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  1. you specify the world seed in the list of overrides for worldgenoverrides.lua if you were only customizing the world seed for your server it would look like this: return { override_enabled = true, overrides = { worldseed = "input your world seed here" }, } for the second question, seeds will generate the same world provided all settings are the same. this goes for mods and base game settings; if you change a world setting/mod, you get a different(but consistent!) world.
  2. AddOverrideBuild AnimDone AssignItemSkins BuildHasSymbol ClearAllOverrideSymbols ClearBloomEffectHandle ClearOverrideBuild ClearOverrideSymbol ClearSymbolExchanges CompareSymbolBuilds FastForward GetAddColour GetBuild GetCurrentAnimationLength GetCurrentAnimationTime GetCurrentFacing GetInheritsSortKey GetMultColour GetSkinBuild GetSortOrder GetSymbolPosition Hide HideSymbol IsCurrentAnimation OverrideItemSkinSymbol OverrideMultColour OverrideShade OverrideSkinSymbol OverrideSymbol Pause PlayAnimation PushAnimation Resume SetAddColour SetBank SetBankAndPlayAnimation SetBloomEffectHandle SetBuild SetClientSideBuildOverrideFlag SetClientsideBuildOverride SetDeltaTimeMultiplier SetErosionParams SetFinalOffset SetFloatParams SetHaunted SetHighlightColour SetInheritsSortKey SetLayer SetLightOverride SetManualBB SetMultColour SetMultiSymbolExchange SetOceanBlendParams SetOrientation SetPercent SetRayTestOnBB SetScale SetSkin SetSortOrder SetSortWorldOffset SetSymbolExchange SetTime Show ShowSymbol This is the full list of AnimState functions, if you can't accomplish it by these, you can't do it. you might, might be able to check if an anim exists, if it uses a custom symbol inside that animation only with BuildHasSymbol but otherwise it doesn't look good.
  3. Geometric Placement

    while this might technically works for clients it wasn't designed nor intended for use in client mods, also in general trying to force enable/disable a client mod from a server is impossible.
  4. that works. sinkholes have an id 1-10, which links to the other sinkhole with the same id.
  5. Shard RPC Gem API

    oh right, I forgot that during worldgen TheNet is nil. local function IsModLoaded(modname) return GLOBAL.KnownModIndex:IsModEnabled(modname) or GLOBAL.KnownModIndex:IsModForceEnabled(modname) end --usage: if IsModLoaded("workshop-1378549454") then --gemcore --do gem core things end
  6. Shard RPC Gem API

    TheNet should always exist, did you try putting GLOBAL before it?
  7. currently, every OS will generate different worlds. this picture shows the very first random value after setting the seed: left is on windows, right is on linux.
  8. It occured to me probably why it doesn't work. I'm pretty sure the klei servers run on linux, and probably PROBABLY seeds are os dependant.
  9. a simple way to find where/why your crashing should be adding this inside modmain. this will cause the game to ouptut lots of debug data everytime a function inside PostProcessor is enabled. _G.PostProcessor = _G.instrument_userdata(_G.PostProcessor)
  10. this is also not an error regarding loading the same asset multiple times, but two separate assets adding stuff under the same build name. this is due to the fact that they moved the werebeaver build to the path anim/dynamic/ so upon also loading anim/ it thinks your loading another asset that adds an already existing build.
  11. the error in that thread is not caused by a duplicate asset, its happens when PostProcessor:SetColourCubeData is used improperly more specifically it occurs when argument number 2(the first file path) isn't a valid file.
  12. memspikefix delays the asset table for the prefab from loading until the first time the prefab is spawned, if a mod fails to include all the assets a prefab uses inside its asset table, problems with invisible prefabs can occur, if all mods were well programmed this issue wouldn't exist. The issue with the overrides was me only half implementing a feature syncing the worldgen options between the worldgen options screen and the actual world itself(and not expecting anyone to do something like you did). as for more unknown issues, there can always be more issues, but that can be true for any mod...
  13. players can completely disable memspikefix with a config option, and if disabled, the only change that "could" get applied is worldseed. those are the only "passive" features that get applied. individual mods can still force memspikefix enabled/disabled, but users can disable memspikefix completely if they have issues with it.
  14. you could check that by doing print(TheWorld.meta.build_version) and if its greater than 369546, then it should generate correctly... it's also possible that they have done the thing I want to mod back in, which is modding backing the pre patch behavior(where world seed didn't completely determine what your world looked like), so that you can have "Truly Random" worlds for dedicated servers to prevent people from copying the world seed like you were attempting to do.