 4. If you find the base ask if you can take thing. Ex. Can I take this tam on the ground? Can I get some cut grass to make a backpack? Don't assume everything is free for the taking. Ask first.
  4. Can you show an example of this? I know it will freeze the toad until he is hit but perma-freeze?
  5. Very good advice. Another way to get the krampus sacks is to farm birds near the bunnymen. place a wall around the area you want the birds to fall. Wicker read your books. Have a tele (purple staff available to tele the shadows) then the bunnymen will kill the Krampus for you.
  6. When fighting the Ancient Guardian take off the lag prediction It will help in the fight.
  7. Some of my friends in China say Twitch is blocked.
  8. Love it. So many of my friends can not get Twitch in their county. Glad you are doing this.
  9. Hi Giddy saw your post and just want to stop by and say its been a long time.:p

  10. Unable to enter the caves in the public klei servers