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Re-Gorge-itated mod

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Ladies and Gentlemen, bringing you exciting news: from the stomach of the Gnaw, we are proud to satisfy your hunger for The Gorge!

Our team worked hard to bring everything you know and love from Gorge along with new content such as perks for our lovely new characters, new game modes, new features, and full mod compatibility!

Our team consists of:

We’re in the late stage of development and this mod will be released soon. Get your stomachs turned and ready!

We are looking for:

  • Some help with coins formula. The current one is not precise enough.
  • Writer, to write missing strings for new characters.
  • Any of your ideas for new game modes!

Join our Discord server to stay updated













P.S. Thanks to Rev for the name idea

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Hey guys, its been a hot while since I've been around and done stuff, but i'm happy to help with character lines/strings if you don't have someone yet. Dialogue was the only thing I was really good at when it came to modding, so might as well help out.

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Just now, Dudedude said:

the answer to the age old question of "wher gorg" has finally come to pass. what a time we live in.

Leo's curse has now been lifted, he can finally go a day without anyone saying "where's gorge, leo"

Time for people to ask me "where's horge, hornEt"

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