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  1. Wilson the Barber

    You know it's bad when you can't tell which sugestion is a meme and which one is real.
  2. So I made a pole about Woodie to see the community's opnion about him, and it seemed to have a consensus and now I decided to make a pole abot Warly as (from certain threads I've seen) he's more of a controversial character, many see him as a weak character with downsides too bad to make up for his upsides and many see him as a good character that is viable and balanced This is going to be interesting! Or not...
  3. (Mostly DST) Forumite Tierlists

    Try playng this in a guitar.
  4. Forum Game | "Klei Forums sings Revenge"

    So we back in the mine
  5. Pardon me for what I just did.
  6. We here at Klei are proud to announce the next update where the Wes rework finnaly releases on March 13! This has been a long awaited update as our goal was to bring a balance update to the game but sadly we only managed to bring a little bit of improvements. We hope you enjoy this release and don't forget to visit the official website so you can check the current progress and updates of the Reworked Wes.Changes in the Wes Reworked:–The Wes now costs 75 gold at the base tier – making it not only the most expensive weapon in the game, but also one of the most cost-efficient ones–The Wes now fires a very long range projectile and is not only the hardest hitting weapon in the game but also one of the most splashy projectiles–The Wes now has more ammo capacity than the previous reworked version, but the ammo capacity is now fixed. It is worth noting that in order for the Wes to not be overpowered, it must not only have that long range projectile, but also it must have some sort of projectile explosion to create a big crowd. In a similar style to the Reworked
  7. Ban GNO because Blue is just as good as Pinkerton
  8. Ban FreyaMaluk because that wasn't an odd reason to ban me, it was actually a pretty normal reason...
  9. Ban I_Link_I for being desperate.
  10. I've decided to make a pole about Woodie's rework to know about the community's opnion on him, in my opnion he's fine in his current state, as he's balanced and there aren't any changes that I would make
  11. I don't know man, 8 hp for pressing Ctrl+F seems like a pretty good deal to me...
  12. Music thread

    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Honey Lyrics I don't have any comments, this song and the album that it's from make me speechless
  13. Ban I_Link_I because if just left the mistake there, they would probably just ban me for the mistake
  14. Ban GNO for having a name which smacks of a guy who killed me in TF2 that uses a bind that says: "Lmao, get rekt kiddo", also for making me research John Martson