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  1. I want to try to get old Hamlet back. The old textures and color cubes. I want a lot of things back. Trees, for example (Thank you Sunset Skye): And i will try to insert all unreleased Hamlet content into game. I need help finding information and old models.
  2. Weird.... maybe something other changed... because files are changed today
  3. no... Bee Queen Crown Eyebrella and Klaus Sack textures changed in mod, not in real game
  4. So.... Klei changed krampus sack texture. HQ! Straw Hat and Walrus Hat have HQ textures too. New texture for slurtle pieces (Colored pieces - new texture)
  5. No, we wiil have Wes rework. Look at his wardrobe. Where Hairloom Elegants?
  6. If player go so deep in void - player start glitch... Game tiles so weird now...
  7. If player teleport out of world - all textures start glitch... It's a big problem for mod creator's. Klei please fix AnimState.
  8. Yup! I know him, he is my best(?) friend... I think...