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  1. Also in this update, klei replaced all instances of the word slave(in relation to slave shards) to secondary in the codebase, so if you have a mod, thats now having issues you probably need to do the same.
  2. Gem Core had an issue causing this, update your mods and the problem will go away.
  3. whatever the puzzle would have been teasing would have already been revealed regardless, so even if it was(which it isn't) it would hold no meaning now.
  4. Programmer here, sorry to burst your bubble, but the name images haven't been changed in over 2 years. EDIT: that doesn't mean that the birthday's aren't a code, but the names have nothing to do with it.
  5. net_hash converts to a string as long as the string has been hashed on the client, you must be doing something weird if the client lacks the atlas and image names, since under normal circumstances the client has that info.
  6. first off, don't put wigfrid in that list, wigfrid is a pretty awful character, secondly woodie in human form is literally just a basic character, which means human form for woodie is nothing special, and while his wereforms are good, they aren't passive purks, woodie has to activate them, also disabling some other capabilities he would normally have, when he's goose he can't fight/pick up items, when he's moose, he is slower, and also can't pick up items, ect. meaning that wereforms are good, but you can only be in one wereform, not all three so every single off of his states has a disadvantage of some sort(in human state his disadvantage is just being generic). And so can every other character, in case you missed the memo, this game isn't hard. The characters who are godlike are characters that have to put extraordinarily low effort into the game and still succeed, wolfgang, wicker, wx, wortox, ect. woodie does not fit into this category.
  7. while this might technically works for clients it wasn't designed nor intended for use in client mods, also in general trying to force enable/disable a client mod from a server is impossible.
  8. This wasn't in the patch notes, but a bug causing inconsistent worldgen has been fixed, meaning worlds generated from this version on should be recreatable if you set the world to an identical seed!
  9. you can't actually reach "MAX SPEED" due to diminishing returns, but: 88 winged sails give you a speed of 3.3333333333333~, 13 winged sails will give you 3.301036996531 speed, any sails after that only bring you slightly closer to 3.33~ 88 normal sails will give you a speed of 2, 9 will give you a speed of 1.919292786, with the other 79 sails giving you the last ‭0.080707214‬ speed.
  10. local _SetTile = Map.SetTile function Map:SetTile(x, y, ground, ...) --do your proccessing to update your tile map here return _SetTile(self, x, y, ground, ...) end
  11. local tile_x, tile_y = TheWorld.Map:GetTileCoordsAtPoint(x, y, z) local tile = TheWorld.Map:GetTile(tile_x, tile_y)
  12. I have seen an identical crash for the pickaxe prefab, its some mod, that is replacing the InventoryItem Replica, and therefore the function doesn't exist.