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  1. I personally dislike this coding style, and think it makes stuff uglier, but a simple function replacement would allow you to do this: local _AddComponent = EntityScript.AddComponent function EntityScript:AddComponent(name, ...) _AddComponent(self, name, ...) return self.components[name] end
  2. I could pick apart more statements, but your just begging for it with this one, also do your freaking research on how items work before suggesting changes to them: Is too strong. It basically gives the player immunity to most forms of sanity drain Who cares? sanity is not in any way shape or form difficult yet is relatively easy to acquire and mass produce even. Um no, just no. Assuming normal world settings, you can get either 1 or 4 walrus camps if every kill is executed perfectly, you can kill mactusk 6 times in winter per camp, that means your getting(on average) 1.25 tams per winter, so if you get lucky and get the triple tusk camps(and perfectly execute all 6 kills for each camp) you can average 5 tams per winter, but not everyone gets the triple tusk camps, so most people will be pretty lucky to get even one tam a winter. Plus it's only really unusable during the summer unless your saying you wouldn't use it because of more ideal headgear(eyebrella), if your talking about the insulation bonus, to quote the game code(and I confirm that what its saying is happening) --Winter insulation only affects you when it's cold out, summer insulation only helps when it's warm, THE TAM DOESN'T MAKE YOU WARMER IN SUMMER. so that's three quarters of the year that players can essentially be part Maxwell. if being part maxwell was so good, people would be picking maxwell more(not that maxwell is a bad character) people don't even rate maxwell as a really good character due to sanity gen, but due to many factors(the only one related to sanity is the control maxwell has over being inside the insanity monster spawning range, to instantly swapping to normal at will) Reducing its sanity regeneration to be decent but not more than items that provide no other benefits than sanity regeneration would make it less predominate. Dropping its sanity regen at all, will result in this item just being a top hat with no reason to farm tusks for it, please do your research about this items. along with other items. TL;DR; you lack an understanding of how this game works, stop talking.
  3. Klei owning all mod?

    This guy decided he was done modding, but didn't want to come off bad so he lied about the reasons why, there hasn't been any eula changes in recent history, either way the reason any company would put such a clause in is to protect themselves from(for instance) a modder separately makes and releases content that is near identical to some new(at the time unreleased) RoT content, without that clause the modder could theoretically sue klei for copyright infringement, by blanket claiming ownership, they prevent this, in addition, if they decide they want to add some feature from a mod, and the author is long gone, they aren't locked in a bad place were they can't do that. TL;DR most companies that have games you can mod have some clause like this in their eula so that they can't get locked out of making content someone else thought of first, if I remember correctly, they don't have an ownership clause, but they do have something that prevents anybody from suing them in relation to any mods created for Don't Starve (Together).
  4. Re-Gorge-itated mod

    the same was true for forge, also thanks for bumping the thread again :).
  5. Re-Gorge-itated mod

    thank you for bumping the thread :). allow me to translate your statements: I like forge. I dislike gorge the modded events are lame cause people make op modded characters for them just like in the regular game.
  6. 64 Bit Server

    vram is not included in the ram usage statistics Saiph showed, also vram can't out of memory the same way that Saiph was talking about.
  7. Geometric Placement

    while this might technically works for clients it wasn't designed nor intended for use in client mods, also in general trying to force enable/disable a client mod from a server is impossible.
  8. [Game Update] - 369546

    This wasn't in the patch notes, but a bug causing inconsistent worldgen has been fixed, meaning worlds generated from this version on should be recreatable if you set the world to an identical seed!
  9. [Game Update] - 367770

    you can't actually reach "MAX SPEED" due to diminishing returns, but: 88 winged sails give you a speed of 3.3333333333333~, 13 winged sails will give you 3.301036996531 speed, any sails after that only bring you slightly closer to 3.33~ 88 normal sails will give you a speed of 2, 9 will give you a speed of 1.919292786, with the other 79 sails giving you the last ‭0.080707214‬ speed.
  10. [Game Update] - 351082

    This couldn't be said better, its not the fact that wheezeworts are "unusable" its that they aren't worth the time and effort of maintaining any sustainable solution, no real reason to do anything except use steam turbines.
  11. Modded Skins (API)

    The fact that your asking this question means that you cannot.
  12. You need this if: You have some crash that only occurs on the beta branch, you would use that to fix the crash on the beta branch without affecting the non beta branch version of the mod Your doing something with a new(or heavily modified) component(you might think you need this for prefabs, but in general you wouldn't) Your doing something with a new tuning var/global function/something else I'm not thinking of.
  13. note this wont work: CurrentRelease.GreaterOrEqualTo(ReleaseID.R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES) the variable path is wrong, you need to do this: CurrentRelease.GreaterOrEqualTo(ReleaseID.IDs.R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES) (note the .IDs which is where all the specific ReleaseID are stored.) another option is this: CurrentRelease.GreaterOrEqualTo("R08_ROT_TURNOFTIDES")
  14. I covered the animalhat(along with a gif of it in action) also explaining the possibilities of it(also, other random tidbits that no one else seemed to find.) in my thread:
  15. Thats not new, it just only appears whenever you load the game for the very first time(or the first time in a beta), nothing changed.