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  1. iirc isn't this only in checkers, not chess? nope, in chess if a pawn makes to the end of the chess board alive they can either turn into: the bishop, horse, tower, or queen (iirc anyways but im pretty sure im right)
  2. idk if this was talked about before and its only useful in a few situations but while standing under a tree it gives shade which it works for sometime in summer (after the early days go and its like the middle of the summer it stops preventing overheating) but if you use a whirly fan and run around in circles around the tree its guaranteed to cool you down enough for you to safely walk around for a little while longer and you can keep doing this over and over again till you get to where you need to go
  3. face palming or an attempt to i gave up on the idea oof, thx for dropping by anyway!
  4. just gonna swipe some of me globs here and yes they do change a lot sometimes. also i dont use the the forums much soooo life this is more of a test just to get familiar with things here